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Study Room Plans For A Pre-Teen

Childhood years are the most precious yet influential years in human life. They form an individual’s core personality with the help of a perceptual, intellectual and emotionally inspiring environment. Imagine a space like that within your own home for your child? While it’s easier to plan a room for a toddler or preschooler (think, plenty of toys!), when it comes to the later part of childhood (ages 9 to 12), there’s more strategic planning to be involved. 

For one, it’s important to provide them with a safe space to express themselves completely through design and display. Experts from Wakefit suggest it be a functional design to incorporate studies, hobbies or just a lie in. Confused about how to incorporate these two important factors? We’ve got you sorted with the basics of getting a pre-teen specific study room that includes WFH furniture options to inspire any child into their best potential.

A Good Layout

The most important step in getting a pre-teen room right is to plan a specific layout that works for the different activities they engage in. Do they spend many hours in this room reading? Do they like art and craft or perhaps spend hours on their project work? Whatever the nature of activity, create space by measuring up the entire room to know how much space can be sectioned out for each activity. The key thing to focus on is that they must all be cohesive and fit in the space in a flow.

Motivate with Colours

Using colours has been scientifically proven to influence the moods of individuals. As per colour psychology, colours and their hues have the qualities to evoke feelings of warmth, increase focus or even boost moods! So inspire your child with colours like red for creativity, off white to improve attention or green for deep focus, blue for a good memory jog, among many other colours. Keep in mind to pick tones that complement each other to avoid chaos and distraction. 


As with any other room in the house, lighting is everything. Help your pre-teenager to stay motivated with a mix of natural and artificial lighting in the room. Arrange study-related furniture closer to windows to encourage quick visual breaks by looking outdoors and to take advantage of the natural light that’ll keep them refreshed. What’s more, natural lighting makes the room look larger and airier too. 

Another lighting to incorporate is a lively table or reading lamp that can be used on a desk to support late-night study. Having ample lighting options ensures a reduction in strain to the eyes.


Choosing the right furniture can be tricky for a pre-teen. They’re not too young to enjoy the frills and drills that come with tiny tot furniture but still need aesthetic beauty and function too. So let’s dive deeper into the basic furniture needed:

  • Study table: Create a functional yet bespoke space for creativity with a sleek and stylish study desk. Brands like Wakefit have a range of options to pick from that aim at giving furniture solutions even with minimal floor space. Opt for the Sophia Wall Mount Study table that has numerous storage options and can be neatly folded away after use. With plenty of space for every little thing, it can double up as a shelf for your little one to store books, artwork, inspirational pictures etc. If space isn’t a restriction, go for a long, sleek, wooden study table that can stow away their stationery, books and other items. 
  • Study chair: Like a hand in a glove, a study table is nothing without a strong, ergonomic study chair. It’s important to offer optimal support to the growing body of your child as they sit through late nights to study or spend the day with remote learning. Depending on your child’s comfort, pick a chair that is height adjustable, has a footrest and arm rests to rest limbs. Experts press on the fact that with little children, it’s important to not let their legs dangling for long hours and instead be bent at 90 degrees as the ideal angle while seated. Say goodbye to slouching with back support that corrects your child’s seating posture, keeping them alert during the focused study.
  • Wall shelves: Hang these above the desk on the wall to provide extra storage options or just as a dedicated space for your pre-teen to showcase her interests. Whether it is their collection of books, music, stamp collections album or art- let this piece of furniture be the frame to their masterpiece! You can also use these shelves to stick post-its or memory cards that can jog your child’s memory to memorise study concepts. Pick a contemporary and stylish design like the Wakefit Macbeth wall shelf that redefines storage space with its aesthetic style sense. 

Reading Nook 

Designate a special corner in the room as an inspiration hub. This area can have a bean bag or a simple tent canopy with cosy cushions thrown on the floor that segregates the spot from the rest of the room. If bookshelves hoard a lot of floor space, consider using floating shelves beside this nook to keep books to read while relaxing. Alternatively, go funky and decorate the shelves with LED signboards, potted plants, photos or anything that reflects your pre-teen’s style sense. 


An alternative to a reading nook, a simple macrame swing with a cosy cushion to sit on can be very therapeutic to your child. Pre-teen life can be chaotic with a surge of physical changes, tedious study routines and other things. A few minutes of gentle swinging can help your child focus better while relaxing their mind. Fix this on a simple hook from the ceiling in the corner of the room. 

Pre-teens are often at the pinnacle of discovering their personality. With new interests and puberty related changes, they are at the crux of many things that can keep them overstimulated. Plan your child’s study room in a way that it’s functional, motivates productivity and is relaxing.

Have you ever wondered how to recreate those perfect looking bedrooms featured in magazines and at bedding stores? Well, here is a little secret. It is not really that difficult and you do not need a huge budget to turn your bedroom into a sinfully cosy and comfortable room that you never want to leave!  

Here is a breakdown of the different steps involved in recreating magazine magic and turn your bedroom into a wonderland of comfort and luxury that you want to spend every waking moment in!

  • Pick A Supportive Mattress

Since the main purpose of any bedroom is to sleep comfortably, picking out a supportive mattress is no brainer. There are plenty of different types of mattresses available in the market today. A high-quality memory foam mattress from a top manufacturer like Wakefit is easy on your wallet and on your spinal cord as well.

  • Extra Protection

If you have young kids or pets at home, experts recommend spending a few extra bucks and investing in a mattress protector. This will offer your mattress an extra layer of protection from accidental spills, dirt, grime, bed bugs, etc.

  •  Bed Linens

Have you ever noticed that magazines and furniture stores often use neutral-coloured bedsheets and bed linens? Choosing a set of neutral, 100% cotton bed sheets will keep you cool and comfortable throughout the night. Interestingly, white sheets are easier to clean and keep looking pristine new as they can be bleached easily.

  • Comfortable Pillows

Comfortable pillows that are soft provide support to your neck and is critical in getting quality sleep each night. The ideal pillow should be able to fit the gap between your neck and the mattress when you sleep on your back. If you are a side sleeper, the experts recommend investing a slightly firmer pillow that offers better support for your neck. Sleeping pillows from top manufacturers like Wakefit will last for a long time and require very little maintenance.

  • Comfortable Duvet

A comfortable duvet with a removable cover goes a long way in assuring comfort and pleasure as you lay down to sleep each night. The removable cover comes in handy in keeping your duvet clean from dirt, grime, bacteria, dead skin cells and so on. If you are planning on sharing your bed with your partner, kids or pets, you will need to invest in a large duvet so that you don’t end up fighting for the duvet during the night.

  • Woollen Throw

Adding an extra woollen throw across the bottom of the bed adds a cosy feel to the entire bedroom décor. The throw can also come in handy when you feel a chill on those slightly colder nights. Snuggling under a woollen throw in your comfortable bed with your life partner is a memory that you will always cherish. 

  • Throw Pillows

Throw pillows add a touch of comfort and warmth to a cosy bedroom. You can add throw pillows in complementary colours to have a refreshing bedroom décor. If you are sticking to a particular colour theme, remember to ensure that you choose a neutral colour scheme that is pleasant and calming. 

Once you add the above-mentioned elements to your bedroom, you will notice that it has turned into a lovely room that feels inviting and comfortable. Some additional pieces that you can add to your bedroom for a more personal touch include a bedside table, a bedside lamp, and blackout curtains and so on. You can also change the bed linens, curtains and throw pillows in the room occasionally for a change of decor.

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