The Jewelry Tricks to Remember for First Dreamy Date


Jewelry is not just accessories you go and buy from just any shop. They are telltales about the person’s personality, reflecting their characters and moods. We all know that it takes a lot to prepare for the first date. You will need a special kind of jewelry for the occasion. We know you must have been storming through to your wardrobe to find the perfect dress for your dreamy night. But even more so finding the right jewelry also matters. So what is your personality like? Are you a fun type kinda gal who loves to wear gold hoops or the rebel type who loves to wear bangles or gothic looking cuffs? Whichever style you got you need to go through this article to pick the accessories according to the type of date you are planning to have. 

The Date’s Location Matters 

Before taking out the most exquisite piece you bought for a perfect night, you need to know where the date will take place. Imagine if you are dating a billionaire and he takes you to the Gulf. What are you going to do with the funky jewelry you got? Maybe that’s the time you get to buy gold or diamond bangles in Dubai with lots of choices!

You will have to wear the nicest dress to compliment the bangles you plan to wear with the rest of the accessories on your fingers. So you don’t want to end up wearing a tank top on the rooftop dinner or big bold flashy cuffs on your wrist. 

You can simply ask your friend for a suggestion or better yet Google the places to shop for bangles in Dubai so that you look just perfect. 

The Kind of Date is Another Check Mark 

So are you expecting a flamboyant kind of date or a casual one? A picnic in the park or a movie date night is a lot different than the pub crawling or disco night. Since it’s going to be your first date, you need to keep an open mind about what sort of jewelry you want to wear. So the best thing to do is to opt for the jewelry and your dress for the occasion. 

Dinner and a Movie 

Is wearing a sweater cool? Yes! And is wearing rings and cute delicate bracelets or earrings fine? Absolutely, yes. You need to keep your look all casual for a movie date night. You can enjoy good food, a good movie followed by a brilliant conversation even if you wear casual stuff. A comfortable pair of shoes with a charm bracelet or stud earrings will rock the look. 

A Dancing Date 

Or what if it’s a cocktail dress kind of night? You can wear your set of diamond or rose gold bangles for the occasion, with the perfect black dress and black stilettos. You can totally have a fun mood, drink, and dance and still feel confident in the heels you wear with the bae. You could even choose to wear a layered necklace or chunky choker for the occasion. 

Outdoor Kind of Date 

What if you were to spend the day outdoors around the seashore or birdwatching? A piece of statement jewelry is a big NO. You need to make sure to dress the part. But you do need to avoid tight skirts or shorts (as you may feel cold). Wear a comfortable jacket and simple (casual) jewelry for your first casual dates like wood and textile jewelry may compliment you. You can go with a cool hippie kind of look or just wear your watch and the Cartier’s bangle and casual studs. 

The 3 Jewelry Don’ts You Need to Avoid on a Date 

So now you must have a clear head about what sort of jewelry to wear with a date set. But unfortunately, there are some pieces of jewelry that send the wrong message to your partner. You may overdo or underdo your style so, here’s what you need to remember;

Lots of Colorful Cuffs are Not Acceptable 

And for the good reason. You may love to wear plastic cuffs in bright colors, but it can be quite distracting for the person sitting at the opposite end. 

Not too Many Pearls 

Even if it’s the grand dinner date with candlelight you still must avoid overdoing it with pearls. Although pearls are sexy, adding too many layers of pearls can be rather intimidating (not in a good way). 

Noisy Jewelry 

The jewelry you wear must be like a silent prayer. It shouldn’t make any clanking noises as it will be utterly distracting and awkward. 

It’s best to switch to accessories that are comfortable and makes you confident to wear and to never experiment with jewelry for a date night. 

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