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Tips To Improve Design Of Custom Wine Boxes Wholesale

A bottle of wine can be a great gift. No matter if it is some dinner or personal celebration wine can be a nice sentiment for any event. Many people celebrate their occasions with some aromatic wine to make it more memorable. A professional custom wine packaging does not only make wine look classy but can be an impressive material for marketing.

Custom wine boxes with your brand’s logo, details, and luxurious design can be a striking advertising strategy, it can prove to be advantageous for your retail shops and it should be given consideration.

Handing out a bottle of wine to your business partners, employees, or providers can be a classy promotional move. You can create awareness of your brand by giving out a sparkling wine in a beautiful packaging. When it comes to customizing your wine boxes people are often not aware of the creative things, they can do to make their packaging design look more appealing.

Custom Wine Boxes

Here are some tips that will help you design your wine boxes with a luxurious appeal:

  1. Give your boxes a vintage look:

With wine there is a strange phenomenon attached, the older it gets the better it tastes. Now before you let your customers taste and judge your aged wine, with custom wine boxes wholesale you can let your packaging speak for your product and brand.

In winemaking process vintage states, the time period in which the grapes were harvested as it has the direct relation with the taste, smell, and feel of the wine. For your authentic vintage wine, you can opt for an old-world packaging. It will allow customers to better judge your product. You can choose some rustic colors with italic engraving. It will show the true essence of your wine.

  1. Choose a classy font style:

A beautiful text or font is what increasing the beauty of the packaging. There is one thing you must keep in mind when you order the text for your packaging, the vendor or company you have chosen to design your containers may only offer you sample font designs or only show you the one available on their display.

Do not take that as your only choice for text, you can always ask them to show you some more designs for font. If you have a particular font that shows the true spirit and theme of your brand and product, ask the vendor if they can recreate that for engraving for you. Many recognized custom packaging services use machines for engraving. They can program it to carve several lettering designs.

This means you can look for other options and ask your service provider for a different font. Be mindful of the font you are selecting make sure it is comprehendible and not too hard to read. Many brands make the mistake of imprinting a very complex font style that makes it difficult for the customer to understand.

Custom Wine Boxes Gift

  1. Get durable shipping boxes:

There has been an increased demand for shipping boxes. Getting custom wine shipping boxes for your company is crucial in these modern times. They can be a perfect solution for your delicate wine bottles, as custom shipping boxes provide extra durability and care. While placing an order for wine cardboard boxes you need to make sure that they have the quality to sustain any temperature and weather.

With custom orders you do not have the need to worry about any such problems as it has extra corrugated layers that provide you with extra strength and sustainability. To make your packaging look more professional and for avoiding the rattling of bottles, you can always add dividers in these boxes to they remain intact at one place.

  1. Personalized wine gift boxes:

A gift becomes more valuable when it is given a personal thought or effort. Personalized wine gift boxes wholesale can give your company’s name a huge upraise. You can customize your wine gift boxes with laser printing, digital printing, graphic images etc.

While giving out your wine for tasting or gifting it to your valuable customer or business manager, a personal themed gift box will imprint a long-lasting good impression of your brand on them. You can advertise these boxes very easily as buyers would love to buy wine already in a gift package for their joyous occasion.

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