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Tips from Experts for Creative Branding

History of Branding

Branding has a very long history when it comes to the real purpose behind it. Since we all have been seeing a wide variety of brands all around us, we never get to know the root cause behind it. The branding we see today is a much more evolved form of what humanity had back in 2000 BC. Yes, that’s why we said branding has a very long history. Back around 2000 BC, when agriculture and farming were the only main sources of trade and livelihood, farmers used many techniques to make their goods sell faster (just like today). But those times were simple, in fact, straightforward and did not need that much creativity at all.

The farmer who used to sell his weed with some name was considered to be a branded farmer. And that is how it all started. As soon as other forms of trades started, some people who were more creative than others would always come up with a new idea that attracted more people. Now skipping all the evolutionary process and coming straight to the modern age, the 20th century, mother earth had already seen a lot of traditions and customs. People were marketing their products differently. That is when some big companies noticed how some of the ‘brands’ were becoming peoples’ favorite, how peoples’ choices were being affected by marketing and how they were making their purchases.

In 1950, Procter and Gamble revised some of the old branding trends and came with a whole new concept. And that is where we saw an instant rise in brand building. There are brands in the world that date back to around 600 or 700 years when their great-great-grandfather put the first stone. Yes, there are still some companies in the world whose logo was designed these many years ago and is still in good use.

Lessons learned from the past

So, what does this all information tell us? Does it mean that it is too difficult to create a brand in 2021? Or does it mean that it pretty easy as compared to those olden days?

We have collected some of the most genuine approaches by experts of branding and marketing that will help you understand the answers to these questions.

Contemporary Branding and Marketing

Jonathan Bell, an Anglo-American branding and naming expert, started his TED talk that was held at TEDUniversity in 2016, with excellent statistical information, which goes like “there an estimated 300 million companies in the world today”. That was 5 years ago, 300 million different brands already existed in 2016, and since we have come a long way already, one can only imagine what this number would be today.

Even if we consider all the halting of businesses due to the outbreak of the Corona Virus, it doesn’t mean a complete stop. Many brands still continued to thrive, and nothing could stop them from launching. for example, United Sodas is a beverage brand that, despite all the uncertainty, launched their company and managed to make some good sales. What they had to do differently was a serious focus on how to reach the customers directly to their doorstep. By ensuring a reliable online delivery system, they basically solved a big problem for people. This is called creativity in branding. You don’t stop when others are melting down. You don’t need to step back and worry about big brands falling down. What you need to do is try to solve a problem through your brand. Out of all those 300 Million brands, not every brand is as big as Apple or Google, infect, many of them are small businesses. Because many big brands have some history with starting out very small (even from a garage), you guessed it right, Amazon did start in Jeff Bezos’s garage and has over 100 Billion worth today. A figure that wasn’t even imaginable back then.

Branding and designing logo is considered as presenting your worth among different opponents around the globe. Its also the best practice of building a creating logo design for your brand.

Elon Musk’s Branding Approach

What if we let you know the secret approach that Elon Musk put to action to be the world’s most successful entrepreneur. There is this one thing that you will find common all these geniuses who go out and set such records. That thing is creativity – well that sounds very bland, to be honest, but as a matter of fact, creativity is not something bland. Creativity means coming up with the idea that can make people’s life easier and more advanced. That is exactly what Elon Musk did. He figured out what most Americans wanted in their cars and presented a viable solution. But it’s not always that basic. It takes a lot of courage and hard work to be able to think like that. Branding is not only about aesthetics and futuristic logos. Instead, it is all about the genuineness and the earnestness that is put into an original idea. Tesla is becoming the most in-demand electric car of this century. Why? Because it focuses on people’s demands. One thing that a good brand must take care of is its customers. If you want to expand your business exponentially, think about how you can solve people’s problems.

Jeff Bezos’s strategy

Who wouldn’t want to know about the strategy of the world’s biggest retail business owner’s secret. As we made clear earlier about how to solve the problems with creativity, well, here is another practical example of that. But Bezos has something more to say to the new entrepreneurs. During an interview, Jeff Bezos went on to explain how every entrepreneur should proceed with branding. According to him, the world around us keeps changing and it is upon us if we take that change as an opportunity or a threat. He says that if one only understands the rapidly changing dynamics of the marketing world, that is when things are easier for them. If the world needs same day delivery of their favourite pair of socks or an automobile, it should be done. That is how Amazon became a huge success, and maybe in future, every retail business will be relying on Amazon.

Wise words from Bill Gates

You will find hundreds of quotes from Bill Gates on the internet that were not even said by him. But here you will not find any quote. Instead, you will see how he plans for the future when everyone else is busy celebrating their success of becoming a billionaire. Many people don’t agree with Bill Gates’s methods today because of being slow. He not only did all of it slow and steady but proved to the world, that if you really have to reach the height of success, your brand has to foresee a lot of things. You can take many approaches and apply several strategies for branding, but only if you take some time and contemplate how it will really impact things can be a lot better for your brand. We are often too excited when thinking about the launch of our new brand or some new ground-breaking marketing strategy. And we forget to calculate the real impact of that branding strategy.

How to come with a catchy name for your Brand?

Brand naming is an art. And when it comes to coming up with a name that can instantly become a trend, then it takes an artist. Not everyone who wants to start a brand is an expert of the market. So, for them, here are some simple tips.

• Brand name should represent an idea of the product or service
• It should connect with the audience on an emotional level
• The name should be unique as well as easier to say
• A catchy brand name should be simple and precise
• It should also not translate to anything offensive in other languages
• It can be something historical and meaningful relevant to the product or service
• It can also be your family business’s identity but make sure to present it in a creative manner

Launch your Brand before its launch

One more branding strategy that has actually worked for many businesses is this pre-launch thing. It is when you plan all your things regarding the launch of your brand and then launch it in front of a smaller and experimental audience. In simple words, you can simply let your family and friends know about it and see what they have to say about it. And if you think they will not be very honest if it is a failure then let some strangers also take part in this launch. That way you still have the chance to improvise. And that is how you can save yourself from ending up into a failure with embarrassment.

The Take Away

No matter what marketing strategy or branding technique you use, always be sure of making it relevant. A problem-solving attitude is much better than creating a brand with lots of bling and shine. People are only attracted to such brands for a very short time. Then they return to the brands that actually make things easier for them. Creativity is not necessarily linked with how good something is presented but how much potential it has.

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