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Caring for your child in their infancy and toddler years is an entire parenting challenge on its own. As a new parent, you find yourself at baby care stores and online sites, looking through every product, analyzing its ingredients, and scrutinizing reviews from other parents, to finally zero in on the essentials that will best suit your child’s needs. And it stands for good reason too. Babies need the best care for their soft and sensitive skin, especially during their infancy. The situation is even more true in the case of baby products designed for everyday use, like bath products.

If there is one thing you need to know as a new parent, it’s that babies absolutely love the times they send splashing around in their tubs. It is a joyful experience treasured by many parents as well. The time you spend in the bath bonding with your baby while they enjoy the feel of warm water on their skin and fill the room with their cheerful laughter truly is a time to be cherished. But babies are more prone to rashes during their infancy when their immune systems are still developing. That is why you need to invest in baby skin-sensitive bath products, like baby soaps, baby shampoos, body washes, and more. 

This article will suggest the two best bath products that you absolutely need to include in the collection to care for your baby’s tender skin. 

  1. Mamaearth Moisturizing Bathing Bar Soap for Babies
Moisturizing Bathing Bar Soap For Babies, pack of 2*75g

If you are using the same soap on your baby as you use on yourself, you need to stop doing that immediately. As is already established, baby soaps need to have mild ingredients that go easy on the baby’s skin and nourish its entire body. Baby soaps need to be the first and most important thing on any parent’s bath product shopping list. Warm water alone may not always be enough to wash up your little munchkin, so adding a baby soap to the mix will make your baby squeaky clean.

But with so many brands offering a variety of results with various ingredients, the process of choosing a baby soap can be a bit overwhelming. We will let you in on a few things to bear in mind before you go soap shopping.


Several factors go into buying a bar of soap for your baby. The first thing to do is list all the ingredients the baby soap does and does not contain.

If the product contains toxins like parabens and sulfates or any form of synthetic perfumes, then you need not think twice before putting them back on the rack. These are harmful allergens which when coming in contact with your baby’s skin, can irritate their sensitive skin, agitate an allergic reaction, or even make their skin dry and cause peeling to occur. Another big no-no is the product contains any amount of alcohol

While selecting baby soaps, you need to check if the product is dermatologically tested, has an ideal pH balance, and contains skin-friendly ingredients. These ingredients should be gentle on their skin and moisturize them well. We recommend choosing soaps made from natural ingredients or those rich in minerals, vitamins, and nutrition content like milk. 

That brings us to the baby soap we believe is the best for your child’s bath time routine: Mamaearth’s Moisturizing Bathing Bar Soap for Babies.


Mamaearth is a loved brand for its usage of natural products that are certified MadeSafe, so you know for sure that your baby’s skin is in the right hands. 

This moisturizing and cleansing soap bar has a rich crème formula that is the right amount of gentle for your baby’s skin from head to toe. Made with a skin-nourishing combination of Goat Milk, Shea Butter, Oatmeal, and Coconut-based Cleansers, this baby soap from Mamaearth has the best choice of ingredients for your tiny one.

The natural ingredients of the soap maintain it at a pH of 5.5, the ideal level for healthy baby skin. They also provide the adequate amount of nourishment, moisture, smoothness, and hydration that your baby needs. Most importantly, the soap bar is free of allergens, toxins, and other harmful chemicals, making for a fun and healthy tub-time that will not cause an allergic reaction.  

What’s more? The soap is ideal for even the most sensitive skin types and is soap-free and tear-free. All of these features highlight that it is indeed the best baby soap in the market and the first one you need to add to your baby kit. 

  1. Mamaearth’s Baby Essential Hamper Kit
Mamaearth Baby Kit

The Mamaearth Baby Essential Hamper Kit is an all-in-one baby kit that provides you with all your essentials, from body care to oral care, with a special attention to bath care.

The Mamaearth baby kit range is a curation done with love and care for your baby’s sensitive skin. Just like the rest of Mamaearth’s products, everything in this hamper is free of toxins, tears, chemicals, silicones, and parabens.

This must-buy baby kit consists of the best of baby care goodies, and these include: 

  • Deeply Nourishing Body Wash
  • Daily Moisturizing Body Lotion
  • Gentle Cleansing Shampoo 
  • Berry Blast Toothpaste
  • Anti-Mosquito Fabric Roll-On
  • Dusting Powder for Babies
  • Plant-based Laundry Detergent
  • Waterproof Bag

With all the natural goodness that these products have to offer, this baby kit should be on the top of your priority list for baby product shopping, for it ensures that your baby receives the gentlest care, and enjoys both pre-bath and post-bath moments.


We have facilitated enough information and suggestions to make a well-informed decision about the kind of bath care you should provide for your baby. By choosing Mamaearth’s products, you can rest assured after entrusting the maintenance of your baby’s soft and healthy skin in the best hands. 

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