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SMS Marketing For Multi-Purpose Service Providers

The number of businesses is increasing with each passing year, and the competition is equally growing. Multi-purpose service providers have also joined the brigade. They are looking forward to using effective marketing and advertising methods to reach their customers and let them know about their different services.

Multi-purpose service providers do not offer a single service; rather, they have a wide range of services in their scope. It becomes very important for them to make sure every service is getting comparable purchases and attention. Such service providers may exist online or sometimes not; they have a broad and wide range of goals and objectives to achieve.

Keep reading the article and understand how and why multi-purpose service providers use SMS advertising services.

Top 5 Ways for using SMS for Multi-purpose Service Providers

The nature of working and providing the services of multi-purpose services is way more different from other businesses. These service providers sometimes have a physical existence, and sometimes they do not have a physical presence. In both cases, they must be in contact with their customers.

Below are a few ways and techniques through which they can stay in touch with the clients.

1. Sending all the services details

One of the main objectives and goals of businesses or entities that provide multiple services and products is to tell the customers about all of their services. A customer may contact you for a single product, but you can also inform them about your other products and services by providing detailed information. A service provider that gives kitchen appliances maintenance service may also offer maintenance services for the bathroom appliances.

2. Customer relationship management

It becomes almost impossible for businesses that provide multiple services to develop a strong relationship with their customers or new clients. These types of businesses do not usually have any physical existence. In this regard, they need to find ways to reach their customers and develop strong relationships.

SMS advertising is one of the best ways to improve the customer and business relationship if carried out with proper planning and strategies; hire an SMS marketing agency in Dubai to build strong relationship bridges with the existing and new clients.

3. Asking for payment details

Service providers with no physical existence or are dependent on online transactions usually use SMS services to ask their clients and customers about payment modes and other relevant stuff. They may use SMS for getting the payment details if they are not having a website of their own. The service provider sends a link through SMS, which directs the user to a website to select the payment options and pay online. Another way is by sending them a code and pay through SMS. Payments through SMS are very common for transport service providers.

4. Getting feedback and queries

Service providers hire a workforce and employees to fulfill the client’s needs according to their expertise. For example, a service provider may have a technician to provide technical and maintenance services and other employees for installation services, so it becomes very important for them to take feedback from the customers about their satisfaction with the employees or workers’ work. Customers also take advantage of SMS to complain about any issue with the service providers using SMS services.

5. Asking for purchase confirmations

To ask for confirmation details from the customers, businesses usually use SMS for a final call. SMS becomes cost-effective to ask the user about their final thoughts on product or service purchase. They can also make follow-ups from the clients and remind them about their pending purchases.

Benefits of SMS for multi-purpose service providers

Like any other business or organization, multi-purpose service providers can also benefit from SMS marketing services and strategies.

Below are two very impressive benefits that a service provider can acquire using SMS services.

1. Time-saving

It becomes impossible for service providers to manage all their services and opt for detailed and time-consuming marketing methodologies for their services. SMS advertising is far better in time-saving aspects; You do not have to develop different client strategies.

A single and same text for all the clients will serve the purpose without wasting any time. So, hire an SMS marketing agency in Dubai to initiate a marketing campaign for your services without wastage of time and money.

2. One text for all services

One of SMS’s most promising benefits for multi-purpose service providers is that they do not have to run different campaigns for each of their services or products. Using SMS advertising methods, they can send details of all of their services. A single SMS will contain the details of their services or provide a link to direct the user to their services page. While looking for required services or products, the client may look for other listed services, increasing the chances of sales for other services.

Why SMS for every service provider?

SMS is one of the cost-effective means to promote and advertise a business’s services and products. And the amount you invest in an SMS marketing campaign ensures success and high open rates by the recipient. SMS is always preferable over any other marketing medium available to increase success and sales rates.

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