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The Importance of corporate identity design for brand development

Developing a strong corporate identity in business is more like the biggest element. In its success. Eye-catchy branding strategies can help to shape your reputation, make your corporation stand out among others, and helps to attract your targeted audience. Brand development is a process where you are creating your corporate identity. The image you want to represent to the world is one of the most valuable assets for any company. 

Meanwhile, your visual identity is important but your brand contains more than just your logo. The meaning of corporate identity, brand identity, and brand image separate from one another.

  • Corporate identity is about inner activities that shape insight.
  • Brand identity is how an organization wants to be apparent to its audience.
  • Brand image is external interpretations held by consumers.

Corporate Identity

It is difficult to describe Corporate Identity. For answering this question you must know what your corporate culture is, in other words, “who are we”. Corporate identity is the process in a business that undertakes to achieve a good insight from your audience. It is based on corporate design, communication, and behaviour.

Corporate Design

The corporate logo design coupon code comprises brand assets that form your company unique and separate you from the competition. Corporate identity design is reflected through the logo, name, slogan, colour scheme, business cards, ambience, uniform, and more. Retaining the corporate identity can be managed by making a brand policy guide for employees to follow. For better understanding, I have divided it into two parts:

  • Developing Brand Design
  • Designing Brand Identity

Developing Brand Design

Before start developing brand design, you should keep this thing in mind, start from the ground and check all the basics structure- build your brand blocks identity.

While building blocks you have to outline the results before actually designing your assets. It includes:


It is important to select the font type for the logo because it is the first thing that attracts your customers. It should be readable and understandable. There are four types of fonts mainly used in business logos: serif fonts, sans serif fonts, script typography, display fonts.

Color Palette

The color scheme has also come into topmost priorities while developing brand designs. It is also proven that color plays a vital role and put a great impact on people, it also makes them buy a product from you. Bright and eye-catchy colors always lead. Such as red, orange, yellow, purple, blue, brown, black, and more.


Now let’s talk about designs, for that must know about which shape and form are going to work best for you. This is the most effective element that is used to get the desired reaction from your clients e.g., a logo which is round means circular in shape has its value and impact on the other side a logo is square has own edgy look and worth.

Designing Brand Identity

Once you have done figuring out the building blocks for developing brand design, now this time is to work with your designer to create your brand’s identity and explain who you are as a brand through your design and overall look. This is a tangible asset for any company, so you can use it in your brand’s marketing accordingly. Your brand identity can express itself depending on your business nature.

Common features of brand identity comprise:

  • Logo
  • Website
  • Product Packaging
  • Business cards
  • Email design


Your logo demonstrates your identity; who you are! That’s why it is not neglect able. Your logo should visibly speak itself about the brand. It should be visually appealing, simple, and bold.


For business, a website plays a role like the most representative and responsive element. Especially when your business is running online too.

Product Packaging

The product packaging is also attracting people a lot. I would suggest never underestimate the power of product packaging. It is an awesome opportunity for your business to shine.

Business cards

A well-design card always gets a positive response and opinion. Your customers think positively about you when they look at your well-organized business cards.

Email design

An email is a great option to engage your customers and update them through your newsletters. If you think it can help you to grow your business then plan a strategy to apart yourself from any clutter.

Importance of Corporate Identity

The corporate identity is dynamic and actively shaping customers’ opinions about your brand and its products or services. In today’s world, companies of all sizes need to establish a corporate identity, style, brand, and voice. Here are four causes why.

  1. Cohesiveness: Consistency in your corporate identity ensures that you interact with your client in the same way.
  2. Expertise: It helps you to project the trustworthiness of your company in the corporate world.
  3. Reliability: Make sure to standardize your brand in each platform.
  4. Authority: A strong identity of your brand separates you from the competition.


My advice is to make your corporate identity design simple and crispier. The time and money you invest in your branding can make a difference in your identity in the corporate world. Your brand identity is an initial part of your company and the key factor is to get the customers’ attention. 

Author’s Bio:
Grace Stewart is a wife, mother, and professional writer by choice. She completed her MBA in English literature from the University of Groningen. Currently, she is a permanent contributor to a Web Design Agency in San Francisco. She loves pets and can’t live without her beloved cat!

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