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The Best RAM Memories To Use With AMD Ryzen Processors

Since their arrival on the market, AMD Ryzen processors have suffered from compatibility issues with RAM. Yes, it is true that with the passage of time and with the subsequent revisions of AGESA this situation has improved considerably. But, even so, it is still far from being as good as the memory compatibility for the Intel platform. Let’s see in this article what are the best RAM memories that we can use for the AMD platform.

The compatibility problems of AMD on its AMD Ryzen platform come from the time it was launched in 2017. But, perhaps we should explain this aspect in more detail, before getting into the matter.

AMD Ryzen Processors

Not that AMD Ryzen processors are incompatible with certain RAM. Normally, all processors in that AMD range, both 1st and 2nd Generation, are compatible with any RAM memory that has frequencies up to 2,400 MHz The problem is that the performance of these processors is closely linked to the frequencies of the RAM memory, since the speed of the Infinity Fabric bus that these processors use to interconnect the chaplets with each other, is the same as the frequency of the RAM that we have.

Thus, it is true that AMD Ryzen processors lose a lot of performance as the RAM frequency drops below 3,200 MHz this frequency is where the processors give their best performance, at least for the first models, the Summit Ridge. For the second generation models (the Pinnacle Ridge), the frequency cap is 3,400 MHz for Raven Ridge APUs, this statement is even more critical, as it also affects the performance of integrated graphics. So you can check out the best RAM for ryzen 3000 and other components. 

Using the Ryzen DRAM Calculator program can help us with the compatibility of our RAM memories

Before installing a RAM memory kit in your new computer equipped with a processor, even before buying it, it is essential that you look for the QVL of the motherboard. That document will give us a list of all the RAM memories that the manufacturer has tested with that model of motherboard. And at what frequencies and settings has it done so. This aspect is important because you can save yourself a lot of headaches.

RAM memory configurations

The issue of configuration is an aspect that we must keep in mind because the AMD Ryzen platform does not support very well RAM memory configurations that fill the four RAM slots of the motherboard. At least, not for very high frequencies. For example, in the image above you can see that only a few configurations support all occupied RAM memory slots with memory running at 2666 MHz However, 2133 MHz memory is better supported.

In this regard, if you have already purchased your RAM and you see that it does not work as it should, the Ryzen DRAM Calculator program can help you in this regard. This program analyzes the type of RAM that we have installed in our equipment, and offers a series of parameters that we can modify in the BIOS of the motherboard to make our system stable.

What are the best memories for the AMD Ryzen Platform?

The consensus is that the memories that have less compatibility problems and higher frequencies can be reached with AMD Ryzen processors, are those that mount Samsung B-die chips inside. Perhaps the problem that you can find is that, they are also usually the most expensive of all of them. So an alternative that is also quite acceptable to these Samsung’s, are the ones that have Hynix M-die chips inside. Some models like the HyperX Predator or Corsair Dominator Platinum use this type of memory chips.

Above 100 euros you will find motherboards for overclocking or that provide gaming features , such as better input-output device drivers, lower network latency, etc. In practice the difference for a normal user is not noticeable, unless you know that you are looking for it for a good reason, so I insist that you look for a plate below 70 or 80 euros.

If you go for an AMD processor, keep in mind that all Ryzen processors are unlocked to boost their frequencies, and therefore an interesting additional performance can be gained by accompanying them with adequate cooling. Therefore, it may be a good idea to go for a good motherboard, over 100 euros or more.

At Intel, assume that if you change the processor for one of a couple of later generations, you will have to change the motherboard because it has probably changed the socket they use. If it is from the same socket, you will have to see that the BIOS accepts the new processor, and it is usually necessary to update it by downloading the new version from the manufacturer’s website.

The Ryzen 1000 to 3000 use the same AM4 socket, but depending on which processor you choose, the chipset may not be compatible or you may have to install a different BIOS to use the processor. If you want to simplify your existence, opt for a B450 chipset motherboard onwards.

The consumption of the motherboards themselves is in most cases less than 10 W, depending on the manufacturer, socket and chipset. For example, the LGA 1155 with an Intel 300 series chipset is about 6-10 W. The total consumption of the motherboard will depend on the additional chips that the manufacturer includes, such as a chip for a second Ethernet, better audio, etc., and what connectivity or features are active.

Make sure that the PC case you buy has the anchors for the format of the motherboard you choose.

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