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Southeast Asia Grows and Get Startup Opportunity in the Cloud

The coming time or decade is anticipated to be a golden opportunity for digital transformation in Southeast Asia and the success of startups of entrepreneurs. The southeast Asia region consists of full technology savvy, mobile-first digital natives. Approximately 60 percent fall under the age group of below 35.  They are creating a great demand for regional solutions in every sector of the economy.

The covid-19 pandemic had affected the world and economy severally. It has reduced venture capital investment by 2 percent and because of this pandemic, many well-known startups end up announcing layoffs and restructuring the acceleration of the pace of cloud adoption.

Almost on average, around 360  million people daily are consuming content with the help of the internet. Around 90 percent of people access the content from the web of their mobile phones and use the internet for approximately four hours a day.

The pandemic has also led to disruption in the digital media and played a role in forcing the middle age people to adapt quickly in using mobile phones their applications for learning new skills, purchasing anything, and doe playing games.

The passion that resides in the cloud

If you are seeing a dream to build your own company then this dream of yours will also contribute to the local community and contribute to the economy also. Nurturing is required to realize the full potential of your dream and passion.

It is extremely easy to find out the answer to the question that why startups of southeast Asia are tied to cloud technology and why everyone is using it to their best advantage.

You must focus on the core business of yours rather than spending your time on time managing IT. This can only be possible if you will have a clear understanding of cloud architecture and cloud. If you’ll not focus on your core business then the cost occurred in cloud computing will eat into the development funds. This will define a sustainable way to run your business.

Startups of nearly 100 employees spend an average of half of their budget on the infrastructure sector.Nearly 20% of founders and engineers of startups are having less than one year of experience in managing cloud infrastructure, and 63% had less than five years of experience in managing the same.

Growing up is in itself difficult

The startups are constrained if they will not get good investors and people to work in them. In southeast Asia, hiring experienced staff in IT is very difficult in this business climate. Talent is abundant for youth but the major problem is that they don’t have experience.

Every Innova requires information technology to support it. You have initially in the past got many hurdles and obstacles of testing and validating the concepts but have you ever wondered that what it takes to manage the cloud effectively while keeping the costs and expenditure under control.

Below mentioned are the three IT issues faced by startups when they expand their business:

  • Cloud Design:

Using the cloud can be costly without having an idea of architecture that is designed to be scalable on demand.

  • Data Security:

Although the cloud has built-in security architecture that is used to protect various containerized assets, you also need to decide how to treat sensitive data, manage access, and respond in the event of a data breach or major outage in this sector.

  • Scalability:

You can drive the exponential growth, success, and potential of your business through the cloud.  This feature allows quick positioning of various resources that will help the business in achieving economies of scale.

The biggest help in the form of team

It is rightly said that “it takes a village to raise a child”, it is a metaphor used in building your business in today’s digital economy.

Ever our business story is alike. 5 years ago, Bespin Global was a startup that faced many challenges and dealt with many hurdles as a large enterprise, without having any experience and resources. It does not even have any experience to manage all the work. But through our work with the SparkLabs Foundry, we rightly found our village which helped us in transforming our business, and now, as a result, we:

  • Deals with more than 1000 customers throughout Asia on various cloud platforms
  • are among the  Leader in providing public cloud infrastructure professional and managed services.
  • are one of the premier partners of the biggest cloud providers some of them are google cloud, air cloud, AWS, Microsoft Azure, etc.

Swingvy, Shark Market, SmartUp, Equilibrium, MangoPlate are some of our startup customers who take consulting and managing services from us and we help them in overcoming the constraints in resources by providing them with reliable infrastructure and techniques which will save time and effort and provides them understanding in controlling and securing IT and network assets. We also work on such programs which accelerate the growth through sales and marketing.

Our village is growing and expanding at full pace

To grow and to achieve expansion in our business we had recently expanded our business and done partnership with Google and the cloud platform of Google is built on the open-source cloud technology.

Google to achieve growth provides credit to startups and the primary goal is to build innovative solutions and to extend their runaway, accelerate the acquisition of customers, enhance their skills and expand the network.

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