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Some simple steps to make your PC run fast

If your computer has been in your home for over a year, you are likely to be among the majority of users who are unhappy with its performance and speed.

Most likely, you’ve asked the million-dollar question at least once before sitting in front of your computer.

How can I speed up my computer?

Don’t worry if you are. You’re not the only one. Most PC (Windows-based computer) owners become frustrated with their computer’s performance in 6-12 months. Imagine how frustrated those who have had their computer for longer than two to five years can get. These people have been asking how to make their computers faster for years. Not just in a matter of days or weeks.

Below are three ways I can speed up your computer. You can do many things, but these are the best.

For over 5 years I have been helping people speed up their computers. These three areas are, in my opinion, the most important to speeding up any computer.

I have taken computers as old as 5-10 years, adjusted them in these areas, and made them more efficient and faster than new computers. These clients were happy with their new computers and saved hundreds of dollars they would have spent on a new one. Most people who go out to buy a new computer do so because they are frustrated with their current computers’ speed. They wouldn’t have to buy a new computer if they could get their current computer running faster.

Four Steps to Make Your Computer More Fast

1) Get rid of heavy applications

A lot of unnecessary and heavy applications can quickly slow down a computer’s performance and cause it to be slow. Here is a list of the heavy applications I remove from clients’ computers.

  1. Does mcafee slow down computer – McAfee provide the full potential. McAfee is installed on your computer and causes your computer to slow down and become sluggish.
  2. Wild Tangent Games: This application has been pre-installed on many Windows Vista and Windows 7 computers. The one application is comprised of 10 or more games that startup and then run in the background. This causes an unneeded drag on your computer.
  3. Toolbars: I just want to say that you should remove all toolbars like the Yahoo toolbar and AOL toolbar, coupon toolbars, Internet Explorer toolbars, and AOL toolbars. Toolbars can be extremely destructive to your computer’s resources, and launch a lot of processes that consume your computer’s resources.

You may be asking yourself why I recommend that you remove McAfee. McAfee doesn’t help protect your computer from viruses, right? You’ll see why McAfee is not necessary for the section I discuss running Google Chrome. For now, just trust me and remove McAfee.

2) Selective Startup

While this is more about optimizing your startup, every Windows PC has a selective startup. In most cases, I disable all but the “Windows essential” programs that are required to start your computer when it boots up.

You can free up significant computer resources by disabling all other programs than those required for Windows. You see, programs that don’t start up immediately are just laying dormant until they wake up.

Here are some tips to optimize your startup programs.

Instructions for Windows XP computers. Click “start” in the lower left-hand corner > click “Run..” From the menu > Type “MSConfig” without quotes in the text bar that appears after clicking “Run…”, and then click on “Ok”.

Instructions for Windows Vista and Windows 7: Click the “start” button in the lower left-hand corner. Next, enter the word “MSConfig”, without quotes. You’ll see “MSConfig”, above the search results. Then click the “MSConfig” menu option.

  1. Both cases are identical: Once you launch “MSConfig”,
  2. Click “Selective Startup” to open the bubble with “Use Original BOOT.INI”.
  3. Click the “Services tab” tab (second tab to the right).
  4. After clicking the “Services tab”,

Once the “Services tab is visible, click the box and select the “Hide All Microsoft Services”. Now, you will only see programs that are not Microsoft Services.

Now you can unclick all these services or click “Disable all”. These programs are still available to you. Your computer will not run these programs unless you tell it. This will allow your computer to use a lot more resources. 99% of applications are set up to launch at startup. This setting is set to be disabled to save your computer the effort of processing all these unneeded applications.

Once you have disabled the “non-Microsoft” services list, hit “Apply” and then “Ok”.

These changes will take effect only if you restart your computer.

Your computer will now be grateful that you saved it from dying because of all the unnecessary applications.

3) Install and Run Google Chrome

This is an important step to improve your computer’s performance and directly affects your web browser. This is why I call it “computer performance” because most computer users know that as soon as they turn on their computer, they immediately go online. It is essential to have a web browser that is fast, secure, efficient, as well as extremely fast.

Remember how I mentioned earlier that McAfee should be removed (or any other antivirus program)? Google Chrome makes it possible. Google Chrome is the only browser to have protection built-in. Google Chrome is the only web browser that has protection built into it. You’ll experience a significant increase in speed and performance and you will also be protected from viruses, spyware, and adware without needing to install an anti-virus program.

Install Google Chrome

Click here > Click “Accept and Install” > Then proceed to install and launch Chrome.

Once you see the Google Chrome welcome screen, you will know that you have installed it correctly.

4) Upgrade or Install RAM

Now, let’s get to the important part of how to speed up your computer. Your computer’s RAM (Random Access Memory) is the key to speeding up your computer. RAM (Random Access Memory) is a type of computer data storage that can be found at the integrated circuit level.

You need to understand that your RAM is 100% responsible for determining the speed of your computer’s processing. Your RAM is responsible for limiting the speed of your computer’s processing.

It is obvious that increasing your computer’s RAM will improve its performance. Increase the RAM to increase your computer’s ability to process commands more quickly.

It’s easy and cheap to increase your computer’s RAM. It’s the first step to making your computer work faster, as I have already stated.

Purchase more RAM

You must first buy more RAM to increase the RAM of your computer.

The maximum RAM that computers can be shipped from manufacturers is 50%. You can increase the RAM of your computer up to twice. This is basically how you can double your computer’s speed and power by increasing your RAM.

Okay, let’s start by buying the RAM that you will need to run your computer. The source I will show you is Crucial. Here’s a Crucial video:

Click here to visit Click the tab labeled System Scanner (middle right of screen), then click the button that reads “Scan My Computer”, clicks the check box, and then click “Download the Scanner”. Now you can launch the downloaded file and Crucial will scan the computer.

After the scan is completed (which takes only a few seconds), you will see a report which tells you how much RAM you have > how much you can max it out > and a recommendation of RAM you should buy.

First, ensure Crucially has properly scanned your computer and is showing the correct model and computer make (e.g., Dell Dimension 2400). Then, I recommend that you choose the best RAM product.

Crucial can be used to make the purchase. You can also find the model number of the RAM and then go to to purchase it. It’s often cheaper.

Once you have purchased your RAM, it will be delivered to your home. Now it’s time to install your RAM. You could write an entire ebook about how to do it, but I recommend you just go to YouTube and search for “how-to add RAM to your computer make/model” to view the video. Call someone you trust to help you install the RAM on your computer.

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