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The Guide To Relocating In France: Everything About Permits!

Are you planning to move abroad? Did you know what you will need to relocate? Let us help you! The first thing you require for moving is a visa and passports. If you are moving to France, you must know that there are various types of visas. You can apply for this visa depending upon your purpose, length of stay, and other things.

Here’s what you need more about the visa-related things:

Work Permits And Employment-Based Visa:

If you are a citizen of the EU or EEA, you don’t need any work permit to take any job. Also, you are exempted from having a work permit if you are a resident of another country and has worked in the following fields for less than three months:

  • Cultural, artistic, and other scientific
  • Producing cinematic and audio-visual work, recordings, and shows
  • Modeling
  • Trade shows, seminars, and conferences
  • IT, management, insurance, architecture, finance, and engineering
  • Guest teachers or certified official translation provider

Furthermore, you are exempted from a visa if you are a spouse of a French Citizen or a parent of a French child, an employee, or any close family member of someone living in the country.

There’s also an exemption if you have a long-stay visa equivalent to the residence permit visa (VLS-TS).

Apart from this, if you live anywhere else, you need a work permit, no matter how long you stay in the country.

Type Of Work Permit For France:

A work permit makes you eligible for working in France and will depend on the job offer, length of your contract, and what you do for a living. However, if you come under the Talent Passport category, you might don’t need any work contract.

What Is A Talent Passport?

The ‘Talent Passport’ is mostly for the non-EU national that let you work and live in France. The categories that fall under this are:

  • Employees of an innovative company
  • Blue cardholders who are highly skilled workers
  • Recently skilled graduates
  • Researcher and scientists
  • A company representative
  • An economic or financial investor
  • Performer or artist
  • International or national owned personality in sports, arts, science, literature, and education

You surpass all the eligibilities of having a ‘Talent Passport’ if you work in any of the above fields. Also, the talent passport is valid for years. However, it can be extended to close family members so that the spouse and children get work with visas.

Temporary Or Salaried Employee:

  • A salaried or temporary worker visa is mainly issued to the employees who work for a French Company.
  • Your length and the duration of the job affect the visa you are qualified for. This is basically for the workers who have a contract for less than twelve months.

Documents Required For France Work Permits:

For having work permits in France, you must submit the work permit application on behalf of the employee. This should be done at least two months before the joining date. You must have:

  • A letter that states the employee’s role or the specific reason for the recruitment; should also explain the duties you will perform.
  • A France work permit application form
  • An updated excerpt from the commercial register for all legal entities; a craft license for private individuals, and a notice of tax
  • For the intra-company transfers, proof of relation showing when the company was established in France and in abroad
  • A copy of passport or another national identity document
  • Copy of residence permits that give them the right to stay in France
  • Workers resume or CV or another document that indicates skills and experience
  • Copy of qualifications or certificates that are needed for the position
  • If any of the documents being submitted are not in French, then you may be required to produce a sworn translation of those documents into French using a sworn translator in France.

For A Business Visa, You Need:

  • An invitation letter from the respective French company that has their address and your joining date
  • A certificate that shows permission for business travel
  • Proof of previous work
  • Bank statements
  • Original certified copy of Article of association

So, if you have all the above documents, you are eligible to work in France.

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