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To visit in Kerala: 10 Top-Ranked Tourist Places

If each of our numerous and distinct Indian states represented different colors, then Kerala is undeniable ‘gold!’ God’s Own Country is renowned for its lush green countryside, rolling tea plantations, picturesque backwaters, the stunning Nilgiri Mountains, and distinctive wildlife that characterizes and defines the southern beauty of a country. The beauty of Kerala unites the various experiences of rich heritage, ethnic culture, vibrant local people, and delicious coastal cuisines. Soaking in this destination’s flamboyant vibes means a relaxed meditation of the mind, body, and soul! When you schedule a trip to Southern Paradise, where landscapes are green to visible eyes, search for the top 10 tourist destinations that will catch you and take your breath away in Kerala Tour Packages.

1.) Alleppey

Lord Curzon (British Viceroy to India) said at the beginning of the 20th century, during his visit to Alleppey, “Nature has spent its richest bounties here on the soil. Venice of the East, Alleppey! Since that moment, the world has known Alleppey as East Venice. Alleppey is renowned for its great canals, stunning backwaters, and exciting boating activities, one of the places to visit in Kerala. Alleppey is a paradise in the countryside with wonderful beaches, holy temples, and picturesque attractions. Alleppey is a must-visit spot, blessed with beautiful palm trees and the best of nature’s bounties and integral to our Kerala tours!

2.) Kochi (Cochin)

Kochi is a remarkable amalgamation of rich history, tradition, and modern business practice and has been named the ‘Queen of the Arabian Sea.’ Kochi offers you a range of places to enjoy Kerala’s various flavors. Enjoy a wonderful sunset along Kochi’s beautiful beaches with your family or with your important family, or simply walk on a promenade by the Navy Drive. With our Honeymoon packages, which include Kochi as a must-visit destination, these unforgettable experiences can be achieved. Kochi, God’s Own Country’s commercial capital, is one of Kerala’s best tourist destinations.

3.) Guruvayur

Guruvayur is believed to be the birthplace of Lord Krishna in the Thrissur district of Kerala. Guruvayur is renowned for its red-roofed and ancient Gurubayur Temple, one of the most popular tourist destinations in Kerala. Hindu devotees also make fruits, spices, or coins, which in this temple are equal to their weight! As India’s fourth-biggest temple, it is now a prime pilgrimage center of South India and an important part of our Kerala packages, as it is the number of devotees visiting the temple every day.

4.) Kovalam

A gem of a beautiful paradise, Kovalam is full of quiet, peaceful beaches, art galleries, great castles, and picturesque temples! Kovalam is one of Kerala’s most visited tourist places and is renamed to be one of the most famous surf beaches in India for its spectacular Kovalam beach. Kovalam is an idyllic place for a soothing and introspective traveler; a great cause for inclusion in your list of tourist spots to visit in Kerala.

5.) Munnar

Munnar, Kerala’s honeymoon capital, is home to lush green plantations, misty mountains, or skylight views. The ideal word, if we ever had to explain Munnar, would be mesmerization. Munnar is one of the best tourist places in Kerala and is a city hidden in God’s land. There are beautiful quaint spots with the other one.

6.) Palakkad

Palakkad is Kerala’s seventh-largest city and the ideal stopping place for Ayurvedic wildlife and monuments! Palakkad offers enough choices for a short holiday, with a rare mix of nature and culture. Palakkad, called the ‘Rice Bowl of India,’ is home to beautiful old temples, artistic sculptures, and paintings that all combine to form a part of Kerala’s important trip package in perfect harmony!

7.) Thiruvananthapuram

Thiruvananthapuram is rightly regarded as the ‘Evergreen City of India’ with a maximum number of green landscapes and public parks! Thiruvananthapuram / Trivandrum is a destination for all styles of travelers with long sandy beaches, hills, waters, tidal ponds, and peaceful coastlines! The best beaches, renowned religious centers, temples, and unparalleled natural beauty are offered by Thiruvananthapuram. It is an impeccable blend of rich history and fascinating legacy that can be experienced with any of our Kerala tour packages.

8.) Wayanad

Welcome to Wayanad. A whiff of spice in the air, lush green paddy fields and dung-covered mountains around, and coffee, tea, or cocoon plantations throughout. Wayanad is one of the best holiday destinations in South India, away from the busy city life, and certainly counts as one of Kerala’s top tourist spots. Wayanad literally means ‘Paddy Lands,’ originating from the word Vayal Nadu. Popular for its hill station, it has picked up everybody’s attention, from explorers to honeymooners in the northeast area of Kerala!

9.) Thekkady

Thekkady is an enjoyable haven for a wide range of fauna and flora; one of the most beautiful places for visits in Kerala and an important tourist resort. It houses one of the largest and finest natural reservoirs in the world, the Periyar National Park. Take a quiet boat trip across Lake Periyar and watch the numerous wildlife inhabiting the nature reserve. Thekkady sings of lush trees, beautiful mountain paths and picturesque plantations and peaceful man-made lakes that uplift and adorn this place’s natural beauty.

10.) Varkala

This destination is a wonderful tale, which stretches along the coast of the Arabian Sea overlooking the pristine beaches with red cliffs overlooking the edge of the beach temple town of Cum. Varkala is a favorite spot for backpackers and visitors, home to some of the best beaches in Kerala. The coastal town also contains Janardan Swamy Temple, 2000 years old, a big pilgrimage site that has been called ‘Dakshin Kashi’ or ‘Benares of the South. The famous beach of Papanasam here is said to have medicinal and healing powers, so the faithful go to its holy waters to purify their souls and wipe away their sin.

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