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The Parvati Valley Trek – A Guide to the Parvati Valley Stuff to Do

It is difficult to presume that calmness and harmony will wake from the air before you walk into the aura of the Parvati valley. Well, the circuit of Parvati Valley is the ideal braw for a restless soul. The smooth mountain air and delicious Israeli food are all combined with the smell of burning herbs that run through the otherwise unpolluted air. After slowing down, enjoy the hippie paradise and the Himalayan Valley of India’s most charming.

Here you find the 9 Guide to the Valley Trek of Parvati

Kasol Tourism

Kasol is a picturesque village on the banks of the Parvati river in Himachal. Commonly known as ‘Amsterdam of India,’ Kasol is a popular tourist attraction for hikers, backpackers, and nature lovers. Located 23 Km from Bhuntar and next to Manikaran religious area, Kasol is one of the best spots in the country to relax and enjoy the snow-covered mountain scenery, the pine trees, and the gurgling river.

Manikaran Sahib Tourism

Manikaran is renowned for being a popular pilgrimage destination for both the Sikhs and the Hindus and lies 4 kilometers from Kasol, along the banks of the Parvati river in the Kullu District of Himachal Pradesh. Gurudwara Manikaran Sahib and the hot springs have many temples that draw pilgrims as well as visitors.

There are three hot-springs where the guesthouses are privatized, one inside the Gurudwara and the other two. Various parts are rendered in the bathroom for both men and women. Water containing sulfur that cures diseases in these springs. The water is warm enough to cook food by positioning the vessels directly.

Chalal Tourism

As Kasol takes its center of attention through the Parvati valley villages, you can take a walk to this major town in the charming village of Chalal to enjoy the genuine serenity of the magical Himachal Pradesh. Chalal’s ancient mountain village charm has been preserved at an elevation of over 5300 feet and a 30-minute trek from the touristic hub of Kasol. This quaint town in the beautiful Himalayan Parvati Valley is called “the Isreal of Himachal Pradesh,” and rightly so! It has a great view of snowy mountains and majestic pine trees.

Tosh Tourism

The quiet Tosh village is famous for its cannabis plantations and is yet another example of the incomparable beauty of the nature of Himachal Pradesh. Set at the far end of Parvati valley, Tosh’s modernization and quick life are untouched. The Tosh Kasol trekking is the go-to-expedition for all adrenaline junkies with its progressive terrain and waters of the Parvati river flowing through its bosom. This village will definitely carry you to another world because of the wildlife and the hippie movement.

Famous for its cannabis plantations, Tosh is another indication of the beauty of Himachal Pradesh’s unrivaled natural beauty. Located in the far end of the Parvati Valley, Tosh’s modernization and its rapidly changing lives are not affected. The Tosh Kasol Route is a tourist trip for all adrenalin junkies with its gradual landscape and the water from the river Parvati flowing through its bosom. The hippy culture and worldly atmosphere of this village certainly can take you to a different country.


The solitary village of Malana Nala, a side valley of the Valley of Parvati, is isolated from the rest of the world. It’s in the district of Kullu, known as Malana or the village of Malana. It is well known for its strong culture and religious convictions with different sentiments in the past and is intended for spiritual leading people. The path to M├ílaga is popular for trekking and is also suitable for all adventure lovers.

Food of Kasol

In several eating joints, Kasol, a hill station in northern India, serves Northern Indian cuisine. However, this remote place with its jazzy cafes and liquor is a center with a large number of Israelis, blending perfectly the indigenous and non-indigenous community. Shakshouka is one of the dishes of the place made of poached eggs, eaten with hummus and pita bread, dipped in a smooth tomato curry.

Shambhu Momo Stall, the most delicious momos of the Valley, is close to the bridge. His fried momos you must try.

Attend Music Festivals

Music forms an incredibly important part of its society, a place of harmony and a pot that can both waft through its atmosphere. There are often music festivals in Kasol that attract many tourists from the Valley as well as visitors but very little advertised. If you are here in May and June or September or October, keep eyes and ears out and you may be the witnesses of festivals with murderous DJs belting out wonderful songs.

Dance your Skin off at Rave Parties

The Israel habitat that is becoming a marvelous country for cannabis consumers as well as traders even hosts many rave parties all year round. You will be witnessing parties who wilder in their passing days, along with a range of nationals of different countries, who will all have an insane experience in a trancelike state when you’re in the Valley during the best months of the year.

Kheerganga Trek

At the end of Parvati Valley and the last inhabited village on the trekking pin valley over Pin Parvati pass, Kheer Ganga (3050 meters), is situated at the foot. The panoramic sky of Kheerganga and the vast greenery are the eyes and legs of the trekker. The place is sacred with a spring of hot water, a little Lord Shiva temple, and a bath tank. For any trekker to swim in a hot spring, when it is covered by snow, this makes an unusual combination.

Great Himalayan National Park

The Great Himalayan National Park is one of India’s Himachal Pradesh National Parks, located in Kullu area. Surrounded by the Himalayan Mountains on all three sides, the park houses numerous species of wildlife. In 1999, the Great Himalayan National Park was granted national park status. It currently has over 375 fauna species, 31 mammal species and 181 bird species. Thanks to the Deodar and Oak trees, this magnificent place in the national park is even more appealing.

The park’s remote position ensures that the villages within the park have their own history. Each inside village has its own deity. In April, May, August and September there are also several fairs. The Great Himalayan National Park is an excellent place to rest and relax away from the city’s quick life. For all nature lovers, this is an obligatory visit.

Rafting in Manali

The Kullu-Manali is a popular river rafting resort in the state of Himachal Pradesh, India, where many people come to this area to enjoy this water snow sport. The Kullu Manali River Rafting is carried out along the Beas River and is suitable for both seasoned and inexperienced rafters. The rafting segment begins in a small neighborhood named Pardi, near Manali, and it flows through various places such as Bajaura, Sarabia, Bhuntar, Shamshi, Mohal, Raisol, and Katrina. Throughout the path, you can encounter lovely mountains and trees that make your rafting pleasure more exciting at Manali.

Kullu Manali rafting normally begins at 10:00 am and it takes approximately 1.5 hours to travel consisting of various levels of water currents and speeds which are calculated according to the turbulence in water flow. It is open all week long and people are encouraged to prevent heavy precipitation that can lead to an increase in water levels.

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