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The Ultimate Setup Guide for New or Refurbished Computers

Whether you bought a laptop or desktop, this guide teaches you how to make sure you get what you paid for, how to keep your information safe, and how to keep your computer running smoothly for a long time. come. Read on to find a complete guide to setting up new or refurbished computers.

Physical examination

Check the box in which your computer was delivered for obvious problems such as dents, cuts, and defects. Make sure the computer was packed securely and not damaged in transit. Open your refurbished pc. Read the instructions for the first start (for example, many laptops require charging for a certain period of time before using for the first time).

Then, physically examine your computer. Look for scratches on the case and screen. Make sure the computer has not been dropped or damaged in transit. In particular, if your computer has been repaired, make sure that every key on the keyboard is physically functional, and that the screen and other parts of the computer are physically attached correctly. If there are any defects, be sure to mark them.

If your computer has been repaired, minor defects are normal. However, be sure to photograph any imperfections. If you have a new dell precision t5810, you will most likely be able to contact the seller if you find flaws, and using these photos, get a replacement, refund or money back in your pocket, whichever you prefer. Then follow the included instructions and boot your computer. Again, if you run into any operating system-related issues, document them and use them as leverage for returns / refunds / other actions.

Clean install of your operating system

Put privacy first. Regardless of whether you bought refurbished or not (or, especially if you bought refurbished), you will need to install a clean operating system. The reasons for this are as follows:

The preinstalled OS likely contains malware from the manufacturer or restorer.

If a computer has been repaired or used, you will never guess who has used it before and what might have been on it!

You can be sure that no one but you has access to your computer’s operating system, which increases your security and privacy.

Make sure your computer is running the latest version of the operating system.

If your PC has the desired Windows operating system (e.g. Windows 10):

To reset:

Open settings

Select Update & Security.

Select “Recovery”.

Click “Get Started” in the “Reset this PC” section.

Select “Remove All” to completely reset your settings and remove all preinstalled programs.

Congratulations! Sit back and relax while your mind settles in the knowledge that you are in complete control of your operating system from the start.

If your refurbished gaming pc uk does not have the operating system you want or is running a previous version of Windows, follow the next section. If not, ignore it.

The Windows operating system you want is not installed on your computer? No worries, you can get Windows 10 for free, courtesy of Microsoft!

You might think that reinstalling an operating system is a difficult task that requires a lot of technical knowledge. However, this is far from the truth! This tutorial will focus on Windows, but the same idea certainly applies to Linux and possibly Mac too.

Just choose to upgrade this PC now. When prompted, do not save anything when installing the update. You have no personal files or software on this PC, and unless you paid to install additional paid software, you have nothing to lose if you choose to leave nothing behind during installation. If you have paid software on this computer, you are probably best off re-downloading it and using the keys you must have for the paid software to reinstall it. If not, you can keep the personal software if you are concerned about it. However, keeping nothing is your best bet in terms of privacy, especially if your computer is in use or being repaired.

It’s a little known fact that if you have a legitimate copy of Windows 7 or 8 on your dell precision t1700 you can upgrade to Windows 10 from Microsoft for free with this tool!

Alternatively, if you already have Windows 10 installed, to reset your Windows installation, simply go to Settings, then Recovery. Just select “Reset this PC” and follow the same instructions as for the aforementioned tool.

After configuring the update, sit back and relax and follow Windows instructions to get the most standardized and latest version of your operating system you can, for free. After updating, be sure to go to Windows Update and make sure your copy of Windows is really up to date.

Checking the specifications of your computer

You must be absolutely sure that your computer is exactly what you bought. First, go to the list where you purchased your computer and open the specs list. Perform the following tests and checks:

Right click on the desktop and select display options. The maximum screen resolution must match the maximum resolution listed (for example, 1920 × 1080).

Download HWinfo software and launch it. You will see a complete list of hardware detected by your system. Go through this list and make sure everything matches the specifications on your list. Points to look for: RAM (size and number of chips), processor, processor speed, GPU, GPU memory, storage (hard drive or solid state drive)

Download Novabench. Run it and see what your computer typed. Check the results of some others on the Internet by typing “novabench [computer type]”. Make sure your estimates seem reasonable based on your specifications and their specifications. If the novabench is crashing or you are getting very conflicting results, you may have a hardware or software problem..

Please visit this website and take LCD monitor tests. Read the tests and be aware of issues that could mean you have a poor display, such as dead pixels or color issues.

If any of these tests are unsatisfactory or incompatible with the product page, please contact the seller to find out why. You will most likely receive a refund, refund, or replacement.

Installing useful software

Now that you have made sure that your computer is working and in proper condition, you will want to protect it and make it even more useful with software. In my opinion, this list of programs will be sorted in descending order of importance. In any case, pay attention to these software products:


Find your make and model of computer + “drivers” in your favorite search engine. Find such a page and make sure you select the correct drivers for your model. Download each driver and install it. Specifically install the BIOS, firmware and graphics / video drivers.


If you value the privacy of your data and browsing habits, you’ll want to encrypt your traffic end-to-end with AES256 encryption and route your traffic through a cheap, reputable VPN provider. My choice is NordVPN. Their software is  quite easy to use and secure. This is definitely recommended for any delicate internet task these days. Feel free to check them out. It will also benefit this site.

Required software:

Malwarebytes Anti Malware is an incredible free premium scanning and protection tool that keeps your new PC safe from malware. Combined with Windows Defender, Malwarebytes is everything you need, and it’s free.

A modern, fast browser like Chrome or Firefox. You want to make the most of the Internet and browse the web in style, knowing that you will always see your web pages the way they were intended. Chrome is run by Google, and Firefox is a free, open source internet company called Mozilla, for what it’s worth.

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