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The Complete Guide to Deleting Reddit Comments and Search History

Reddit is a popular platform where people come together to share news, discuss various topics, or simply keep up with whatever’s new going. It’s a massive network of communities with all types of people interacting together. 

There are several things that are talked about and argued upon, and just like real-world arguments, some conversations can turn into a rabbit hole of insults and flaming. Maybe you have been a part of these heated conversations and now regret the things you once said. Fortunately, unlike the real world, you can delete things from Reddit that you are not proud of and in this guide, we will show exactly how it can be done. 

When you are trying to clear up your Reddit history, you are deleting your posts and comments from the community. This deletion is permanent so there’s no going back once it’s done. 

How to Delete All of Your Reddit Comments

Similar to most other platforms, there’s no single delete button that will make all your comments vanish in an instant. Reddit simply doesn’t allow that. So we will have to resort to other ways to get the job done. 

There are two ways this can be done easily. The first being through a chrome web extension which is a fairly simple process. And the other being through a custom script. In this guide, we will be going through both ways so you can choose which one suits you best. 

Using a Chrome Web Extension – Nuke Reddit History

The Nuke Reddit History will enable you to delete all your comments from Reddit in a few simple steps. Everything you have ever posted as a comment will be gone. 


For the Chrome web extension to work effectively, there are two things that must be done first. First, install the Reddit Enhancement Suite (RES) extension. This extension can be installed in any browser. Then head over to Reddit and opt-out of Reddit Redesign. This is essential to let the extension do its work. 

After completing the above steps, install the Nuke Reddit History extension and then head over to your comments. They can be accessed here and once you are there, and you have successfully installed above-said extensions, you’ll see a ‘Delete all my comments’ button. Press the button and the process will start. 

Delete all comments 

All your comments will first change into gibberish text containing random characters, and they will start getting deleted. The time the process will take varies depending on your network speed and number of comments. It can take anywhere from a couple of minutes to a few hours to delete all your comments. Do note that it’s important for the tap to remain open in order to work, so closing it will disrupt the process. However, Chrome can still be used without any problems when the process is going on. 

Use a Script

This method is for those who love to play around with scripts. The things you need are a script and a script manager to execute the process. 

After choosing a script manager that works with your browser, you can either write your own script or search for them online. There are many websites online that provide a variety of different scripts, and you get free ones at Greasy Fork. 

Once your script and script manager has been decided, install them and head over to Reddit. The script will do its work and all your embarrassing comments will remain on the site no more. 

Do note that your history will still be saved on Reddit’s and there’s no way to delete it from there. However, your comments cannot be viewed by other members of the community.  

How to delete Reddit search history

To delete your Reddit’s search history all you have to do is open the search box and delete your searches by pressing the X button. Your search terms will then be removed. 

Summing up

There are always things in life that you might regret later and thankfully some of them can be corrected to a certain degree. Reddit has this option as you can easily delete your previous comments through the methods mentioned above. 
The above options are not the only ways to delete your Reddit account history. There are many out there but most of them are way advanced for the average Redditor. Not to mention the amount of coding and hard work they take to accomplish the same task you can complete within a few clicks. All things considered, it’s just convenient to install a chrome extension or run a script to delete your search history, so stick with those unless you really want to try on the advanced ones out there.

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