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Special Yummy Ice Cream Cakes in Your Town

Let me introduce you to the best combination of a desert. The favorite sweet of every age. Can you guess? Yummy! Yes, it’s an ‘Ice cream’ and the delight to every birthday? Of course, it’s a cake. So now let’s make the birthdays much more beautiful with Ice cream cakes you will love the tasty combination of these two relish desserts.

You want to taste it right at the moment? No worries. Order now the most mouthwatering ice cream cake; with the chunks of and the taste of sweetness as it is the ultimate summer cake with all the refreshment and smoothness to your happy summer days. The soft dissolving cake with the highlights of frozen ice cream is the most demanding dessert in all.

You can grab your best ice cream cake in any flavor such as; Mango Ice Cream Cake, Chocolate Ice Cream Cake, Kulfa Ice Cream Cake, and Vanilla Ice Cream Cake anytime anywhere from your best dessert shop. These healthy desserts are yummy as well as easy for your pocket to purchase.

How to make Ice cream cake?

You can also try making ice cream at home by yourself. If you know how to make a simple soft cake just proceed with all its steps and make a soft simple cake. If you are not aware of how to make a simple soft cake search it once before making it.

The important ingredients that you must have before making the cake are; ice cream (any flavor), powdered sugar, oil, and topping material. Now note down some tools required to make the cake; you need a dish for the placement of your cake, a straight shaped tool to level the layers of ice cream over the cake, bowl, spreader, and some sticks if you want to decorate your cake by adding the props.

Then simply cut that cake into the maximum layers, grab your favorite flavor ice cream, and spread it among each layer properly. Now merge the layers back in the same proper order. Fix the cake properly and make sure. Now spread the ice cream over the base and sides of the cake neatly.

After making, it completely ice cream filled, place it in the refrigerator for some time. When you feel like the minimum time has passed. Take your cake out of the refrigerator and now for the topping, you can use sprinkles, bounties, chocolates, dry fruits, and many others.

How to make you celebrations more delightful?

Let me tell you my own experience of making my celebration more beautiful. Last year on my nephew’s 6th birthday, we were all planning a grand party. Everything was planned except for the cake. I was appointed to bring a very yummy cake. As it was my nephew’s birthday, so the party was going to be surrounded by so many kids. As we all know kids love ice cream, but the cake was a compulsory item to buy. I was a little confused to manage my6 budget for cakes and ice creams individually.

I went to some different desert shops but all the rates were letting me run out of my budget. At the last, I parked my car in front of a dessert shop named “Cakes & Bakes’. I informed the salesman about the scenario and asked him to suggest to me a very good quality cake at a low price, so I could buy ice creams as well. However, he suggested me the best ice cream cake in Lahore. Moreover, the ice cream cake price was so easy for me to pay, and I was also able to buy some more stuff as I didn’t run out of my budget.

Everybody loved the cake especially the birthday boy and his lovely little friends. Now on any occasion, the first thought that comes to my mind is “Ice cream cakes”. I would love to suggest you to must try ice cream cakes in Lahore from “Cakes and Bakes”. They served me after making me completely satisfied with their relish ice cream cake.

They serve their customer at low prices and high-quality products. As I have experienced the taste it was finger licking and super delicious. However, the ice cream cake price in Lahore is mostly high when the summers arrive. As I loved the taste of ice cream cake, sometimes I have cravings for it and I usually go out to have one. So the prices vary according to winters and summers as I have observed.

You might have cravings now. I recommend you to order your ice cream cake from Cakes and Bakes, surely you’ll appreciate their service, and definitely you will love the amazingly yummy ice cream cake. You can order any flavor that you like, I bought mango flavor that day. Eat healthy stay healthy!

Meta Desc: Ice cream cakes are now available in so many different flavors. Well, ice cream cakes are always mouthwatering because of the combination of the softness of cake and frozen yummy ice cream. Grab your favorite flavor now.

Difference between ice cream cake and ordinary ice cream

The main difference between ice cream cake and ordinary ice cream is its large size. You can, of course, try to buy it in the store, but it’s much more interesting to cook it yourself. Moreover, making an ice cream cake is not at all difficult.

Without a doubt, the most delicious cakes come from homemade ice cream. But on the other hand, it is easier to make multi-layer ice cream cakes with a store-bought one, combining taste according to your mood. For example, lay berry and pistachio, chocolate and vanilla, lemon and crème Brulee in layers.

Regardless of what kind of ice cream and how many types of it will be in your cake, the principle of their assembly is always the same. First, the base is baked from shortcrust or biscuit dough. Or crumbs made from biscuits or dry biscuits. The base is not a fad, it keeps the ice cream from melting too quickly on the table. If the base has been baked, cool it well.

Remove the ice cream from the freezer about half an hour before filling the dough mold so that it becomes plastic and can fill the mold evenly. If there are several types of ice cream in the cake layout, each next layer only after the previous one is well frozen. By the way, in cases where there is only the base in the ice cream cake made of dough and not the bottom and sides, it makes sense to cover the form with a film.
And also, ice cream cakes are a natural decoration of the festive summer table. And very convenient, because you can cook them a few days before the holiday.

Useful tips for making ice cream cake

The peculiarity of this dessert is that such a cake is always prepared on the basis of dough. This helps the product to keep its shape longer, look more effective and melt more slowly.

  • If you are baking your own sponge cake for dessert, be sure to chill the cakes before assembling. If the baked goods are not allowed to cool, the ice cream will melt under the influence of heat, and the crust will turn sour from moisture.
  • Before you start working with ice cream, let it stand after freezing for 5-10 minutes at room temperature. The dense mass will soften slightly and become pliable – you can easily cut, make balls or just scoop the ice cream with a spoon.
  • If you are making a cake with several layers of different types of ice cream, lay them out gradually. First lay out the first layer and place it in the freezer for an hour. Then lay out the second layer and put it back in the freezer. Repeat this with each additional layer of ice cream, so the cake will get a good shape and will not melt ahead of time.
  • To cut up the ice cream cake, take a large, sharp knife and dip the blade in hot water. It will be easier to cut the cake with a damp, hot knife without disturbing its shape.

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