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The Importance of Graphic Design in Digital Marketing

The role of a graphic designer in a digital marketing campaign is hard to quantify. The majority of IP that they create has an effect but determining what this effect is can be somewhat tricky. Metrics like traffic, conversions and duration of a visit are easy to determine but the only way to figure out the ROI of graphic design is through A/B testing. Even then, a new animation or image is rarely a standalone upgrade. This makes causality hard to determine, as well. The results before and after are compared and the difference indicates this net shift. For those interested in how exactly can graphic design affect one’s digital marketing campaign, here are the ten best examples you should keep in mind.

Boosting brand recognition

The first thing you want to do in your marketing campaign is boost brand recognition. This is a lot easier thing to do when you have a strong visual brand. Remember that people online don’t have that much patience. For this reason, you only have a couple of seconds to send your branded message. Well, according to some surveys, people receive visual information 60,000 times faster than text-based one. Knowing what your brand message is might be just one part of the equation. Packing it into a proper visual format is just as important.

Infographics are on the rise

Speaking of the efficiency of visual formats, numerous surveys claim that infographics are on the rise. Today, people have troublesome relationships with text-based posts. They prefer to skim rather than read everything. This way, you get to single out all the most important information from a certain piece and enhance it with stunning visuals. Well, an infographic makes skimming easier. Once the infographic has lived up to its purpose, you can repurpose it as a brochure. This way, you get to provide a seamless transition of your content from digital to analog format. It also allows you to recycle content, which is great for your long-term marketing strategy.

Standing out

In order to stay competitive, it’s incredibly important for you to stand out. According to experts behind Orion Creative, in order to reach brand awareness, you first need to go past the stage of brand recognition. Using custom templates and stock images (even premium stock images) will simply make you blend in. Also, from the marketing perspective, it’s important that you customize and personalize your business in order not to appear generic. This is where graphic design can play a key role.


When it comes to content marketing, the choice of font, colour, HTML-to-text ratio and the use of whitespace is incredibly important. Now, some of these things fall under the sphere of web design and others should be seen through the lens of web development. The key thing is that you need to remember is that, from the visual perspective, bringing a graphic designer in might be a solid choice. Remember, you have two types of audience – bots (search engine crawlers) and humans. Graphic designers understand the latter (in terms of the psychology of aesthetics) far better than web designers and developers.

It improves SEO

Another thing that graphic design can help you with is to improve your SEO. With a strong visual message on your landing pages, you make a better first impression. As a result, the bounce rate is significantly lower. In order to impress visually, a lot of web designers use videos on their landing pages. A skilled graphic designer can make a custom image or animation that will do the same thing but be a lot less power-hungry. This results in a superior page speed, which, once again, benefits your website’s ranking.

Boosting sales

Transparency is the key thing for building trust and transparency in prices is incredibly important. A skilled graphic designer can organize your prices so that they receive compelling visuals. The choice of colour when it comes to the price of a service can have different effects on your audience. A green number can be seen as particularly affordable, while red signifies the cost of something on a discount. Even the colour, shape and size of the CTA (call-to-action) button can have an impact on its CTR (click-through rate). All in all, graphic designers play a pivotal role in presenting your pricing structure to your audience.

Following latest visual trends

Digital marketing has ever-evolving trends, most of which have their own unique visuals. For instance, one of the latest visual trends in digital marketing is the use of semi-flat design. This revolves around a cunning use of shadows in order to add some depth to the image or animation. This way, you get to use 2D images (which is far more responsive) but still have the visual impression of a 3D design. Other than this, there are numerous typography rules that change over time and a graphic designer may help you keep up with this. 

Psychology of colours

Have you ever wondered why all the major businesses within the same industry use similar colours and shapes in their logo design? The psychology of colours is one reason behind this. Take, for instance, the example of the fast-food industry. The majority of the biggest chains use red, yellow and gold. The reason behind this is the fact that these colours improve appetite. In the luxury clothing industry, predominant colours are gold, silver and black, seeing as how these clothes signify extravagance and affluence. Keep in mind that you’re selling an idea. This is the basic postulate that you need to follow in your digital marketing campaign.

The importance of context

Every single design you use needs to be put in a broader context. For instance, your email signature may be pivotal for the overall impression and the effectiveness of your email marketing. Your logo is probably going to be used as a profile picture on the social media accounts of your business. So, you need to consider the aesthetics of its design in a number of different contexts. The choice of background may further enhance this flavour, which is why it’s so important that a professional graphic designer takes a look at it.

Planning for the long run

Familiarity and nostalgia are two powerful digital marketing tools that you should never underestimate. As your brand grows, you might find yourself in need of a rebranding. Once this happens, it’s vital that you keep a hint of your old visual identity. To understand this better, you might want to do some research on how different brands evolved their visuals over the course of time. A proper graphic designer can create a logo that is so distinct that you can easily alter it and still have it keep its main theme.

In conclusion

Graphic designers are artists whose role in a digital marketing campaign is to captivate your audience and offer them something extra. People forget prices, offers and extra features. What they don’t forget is the emotion of interacting with your website. When it comes to the psychological relationship between your target audience and your brand, this is where graphic designers can play a key role. Hiring them can give extra debt to your digital footprint and help portray your business in a different light.

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