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Tips to Choose the Right Regional Center for the EB-5 Program

American Immigration Group-NYRC is one of the most trusted Regional Centers in the United States. It offers full-fledged consultation on obtaining Permanent Residence and citizenship through investments.

Without a doubt, the US EB-5 Visa Program is one of the most well-known and profoundly looked for immigration programs across the planet. Through this program, intrigued candidates are given the once in a lifetime chance to get residency in the US by contributing $900,000 to its economy as a foreigner investor. This opportunity does not come without perils. If not taken care of appropriately, there are a few things that can influence an applicant’s whole application process. The EB-5 Visa program may cost an investor both monetarily and intellectually – along these lines, transforming their desire to live an American dream into the worst nightmare of their lives.

The Dangling Frauds

In basic terms, this implies putting resources into a trick or fake project. There have been quite a few cases of frauds reported associated with the EB-5 program. These frauds can be hard to recognize. Putting your life savings and hard-earned money in a fraud endeavor can bring about the twin blows of bankruptcy and denied a Visa. Additionally, the mental anguish that follows is just beyond explanation.

This is because of the life-pattern of the EB-5 Visa program, which is spread over a time of 5-7 years. Reliant upon the phase of your application procedure, the nature of the fraud differs.

Administration regulatory agencies, for example, USCIS, FINRA, and SEC are putting forth a valiant effort to ensure that all the EB-5 candidates remain at bay from such frauds. These agencies have been successful in tackling major issues, but some remain. Along these lines, it is important for investors to know what to look for when they are selecting a project or Regional Center.

Choosing the Right Regional Center

Candidates should realize that screening a Regional Center, its proprietors, executives alongside the whole supervisory crew, is necessary before they entrust any organization with their cash. It is highly recommended to work with a professional expert in immigration matters such as an immigration attorney which is a fundamental need. Ensure this individual has extensive experience with EB-5.

American Immigration Group-NYRC is one of the most trusted Regional Centers in the United States. It offers full-fledged consultation on obtaining Permanent Residence and citizenship through investments. AIG stresses that a professional Regional Center should have experience both in EB-5 and financial instruments such as private equity and loans. Some of the top tips to help candidates spot the authentic Regional Centers and good projects by American Immigration Group are:

To begin with, center around knowing the owners of the Regional Center. You want to know if they have been in business for some time. It is important to know that the Regional Center is not formed for the purpose of raising funds for one project only, you would want to know there has been past projects and that the Regional Center has other projects on their pipeline as well. This helps you to decide whether the Regional Center is authentic. If, in any case, you spot something daunting, consider it a red flag and begin asking more questions about the Regional Center operations and plans until you either feel comfortable or decide to look for a different Regional Center.

Furthermore, there are additionally a few situations where these centers would profess to have backing or sponsorship from influential characters that incorporate Governors and even past Presidents. Steer clear from such claims to avoid yourself regretting and finding later that no such endorsement was ever made. There is a difference between a local or even federal government supporting a project. The U.S. government supports projects by giving them state loans or tax credits because the government believes the project will have a positive effect in the economy but claims that a particular government official is part of the project, especially if they are currently serving or have not personally confirmed such an involvement are usually false.   

Another important point to keep in mind is to give the project the same importance as the Regional Center. They are both very important when it comes to the success of your application, both the approval of the green card and the return of your principal amount at the end of the investment term. Beware of projects offering very high returns. First and foremost, EB-5 is used by projects because it is a cheaper financial instrument compared to accepting equity partners or getting a Mezz loan from a bank. As an investor you should run the economics of an offering and make sure that what they are offering makes sense, you want to avoid investing in a desperate project willing to offer higher interest rates than a typical Mezz loan. You can find the total interest rate being paid to the fund in the offering documents. Also, keep in mind that higher returns mostly come from an equity investment which by nature is riskier and the returns are not guaranteed, meaning if a particular return offered cannot be paid out in full or at all in a particular year the project would not be in default for not paying it. AIG-NYRC always advises the interested candidates for the EB-5 program to practice diligence as a virtue and make sure you can hold both the Regional Center and the project accountable if things go wrong. It is indeed the responsibility of the investor to research the authenticity of the Regional Center, and you can do this by checking that the Regional Center is registered with USCIS. Ask questions until you feel comfortable with the answers you get.

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