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There is a popular saying, ” The darker your mehndi, the more your husband will love you.”

It is a belief that follows, as mehndi has a great traditional importance of its own. It is a representation of Indian culture and on any auspicious occasion, Indians apply henna on their palms. It is also a key element of Solah Shringar that Indian women do on every special occasion. As Indian bridal wear is of great importance for every bride-to-be, her bridal attire is complete only after wearing a beautiful bridal lehenga, jewelry, and applying henna on her palms.

Many brides may not believe in these old saying and myths still almost every Indian bride applies Mehandi on her palms as it completes her bridal look.

And why not, after all, it completes her bridal look.

 And getting a deep and dark color of your Mehandi is what every bride carves for. And not only brides, every woman applying Mehandi wishes to get a dark and natural color of henna on their palm and so they search for different ways to get it.  Of course, since applying to Mehandi requires so much time and patience, you would not want it all to go in vain. So here are some easy tips to get dark mehndi naturally.


We are all aware of the process of applying and drying Mehandi and the time it takes in getting your hands adorned with henna. The process of getting a beautiful mehndi design applied on your hands takes a lot of time and patience which is a difficult task, however, since you have invested so much of your time in getting the beautiful henna on your hands of course you would not let it all go in vain by removing the mehndi from your hand just in an hour or two.

This is the most important and popular tip to get dark mehndi naturally. After applying mehndi on your hands let it stay on your palm for at least four to five hours or for better results you can leave it on your palm overnight and get the desired deep and dark-colored mehndi naturally.


Very women applying Mehandi on their hands wish to get the darkest color of it. Getting henna applied on hands requires a lot of effort and patience and when you get a natural dark color on your palm, it is worth it. People do a lot just to get the dark-colored mehndi, but sometimes in search of advance, we forget the basics. One of the essential tips to get dark mehndi naturally is to wash your hands before applying Mehandi.

This is a simple tip to keep in mind, before applying henna, wash your hands rigidly with soap and water, but don’t forget to dry them well with a towel or napkin. Before applying Mehandi make sure you do not apply any type of moisturizer or a cold cream after washing your hands as it restricts henna to absorb completely, as a result, you may not get the desired color of henna. So to get a deeper and darker Mehandi naturally just wash your hands vigorously with soap and water before applying your henna.


 The next tip to get dark mehndi naturally is applying a generous amount of lemon and sugar solution on it. Once you are done applying mehndi and it gets fully dried off, in a bowl make a mixture of lemon and sugar, and with the help of a cotton ball apply it all over your hands where you have applied henna.

Putting this solution on your palms might make them all dry and sticky, but the result that you will get is worth it. But while applying this lemon and sugar solution you need to keep in mind that you should not overdo it as it may end up lightening the color of your Mehandi. Just apply a generous amount of this solution on your palm and get dark mehndi naturally.


You have come across several tips to get a darker and deeper color of your henna. One of the important tips was to wash your hands before applying henna on your hands. The next tip in the row to get dark mehndi naturally is by applying a good quantity of eucalyptus oil on your hands.

After washing your hands, take a few drops of eucalyptus oil on your palms and rub them against each other such that the oil is well absorbed by your palms before applying henna. Once you are done with this process you can start with applying your henna to get a naturally dark and color of mehndi.


This is an important tip to get dark mehndi naturally which has been practiced since the edges and it works wonders to get a deeper and darker color of your mehndi. Apart from washing your hands, applying eucalyptus oil and lemon sugar syrup next in the row to get a dark mehndi naturally is the clove smoke.

 Once you are done applying henna on your palm, you need to do is take a few cloves in an iron pan and put it on the stove, turn on the heat and place your hands over it. Try to let your hands absorb as much heat from this smoke as possible and remove your hands only when they start to ache or feel a lot of heat. Just repeat this process two or three times to get dark mehndi on your palms naturally.


 After the tips to be followed before applying mehndi, once you are done with applying henna on your palms here comes the next tip to get naturally dark mehndi that is to be practiced after applying henna once you have given sufficient time for your mehndi to dry out overnight, now scrape it off your hands by rubbing both your palms against each other. After you are done with this, take a good amount of Vicks on your palm and rub it across well such that a sufficient quantity of Vicks is applied to both your hands. As it is said that Vicks acts as a color enhancer, these easy tips will help your Mehandi get even darker and deeper.


You put a mehndi on your hands after investing so much of your time and efforts. And therefore you would want it to be dark-colored and long-lasting. As a little word of advice to get dark-colored mehndi naturally, it is best suggested that all your beauty treatments like facial, waxing, or body polishing should be done before getting henna traced on your palm. As these beauty treatments involve the use of various products that may brush off the outer layer of your mehndi giving it a faded look and it vanishes very soon. So it is advised to get all such beauty appointments done at least 2-3 days before applying henna to get a dark-colored and long-lasting mehndi.

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