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Step Up Your Home Decor with 6 Simple Tricks

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Are you looking for great new ways to spice up your home decor? These tips and tricks will give you a head start on catching the eye of a potential buyer. If you play your cards right, these home decor tips could lead to a serious rise in your resale value. Here are 5 of the very best simple tricks to step up your decor game.

1. Decorate Your Walls with a Classic Clock

Every home and every room needs a clock, as they’re a staple to any decor and an easy way to dress up a wall you don’t know what to do with. A classic clock on the wall could give your decor a whole new vintage twist. Perhaps a cat clock or a cuckoo clock? These are great vintage designs that will catch the eye of your visitors. Maybe these clocks will bring back happy memories of their own childhood. Whatever the reason may be, they will serve as a first-class conversation piece.

2. Change Up Your Lighting Scheme

Is your home looking dingy and ill-lit? The root of the problem could be a less than satisfactory lighting scheme? It may be time to change the bulbs in your home. In fact, you may do well by switching to a whole new lighting scheme. This can be done at a very low cost. It may make your home a much brighter, more cheerful environment.

Changing up the lighting scheme of your home will also help you to have a better effect on your immediate environment. New green bulbs work more efficiently at lighting your home while also using less energy. This will enable you to have a much nicer looking home without straining your eyes or increasing your carbon footprint.

3. Bring in Some Handy Houseplants

One of the very best things you can do to freshen up your home decor scheme is to bring in plenty of leafy green houseplants. A series of strategically placed houseplants will give your home a festive and floral look. The trick is to arrange them in such a way that looks natural and scenic, but not overdone.

Houseplants will green up your house in an attractive fashion. They will also give you credibility as a serious home decor planner. A well-maintained series of houseplants will add to the appeal that your home has for a potential buyer. They will serve to show that you take the decor and general maintenance of your home very seriously.

4. Get Some Brand New Furniture

How long has it been since you had new chairs and couches in your home? If the answer is somewhere between the 70s and 90s, it’s time to invest in some new furnishings. This is a move that will freshen up your decor scheme while also giving you much more comfortable furniture to lounge on. It’s also a move that will please your visitors.

It won’t cost you a great deal of money to buy some new chairs and couches for your living room. There are plenty of new cost-effective designs on the market and many stores that offer low-cost furniture that still looks nice and is often simplistic in design. A new set of living room furniture could help to accent and define your overall decor scheme. It’s a great way to show off your style. Be sure to buy furniture that matches your existing furniture in color and style, if you plan to keep any of your old furniture in the same room. This will help gives the room a look of being put-together, even if you bought some of your furniture at a different time than the rest.

5. Freshen Up Your Kitchen and Bathroom

When was the last time you changed out the wallpaper in your kitchen or bathroom? You may still be looking at floral prints that date from the 70s. If this is the case, it’s time to order some new wallpaper or maybe to paint these areas.

Have a good look at the cabinets, sinks, faucets, and tiles in both your kitchen and bathroom. These are among the first areas that a potential buyer will want to see. You will do yourself a huge favor by renovating these areas. For a very low price, you can add some serious resale value to your property.

6. Try Matching Colors

One easy way to make a room look cohesive and put together is to use matching colors and the colors that go with each other. If your bedding is silver and white, try using accent pillows and curtains that bring out the silver. If all the furniture in your room is black, try to keep any new furniture you buy black as well, to create a room that you can tell has had thought put into it. Having coordinating colors can completely change the feel of a room. Rooms that have mismatched colors, especially for furniture, are far more likely to look unpolished and not put together, and appear as though you just threw any furniture you had in that room.

It’s Time to Freshen Up Your Decor Scheme

These handy home decor tips and tricks are the perfect way to get started on spicing up your home. If you are planning to put your home on the market, these are tips that can lead to an increase in your resale value. Even if you are planning to stick around for a while, these great new tips will give your decor a fresh new look and feel.

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