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The Revolution in Digital Marketing 2021

Marketing is no longer just about using traditional channels that have been around for a long time. Marketers have to use the right channels to use promotional materials creatively and reach their target audience. The most important point in reaching the target audience and attracting people’s attention is to be able to differentiate from other messages, that is, to construct a creative message. Today, choosing the most appropriate ones among hundreds of different channels and conveying these messages through those channels is vital for the success of the applied marketing strategy. 

As daily life changes rapidly, the channels used must change at the same rate. The increase in the use of interactive digital media means the use of new technologies, such as mobile marketing, digital marketing and augmented reality. As can be seen, the issue is not just as simple as increasing the use of social media, marketing should go to the place where the customer is and communicate with them in the way they want.

How Social Media Marketing Helps the Businesses?

Social media is seen as one of the strongest marketing channels today. Marketers have to use the tools of this medium to increase the impact of the content they create to increase effectiveness. However, despite the extraordinary intensity of sharing in this channel, ensuring the accuracy and quality of the content is still seen as one of the most important problems. 

People promote their businesses and brands on social media channels to attract more customers. However, using social media channels is not enough. As soon as people started to figure this issue, they started to create a Wikipedia page to attract even more customers to their websites and brands. 

The power of social media is certain, but the problem for marketers is how this great power can be used to increase the power of the marketing campaign.

What Else Helps Businesses to Develop?

The second big fact is that the prevalence of mobile phones has increased enormously. This communication tool in every person’s pocket means that marketers can reach their targeted people in any environment. At the same time, mobile phones are almost like a part of our DNA, as the number of smartphones is constantly increasing and these devices have the highest share in terms of connecting to the internet. Marketing communicators must reach their target audiences through these devices. Whether it be SMS, MMS or application-based communication channels, the use of a wide range of mobile marketing options is increasing and the role of mobile marketing in the digital marketing concept is increasing.

Evolutionary Stages of Digital Marketing

Companies deciding to leverage digital marketing opportunities typically go through the following 4 stages:

Stage 1. Creation of the basis

Most businesses start out by dedicating a portion of their digital marketing budget to display, search, and social media ads. To ensure more effective interaction with customers at the points of digital contact, companies are investing in modernizing their corporate website, setting up e-mail newsletters and improving CRM processes. Some within the enterprise create a Wikipedia page and create their own analytics service or turn to agencies that specialize in digital marketing. Since such events tend to be built on old operating principles, this means that digital marketing is viewed more as an alternative to the usual media.

Stage 2. Targeting and Personalization

At the next stage, marketers begin to use a large variety of consumer data to target audiences, better tune advertising campaigns, and optimize the return on investment from individual offers when using digital solutions in various media. In this way, advertisements and promotions become more interesting and useful for individual consumers.

Step 3: Development of an approach

Companies use test-and-learn results to gain cutting-edge knowledge, redefine marketing strategies, and adopt new business approaches, including ways and channels for online and offline campaigns, management enterprise and seeking new opportunities for the entire organization.

Stage 4. The value of direct customer interaction

At the last, most advanced stage of mastering digital marketing methods, companies are already building their businesses around direct contact with their customers. Digital natives like Spotify, Uber or Netflix have become gurus in customer interaction. Other organizations that are actively using digital technologies – telecommunications companies, financial services firms or media companies – also rely on direct relationships with customers and seek to lead the way in digital marketing.

In addition, businesses such as hotels and airlines that do not skimp on loyalty programs are beginning to use big data to build lifelong customer relationships, promote their services, and develop personalized recommendations.

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