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The Benefits Of Using Practice Mate EHR

Software like Practice Mate EHR has a lot to offer to its clients. Between an integrated suite and excellent features, there’s a lot to benefit from. In this article, let’s explore the benefits of using Practice Mate, along with some information about the software. 

Practice Mate by Office Ally is a cloud-based, free practice management solution. Customers can get the EHR option with it at an affordable price. Practice Mate is a choice of over 330,000 medical providers in the United States. The system includes features like scheduling, superbills, appointment reminders, creation of claims, reporting, and more.

EHR 24/7 is Office Ally’s EHR module, which is evaluated at around $30 per month per provider. The vendor offers their Clearinghouse for free to users of Practice Mate EHR. Clients can submit claims electronically to over 5000 payers, appreciate decreased denials as a result of automatic claim scrubbing before submission, and tracking each claim’s position.

The CPT and PPT codes and integrated with the practice management software, which is why they are automatically created and added into claims. Doctors are able to customize the soap notes, set constraints on user access, and perform most clinical tasks effortlessly. Clients don’t need to sign any agreements with Practice Mate.

Practice Mate Pricing: Practice Mate, Clearinghouse, and the patient portal are available at zero cost, whereas EHR 24/7 costs $29.99 per month per user.

Practice Mate Advantages: There are fewer to none issues with denied claims, and Practice Mate comes at a very low cost.

Practice Mate Limitations: It has a learning curve.

What Is An EHR?

An electronic health record, or EHR, is a digitalized version of any patient’s health information. The record typically includes their doctor’s notes, medication lists, and general history regarding visits. Unlike their traditional counterpart, the paper patient file, electronic health records offer a number of complex features. 

The information contained in the EHR will include a patient’s identifying and relevant health information. You can find their diagnoses, progress notes, and even summaries in these files. The record also contains information assessed by the patient. This can include the vitals collected when they visit the clinic, and imaging or testing results from labs. 

Another piece of data included in the EHR is the payment information. A patient’s insurance company and status are kept in mind. Their appointment schedule is also managed there, and any relevant demographic information can also be added. 

The role of EHR is immense when documenting patient information. However, its benefits far exceed just managing data. With the right EHR, patient and provider relationships can be deepened using tools to improve engagement and satisfaction. This is because they allow practices to work faster and deliver data in an efficient way.

With tools to reduce errors while interacting with patients, they are likely to leave the visit feeling happier. EHR also typically comes with a patient portal. These allow the patients to interact with their medical data in ways that have never been done before. It allows for greater transparency and strengthens the bond between patient and doctor. 

About Practice Mate EHR

For small and mid-level healthcare facilities, there are specific challenges out there that can be countered by an effective EHR. The software that delivers this is Practice Mate EHR. The company is completely cloud-based and integrates EHR with practice management.

It has the ability to work in various specialties and can assist practices in transitioning from paper-based to electronic mediums. The entire platform is HIPAA compliant and can be used to complete Meaningful Use requirements. 

If you are using Practice Mate, you get access to a number of gestures that can help you speed up the work you do. Appointment scheduling is a huge administrative tool available that can help smoothen out your workflow. 

For patients, there is a portal available through which they can also take control of their own healthcare. Doctors, on the other hand, can sign in to approve the appointments they are available for. They also get to see forms sent over to patients sp they have their relevant medical data before the appointment. 

Practice Mate Benefits

To understand the benefits of Practice Mate EHR, you need to become familiar with its main features. The following features are some of the most notable tools offered by the software. 


One of the most notable tools offered by the EHR Practice Mate Office Ally is Clearinghouse. This tool is completely integrable with Practice Mate EHR. The software can be used to connect to payers. The network available is over 5,000 payers. 

Patient Ally

One of the other features offered by Practice Mate is Patient Ally. This tool allows patients access to a completely functional (and free) patient portal. It allows them to manage to schedule and establishing a line of communication with their provider. They can also see all of their latest test results and other medical information. 

Intake Pro

Next, let’s look at Intake Pro and all the features it offers. This tool can help practices with the patient intake process. Essentially, it makes the process of checking in patients quicker. For example, patients can be entered into the record database with a simple online form. You no longer have to rely on lengthy paper forms that need to be entered in. 

How To Get A Practice Mate Demo

A Practice Mate demo is available at the website that can be accessed by reaching out to the vendor. The typical style that the demo takes is through an online webinar. However, if you are interested in a one-on-one situation, that can be requested from the vendor directly. 

Reading Through Practice Mate Reviews

While you can read actual descriptions of the software from reviews online, we’ve summarized them. Here are the pros and cons of Practice Mate EHR.

One big benefit of using Practice Mate is that it is affordable software. The system offers a number of features at an extremely low cost. This can be ideal for small practices. There are some excellent features available that are competitive with larger software. The software is easy to acquire with not many contract requirements and is user-friendly. 

In terms of drawbacks, there are some issues to consider. While Clearingside, the flagship product, is heavily focused on, the other features may suffer as they aren’t easy to integrate. Sometimes the software can lag or go into downtime. This can cause serious trouble for practices especially if they have a busy day ahead. 

Some Information Regarding Pricing

The practice management software for this software is completely free. It allows practices to handle their everyday tasks without any additional costs. The same is true for the patient portal, and, for the most part, for Clearinghouse as well. The Practice Mate EHR does have a price tag, but it is extremely affordable compared to its competition. 

To get a full idea of the cost for Practice Mate, you can reach out to the vendor. They can give you more direction regarding the overall cost and assist you with any questions. 

Conclusion – Should You Get Practice Mate EHR?

Whether you should get Practice Mate EHR is a decision only you can make. However, you can solidify your call with more details from reviews and the demo.

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