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Tips For Selecting Components For Gaming PC

The day has arrived. You have finally managed to keep everything you needed to be able to install a new gaming PC. And now you will be able to order all the components you require to build the most powerful gaming PC.

However, it is at this time when most users tend to make certain mistakes that lead them to spend more money than they truly need. If you follow my advice, you will save yourself a good pinch of cash.

Just because you’re about to build a gaming PC, that doesn’t mean you have to spend a lot on it too.

Yes, there are some components in which it is worth investing the money because such expense translates into an extra return. However, there are other parts in which it is not worth spending as much because the return we will receive in return will not match the price increase.

1. Graphics Card

The processors and GPUs of a graphics card start their life as the top of the range model, always. And then, depending on the quality of the wafer silicon and the production, the result can be a model with much lower performance.

We want to say that a graphics card, the only thing that can have different from a simpler model, is a more detailed heatsink, with more lights and some overclocking at its core.

But what it certainly does have is a much higher price. Especially if we compare its performance with that of a similar model but not owning that class. Therefore, the crucial thing is to know if the increase in performance is worth paying for. That, in the vast dominant part of cases, it isn’t

The problem (and this is where everything gets difficult) is that the graphics cards do not stop consuming more and more, the algorithms are more complicated and refine the MHz / voltage/temperature curves more, so we enter the paradox that a model with better cooling effects to squeeze more performance than a low-end model with the same chip.

Ergo, the trend is changing little by little, and perhaps in the future, we will be talking about the fact that it is advisable to go for a Gaming model.

2. RAM Performance

There are many situations in which the RAM frequency is very influential on your personal computer. But, precisely when playing, it is not one of those circumstances.

This does not mean that we should use a RAM of lower specs than the manufacturer’s minimum specifications. At a minimum, we must install that type of RAM on our motherboard.

The point is that we will not notice a very large increase in the performance of our games if we mount a memory at 4400 MHz (for example) instead of at 2666 MHz (if it is an Intel Core processor, of course ). At most, we will have an extra 10% in performance probably.

Therefore, investing in RAM with very high frequencies does not represent an improvement in performance relative to the extra money we pay for these memories. This means that we can invest this extra money in buying a more suitable graphic. Or a higher-end CPU. Everything that is most advantageous for our new gaming PC.

One must also take into account the fact for the more immediate future that RAM is playing a more important role in the world of video games. RAM and textures are becoming more and more weighty, so there are engines that, instead of segmenting said textures into small packages, are launching larger packages taking advantage of the higher bandwidths obtained.

Therefore, and although the expense of very fast RAM does not mean an increase in performance in line with the price, you cannot lose sight of them depending on which games.

3. External Components

The external part of any computer is a beauty for any gamer. So it becomes necessary to look out here for the overall good appearance regarding builds. First is confirm that is gamers always go with Mid Tower or Full Tower mostly with mid tower as it fits all the basic need of gaming build.

I always say to with mechanical keyboard instead of membrane ones, because it increases the user experiences with providing additional features like RBG, special keys and response time. At the same time cost you little but high in compared with normal keyboards.

Finally the mouse, for all the gamers wireless mouse is best because it gives you freedom and moving anywhere by tackling the mess of wires. But which one optical or laser mice, As per mine optical is not bad for gaming even it can be very best. However, laser mice is very excellent but it is expensive in price.

And what a best quality headphone with speaker enhance your gaming experience. I hope so that you know about the monitor specs for gaming purpose.

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4. Processor Generations

The falls and downs between generations do not usually come with large performance increases, which has always been criticized on Intel and AMD processors. This is something we can see for ourselves if we look at reviews of Intel Skylake processors and the more modern Coffee Lake.

Yes, it is true that between the 1st and 2nd Generation Core, there was a rather large performance increase. Although between the 6th and 7th Generation, this increase was not so much.

In general, the change between generations, if they bring an increase in performance, is normally 5 or 10%. Of course, then we have the exemption, such as the jump between AMD Zen and AMD Zen 2, whose performance increase has been much higher since it has been a complete redesign of these cores’ internal structure.

But, the difference proves the rule. The fact is that today, a processor like the Intel Core i7-6700K is still a processor that works easily in most modern games.

5. Core Performance

Although the video game market trend is to increase the amount of cores necessary for them to work well, something that has not improved from the beginning is the importance of the processor IPC.

The fact is that today, the nearly modern processors of the i7 range of Intel, can still be defended in the vast majority of current games without creating many bottlenecks. But on the other hand, the processors in the i5 range do create major performance in gaming today.

At the opposite end of the scale, we would have the older AMD Bulldozer structure processors, which did have a high number of “cores” and threads, but whose IPC was so low that gaming performance suffered very considerably.

As a rule, if you want a processor to play, the higher its IPC, the better performance you will have at the same number of cores. Something primarily important for any game. If you are looking for a processor that also helps you go with it, you will likely have to consider processors with more than four cores and eight threads. 

The above I provided you important tips and ways for building a gaming PC, I hope you liked it.

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