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The 9 Best WordPress SEO Plugins for Your New Website

In 2021, businesses can no longer ignore the importance of SEO. Most of the internet activity conducted today is based on search inquiries and results. Most of the companies adapted to this shift in the online market. Those companies listed SEO as their biggest marketing priority. Sure, there are other ways to generate leads. You can employ PPC campaigns or pay for the top results. But the truth is, most people ignore advertisements in their search results. Long story short, SEO should be your top priority as well. Think like a user for a quick minute. You probably do not scroll past the first few search results. Those are the ones that matter. And your company needs to be there. Luckily for us, there are plenty of great SEO tools online for our WordPress website. We can use these tools and plugins to drive organic traffic to our websites. 


The All in One SEO for WordPress (or AIOSEO for short) is officially the best WordPress plugin on the market. It is used by millions of users worldwide. The reason for it is that AIOSEO is the most comprehensive SEO toolkit in terms of helping improve search rankings. All the while not having to learn complicated SEO vernacular. The first thing you will come into contact with is the installation wizard. You will notice that it is quite easy and straightforward to set up. It even lets you choose the best SEO settings for your business based on your wants and expectations. This tool provides us with a checklist on how to optimize our posts and pages. Use all the dynamic values that are offered, like the year, month, day, metadata, custom fields, etc. These will help you keep your content fresh with the smart meta tag generator that this tool offers. 

2. SEOPress

This is the best plugin for the beginner. If you are new to WordPress plugins and do not know where to start this is the one for you. It is fast, simple to use, but also very powerful. It also offers an installation wizard that guides you through the setup while taking into account your data and input. This plugin is not limited to just catering to beginners. It also offers content analysis with unlimited keywords. This also applies to their free plan. Thus, SEOPress is also a very affordable and inclusive plugin. It has many very useful core features like Google knowledge graph, customizable URL rewrite, improved social sharing, etc. As is the case with most plugins, it is offering a free and a pro version. The free version can be used for unlimited sites with the basic tools. The paid version adds features and a year of upgrades.

3. SEMRush

This is the best overall SEO tool. Usually, it is the professional SEO experts, marketers, bloggers that use it the most. Also, businesses of all sizes find much use of it. SEMRush provides a large set of tools to grow organic traffic. You can use this plugin to find organic keywords and search terms. All the while, these need to be easy to rank for. It also has a function to do competitive research. This means seeing which keywords your competitors rank for. But most importantly, you can extrapolate the information on how to beat them. Their writing Assistant Tool will help improve website content and beat the top results for your focus keyword. Of course, it integrates with WordPress and helps create more SEO friendly content. Use this plugin’s competitive intelligence and SEO rant trackers. Keyword research is a totally different topic, make sure to check that as well. 

4. Yoast SEO

Yoast boasts some of the best rankings out of all the competition. It delivers constant and impressive updates. It has a beautiful interface and is arguably the most user-friendly WordPress plugin. Of course, we use it to make our content within our web pages stand out from the competition. Yoast has its own website with premium support options. Within it, we can find a community in the forum section, blogs, and courses. These can be used by beginners, intermediates and advanced users. It is geared towards all. The more advanced features include keyword optimization for up to five per webpage. You can preview your page as seen from Facebook or Twitter. Also, internal link suggestions for sending visitors to other relevant pages on your website. And that is just a small portion of the premium features. Web design agencies also use it for all the premium features this plugin offers. 

5. Google Search Console

This is a free tool offered by Google. It is used to help website owners maintain and monitor that same site’s presence on Google’s search results page. This tool provides alerts when Google cannot index pages on your website. Most importantly, it provides potential solutions to those problems. When you implement those, Google can “crawl” back into your website and continue to do its thing. This tool also shows which keywords your website is ranking for. This data is valuable because you can find other keywords with which you can rank higher with a little tweaking. Content optimization is the name of the game here. And who better to give you instructions on how to rank in Google’s search ranking than Google itself? Of course, all of this data can be used to create new content as well. With so much information, imagination is the only limitation. 

6. Ahrefs

Ahrefs is one more AIO set of tools for SEO. It offers many benefits like off-page functionality to analyse the competition. The competition’s marketing strategies can tell us a lot about ourselves as well. To see organic search traffic and backlink profiles, Ahrefs uses its Site Explorer. You can use this tool to see such data for any website you can find. What are some of the keywords they rank for? What pages get the most traffic? Where do they direct paid traffic? These are just some of the questions that this tool can help you find answers for. The Content Explorer tool server analyse high-performing content in your industry and niche. It uses multiple metrics and advanced filters. Ahref has several pricing plans. These all offer unlimited projects per licence. But it is the user count that is limited. Try the trial version before committing.

7. Schema Pro

This plugin enables us to add rich snippets to our website. In turn, these make our content stand out on the search result pages. This tool is not necessary for small business owners that have a website. Especially if they are already using some other WordPress SEO plugin like the ones mentioned before. On the other hand, this tool does provide advanced functions and additional schema types. Star rating below a review, prices next to a product, and images or videos next to a description are just some of the examples. You can combine it with tour existing WordPress SEO plugin b mapping data to Schema Pro fields. 

8. Broken link checker

Another important aspect of SEO is removing broken links from your web pages. It is not solely about filling those pages with keywords or making the content readable. Google’s algorithms do not take kindly to broken links (the ones that give you a 404 error). The reason for this is a bad user experience. The users that are visiting your website do not want to run into a bad link or an empty page. One would think that it can take a long time to go through all the content ever created on your website to find those links. This tool does all the heavy lifting for you. It scans through your content and pages and reveals any broken links within minutes. When found, you can remove them or change to something that is currently active. Once those are corrected, the Google algorithm will place your website higher in its search results.

9. Accuranker

This plugin takes charge of keyword tracking. The entire Accuranker system is built with the premise of tracking your SEO rankings, focusing on keywords. Some users enjoy slightly more favourable pricing options compared to other tools like Ahrefs. It is worth noting, that this is not the same type of SEO tool. Accuranker is best used to monitor your content marketing in the search engine results pages. This tool’s entry option allows us to track up to 600 keywords. This plugin can also be used on unlimited domains. Upgrades like the agency or enterprise package are available. These offer an increased number of keywords. Keyword tracking is done daily, but you can also do a manual refresh. You can further refine this tracking by city, state, zip code, etc. Also, separate rankings for mobile and desktop are available.

SEO does not have to be tedious and complicated. One of the ways to make less so is to have adequate tools at your disposal. Give these plugins a try and determine which is the best for you and your goals.

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