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Top 4 AI Trends to Watch Closely in 2021


As we look forward to the dawn of 2021, artificial intelligence (AI) predicts to emerge stronger than ever before.

AI technology is on the verge of impacting every industry worldwide. AI is established to be the key driver of emerging technologies like the Internet of Things (IoT), robotics, and big data. As technology advances, the way humans interact will also evolve.

More than ever, it has now become efficient for professionals to develop an AI career. AI technology is growing to become powerful. Therefore, now is an ideal time to embrace technology and stay ahead in the competition.

Before moving further, you need to first watch out for the top trends in artificial intelligence:

The latest trends in this technology signal a brighter future for the industry. Top companies like IBM, Apple, Google, and Facebook have already started investing in AI research, finding ways to get AI one step closer to us.

AI to predict the behavioral transformation

The impact of COVID-19 has drastically transformed the way we live and work. Though a steady uprise in digital transformation is seen, we still saw a stampede. The Amazon sale was up by 40 percent during the second quarter in 2020, it is the same situation as it was last year during the same period. Even those that avoided online retail had to still rethink their options.

With AI tools in place, businesses have started understanding the urgency of the new normal. Therefore, they have started implementing behavioral analytics and personalization AI tools to deal with their customers in a better way.

Such tools that promise to provide organizations with self-service access are bound to stay prevalent in the upcoming year, 2021. Thus, proving beneficial for both small and medium-sized enterprises. Isn’t this a great time to start an AI career?

AI to shut down the next pandemic even before it can happen

Isn’t it amazing to have AI predict upcoming calamities and help prevent them?

Most of the AI technology has been designed to make predictions, thus building a system to predict when and where will the next outbreak happen. Not to mention, some of the early predictions about the COVID-19 pandemic were made using AI. A Toronto-based Blue Dot tool was already scanning 100,000 governmental and media data sources every day, when the alert about the Wuhan outbreak was announced on December 31st, 2019.

AI has the potential to yield multiple breakthroughs in the foreseeable future. However, this may require the government and private corporations to cooperate. How this turns out is likely to be affected by technological development and global politics and global legislators.

Embracing the technology at this hour is an added advantage for anybody looking to become an artificial intelligence engineer or an artificial intelligence specialist.

Automated detecting device

With the ongoing pandemic crisis, we’ve all seen how drones have been used to detect whether social distancing measures were being followed. As technology advances, we’re likely to see more applications or drones that will help detect COVID-19 symptoms like high temperature even in a crowded area.

With the help of computer vision, these devices can easily analyze data that is captured by the camera. Thus, further passes the information to the local authorities or local administrators to help prevent the spread.

Besides this, facial recognition is among the technology that is likely to see growth in the upcoming period.

Big data analytics to become smarter

Thanks to AI, with the help of machine learning, problems related to real-time datasets can now be easily resolved. The technology will not only help spot the outbreak, but can also enable more accurate diagnoses, and track contact amongst the infected people.

With such innovation, developing long-lasting vaccinations could become possible.

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