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Things to Keep in Mind When Comparing Universities Online

In the aftermath of the coronavirus epidemic, most parts of university life are moving online, from lectures and seminars to examinations and, in some circumstances, even graduations.

Thankfully, technology is available to assist us in this endeavor; yet, how can you pick which institution to attend if you cannot attend open days?

Typically, technology is used to augment visiting a university when deciding where to study. However, there are occasions when you must decide which institution to attend without personally seeing it.

When comparing universities, keep the following criteria in mind:
  • Course material — consider how the course is organized, the numerous paths you may take, and how much flexibility you have in selecting modules, among other things.
  • Consider the transportation options, the location in the globe, the employment opportunities (if you plan to stay in the town/city after graduation), and the cost of living in the region.
  • Find information about the University’s academic reputation, as well as the admissions criteria. Is a degree from one University held in the same regard as a degree from another?
  • Graduate employability – do the University’s graduates have a high rate of employment? Are there any ties to the business world?
  • If studying abroad is essential to you, how much assistance does the institution provide in this area, and can you study abroad on international exchanges?
  • Affordability – Compare the cost of tuition, housing, and living in the University’s immediate vicinity.
  • Student satisfaction-Find out what students who have already attended the institution have to say about their experiences there.
  • What’s going on around campus in terms of student life?
  • What is the atmosphere like in the student union?
  • Are there any societies you’d like to be a part of?

How can you learn more about these topics without leaving your house?

We’ve gone through the process before, so we’ve compiled a useful list of factors to consider while comparing universities.

Here’s a checklist of things to think about:
The Colleges and Universities

Because this will be your new home for at least a year, selecting one that is right for you is critical. Each institution is distinct, with some using firms such as Unite and others boasting one-of-a-kind structures. Examine each lodging choice because they will differ from one another.

After-dark entertainment

It’s reasonable to say that you’ll spend the bulk of your freshmen year socializing, so check out what sort of feel the local nightlife gives off and see if it’s the perfect mood for your evenings of freedom.

The Environment

Do you want to be near the water or closer to the city? Universities in the country are quite diverse, and just because a university is in a city, it doesn’t imply your building will be there. Determine where you’ll be spending the most of your time to determine your preference. Check out our city guides to see what to do in the city you could be calling home soon.

Modules of Study

The course will be a large constant item you’re looking at across all of the institutions, so read over the modules on offer at each one to make sure you’re not learning stuff you don’t care about.

The Distance to Home

Mum and dad will want to see you at some point, so think about how far away you want to be. Because universities may be found all throughout Australia, your selection may be influenced by distance.

University Resources

Depending on what you care about, checking out things like the library, studying, and athletic facilities might make or break your impression of a university. Each University will have something unique to offer, so have a look at these as well.

The Sort of University

Do you wish to attend a university in the Russell Group? Or are you searching for a university that exclusively focuses on a few industries or one that has a high ranking in a specific subject? Find anything that fits what you’re looking for, whatever it is.

Accreditation of Courses

Universities offer a variety of various awards and accreditations, so compare and contrast to identify the ones that are most important to you to make the best decision.


Examine your ideal budget and see if this University would fit inside it. Are the halls affordable or prohibitively expensive? Will you spend £50 or £500 on groceries? Will the cost of transportation from campus to the nearby town exceed your rent? Remember that prices vary based on the location in which your options are located, so compare before assuming that everyone is the same.


Societies can help you make a lot of friends, but there are so many that it can be difficult to keep track of them all. Consider something that fascinates you and discover which universities allow you to continue your passion while studying.

Student Evaluations and Recommendations

These are the ones who have experienced it first-hand, so hearing what other students have to say is a fantastic idea. Thousands of student reviews from hundreds of colleges may be found right here!

Admissions Requirements

Even if the course is the same, some institutions require better marks than others, so verify before committing to one. It’s also worth seeing whether they’ll take a lesser mark to minimize worry on exam day.

Tables of the Leagues

League tables, held at various times throughout the year, primarily evaluate academic characteristics and employment prospects and are relatively easy to compare. If you had an option between them, see which one performed best.

Campus Dimensions

Whether on campus or not, no two universities are the same. Going to open houses gives you an excellent sense of how big or tiny a property is, and having a place that fits your preferred size would be great. Check it out whether you like a hectic metropolis or a calmer atmosphere.

Links to Public Transportation

Taking a weekend trip home may be a nightmare, depending on local transportation. We don’t want to sit on a bus for six hours; instead, we check rail options and decide whether the inconvenience is worth it.

Contact Hours and Course Hours

Course hours vary per university and determining whether you want more or fewer contact hours may affect your selection. It’s simple to find out how many projected hours a course at each University provides online and thinking about what you’d like might help you save stress later.

Here you may discover how current university students feel about their contact hours and teaching qualities.

Loans and Scholarships

Many colleges provide loans and scholarships based on various factors, including A-level grades and performance in other areas such as sports. To save money this year, see whether you are eligible for these at your desired University.

Academic vs. Practical Courses

Because each student has various interests, the type is quite crucial while making this selection. To find out which University best suits your preferences, look for academically focused courses or have a significant practical component.

Positioning Opportunities

Some colleges need placement years as part of their programs, while others do not. Consider what you’d like to do and eliminate options that don’t fit your requirements.

The Environment

Going to open days is a great way to meet the staff and get a first-hand impression of where you could be living. Every University provides them regularly, and making a decision based only on a computer screen is difficult. You’ll know where you’re most at ease, so trust your instincts while making decisions.

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