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Social distancing means that brands cannot rely on in-person events to market or sell products. As countries around the world imposed various forms of quarantine, companies started to shift to a work-from-home setup.

These changes have certainly impacted a lot of businesses, but instead of being paralysed, you can take advantage of new opportunities. Packaging content in sharable and personalised ways means attendees and those who missed the event get more value. Plus, sophisticated lead capture systems can be set up to identify the top prospects.

In-person events are no longer applicable because virtual events use different metrics to gauge success. When the data is analysed, many businesses will discover that virtual event marketing actually has a wider reach and is more cost-effective. 

The online marketing agency in Kolkata changes rapidly, so it’s about adapting to beat the competition by utilising the latest technology.

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The challenges of switching from physical to virtual events

Physical events have the advantage of generating buzz and energy that’s hard to replicate in an online environment. The right employees can create a great first impression in face-to-face sessions with potential customers.

Tradeshows and conferences can be an amazing source of new customers. They bring together like-minded people who have shared interests and buying preferences. Attendees typically have the resources to buy and are primed to do so. 

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  • Companies use physical events to offer great deals, new innovations and product releases.
  • Events can set the stage for memorable experiences, which is important for customers who are interacting with your brand for the first time.
  • So how can virtual events create the same kind of excitement and marketing potential? How can the same level of focus be harnessed in an online environment where distractions are at an all-time high?

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Tips to create a virtual event

Online conferencing platforms offer functionality to create personalised virtual marketing events. Attendees can choose the sessions that are of interest to them instead of staying for the entire experience. Therefore, customers are more likely to attend if they can instantly access the content of interest.

Choose platforms that offer innovative features, such as the “chat roulette” or a swipe feature like on Tinder. These allow attendees to network, which is one of the key strengths of in-person events.

Virtual experiences can be successful with high-quality content. Create pillar posts and resources attendees will find useful in the daily running of their business. Content should also get them excited so they are more receptive to your marketing. Creating viral stories that attendees are keen to share is the way to go.

Virtual events offer a higher ROI

Virtual events do not require logistics, merchandise, venue hire, accommodation, travel expenses, or catering. The savings can be invested in producing higher quality content. It allows you to bring attention to virtual events and raise brand awareness during the process.

The nature of virtual events means that busy in-demand keynote speakers can host from wherever they are in the world. Therefore, you can also increase the quality of keynote speakers, which gives attendees another reason to engage with your content. Hype around the event will build and attract higher registration numbers.

Also, attendees don’t need to spend time traveling and being away from their families. It’s a noteworthy benefit that enables virtual events to better fit into an already busy schedule.

How to market virtual events

Like in-person events, you need to actively market virtual events to build hype. A mixture of relevant information and clear messaging helps inform the right people to take advantage of every resource you’ve made available in the lead up.

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