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Tips and Tricks to design your Hallway

A well-designed hallway is the most important part of any house since it gives your visitors an insight into the rest of your place. Your hallway needs to be designed in a way that it speaks about your personality and your statement style. if you are looking to design your hallway and make it impactful for your visitors then you must consult our skilled interior designer, this way you will not only be able to design a unique hallway for your home but you can also save a lot of costs by hiring a professional. Designing your hallway is also important because it sets the tone for your entire house, since the first impression is the last so, you must get it designed and decorated in a way that it looks elegant and aesthetic and talks about your statement style for your visitors. If you are looking to design an interesting hallway for your living space then this article is the right one for you. Read on, to find out how you can create an eye-catching hallway.

Bright Lighting:

Lighting plays a very important role in making or breaking a place, the right choice of lighting fixtures can transform the mood of any room and make it fascinating. There are varying light options that you can choose from. If you have tall ceilings you can opt for chandeliers in your hallway, since they give out a luxurious look to your hallway and also highlights the special features of your home. Since hallways are deprived of natural lighting make sure the lights you incorporate are well lit. You can also opt for pendant lights for tall ceilings since they give out a modern look to your space and make a statement. If you are short of space you can incorporate flush mount lights for your hallway, they are unique and does not take up a lot of space. You can also choose can lighting for your hallway; they also add a stylish finish to your hallway.

Flooring and Doors:

Decorative details play an important role in enhancing your hallway, so make sure you focus on these. To decorate your hallway and create an attractive and welcoming entrance we suggest you hire Melbourne’s best interior designer who can help you choose unique and vibrant pieces for your hallway. You can start with selecting flooring pieces; wooden flooring or marble stones are great options to create a visual impact and makes your hallway look more spacious. For the door, you can opt for translucent glass since it is a great option for contemporary hallways and also lets natural light to pass through making it airier.

Colour choices:

We are all aware of the impact of good colour tones; it not just enhances the aesthetics of our space but also affects our energy and moods. Make sure you opt for light and neutral colour tones such as shades white, cream colour or soft pastel tones. If you are looking to add a striking look to your hallway then you must incorporate a pop of bold colour tone, to lift the aesthetics of your hallway. Adding the right colour to your hallway makes it more welcoming and reflects your style. If you do not want to spend a lot on painting your hallway then you can also opt for trendy wallpapers. These distinctively patterned wallpapers are available are various colour tones and textures and they add a stylish look to your hallway. Choosing wallpapers is also budget-friendly and they are low-maintenance as well.


Accessories are the most important details that must be incorporated in your hallway; they are a direct reflection of your style and preferences. A simply designed hallway looks very boring and dull and to lift the mood of your hallway and make it more welcoming and stylish you need to learn the art of accessorizing. There are a wide variety of accessories that you can choose for your hallway, for instance adding a console table, incorporating table lamps, picture frames, artworks, colourful rugs, flower vases, and so on. These options are great for your hallway and you can choose any one of them according to your choice. Hanging an artwork works wonders and transforms a simple boring wall into an eye-catching focal point. You can also add a bold coloured rug to your hallway or different mirrors within built lighting systems to enhance the appearance of your hallway. So if you are looking for some interesting hallway ideas then you must start with consulting a senior interior designer and save yourself some time and costs and decorate your hallway as per your preferences.

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