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Skills that Helps Increasing Salary of a Blockchain Developer

Blockchain is a decentralized ledger technology, and the distributed nature of the network is its most significant advantage. Blockchain, unlike other technologies, does not depend upon a single and centralized registry; instead, it creates a network or chain of nodes (computer devices) forming a secure decentralized framework. This feature of Blockchain makes it more robust and secure because a hacker is required to get obtain access to more than half of the devices in the chain/ledger simultaneously to gain control over data.

Major companies involving Samsung, IBM, and SAP have implemented and practiced Blockchain seriously in their business operation processes, making it a more trusted and popular technology to depend upon. These companies are implementing more Blockchain-powered systems and always hiring Blockchain developers and computer scientists with experience in Blockchain development. Many business leaders have already started achieving benefits and profits from Blockchain implementation in business processes. Blockchains have a long list of features that leverages many services, which include:

  • Greater Transparency: Transaction and tracking share of information have become more comfortable with Blockchain. Blockchain technology enables transparency in checking transaction histories. Blockchain facilitates a distributed ledger, which allows all the participants in the network to share the same documentation as opposed to individual copies. And for any conversion in that shared version requires agreement from all the participants. Thus, data on a Blockchain platform is more accurate, consistent, and transparent.
  • Enhanced Security: Blockchain provide a much robust security mechanism than other record-keeping systems. In Blockchain, every user has to allow the attempt of recording any transaction by a user. Even after getting approval for recording, the transaction is still encrypted and linked to previous transactions. Thus it requires permission again if any user wants to gain access to the information. Therefore, industries such as financial services, government policy programs, healthcare, etc., that stores crucial data can utilize this enhanced security feature of Blockchain. 
  • Improved Traceability: Blockchain also enables tracing the product traded through a long supply chain involving multiple changing points. So, it becomes easy to trace the development journey, from its origin to consumption, for the company and the consumer. This historical data helps verify the authenticity of products and goods and can prevent fraud.
  • Increased Efficiency and Speed: Trading and exchanging data becomes time-taking and more complex with traditional paper-based processes of creating documents and records, requires third-party mediation, and such documentation is also prone to human error. Blockchain can streamline and automate all these processes and ensures that transactions are completed faster and more efficiently. Also, being decentralized in nature, Blockchain doesn’t need to reconcile multiple ledgers and prevent clutter for you.
  • Reduced Costs: Reducing costs is a priority for many businesses, and with Blockchain, you can quickly eliminate the requirement of many intermediary parties to make a guarantee of transparency. As the transaction data is available to every participant in the contract, you can easily save a significant amount on third parties and intermediaries.

Blockchain’s benefits are extended for many industries worldwide, and Blockchain developers are leveraging greater profits and cost reductions using their skills of a Blockchain application to obtain optimum for businesses. Businesses drawing benefits of the technology are now leveraging opportunities for developers offering Blockchain career opportunities as the benefits of Blockchain are ever-increasing and helps to bring efficiency in the processes. So, companies are not hesitant to spend a share of their saving on the salary of a Blockchain developer. Opportunities are many, and Blockchain experts are needed in the companies for different roles, foremost of which are:

  • Blockchain Developer: These are programmers responsible for creating applications for Blockchain implementation, and they are experienced in working with languages including C++, JavaScript, Python, etc.
  • Blockchain Solution Architect: These Blockchain professionals are responsible for designing, assigning, and connecting solution components with the other teams.
  • Blockchain Project Manager: They are responsible for assigning Blockchain projects to experts working on the development of Blockchain solutions.
  • Blockchain UX Designer: They incorporate Blockchain and its design into industries and also creates a user interface to provide an excellent user experience to the customers.
  • Blockchain Quality Engineer: They are involved in tests and ensure the quality of all areas of the project.
  • Blockchain Legal Consultant: Responsible for facilitating legal expertise on what considerations are required for investing in Blockchain applications.

Blockchain technology offers various career options and leverages numerous opportunities. This is not in numbers, but also the salary packages of Blockchain developers and professionals are something that allures aspirants for making a career in this field. Any average IT professional cannot draw lucrative packages from the companies, and it requires fulfilling some criteria. A Blockchain developer’s salary depends upon some factors, which include: 

  • Experience: It counts the most, and having your hands-on experience of working in the Blockchain field in the past would get you brighter chances of drawing higher packages from your employer.
  • Job Location: It is a significant factor as the city’s tech-orientation decides the amount of your package. If you are flexible in switching the location, your chances of drawing a higher box are brighter.
  • Expertise: Several Blockchain technologies exist in the market which are in high demand presently, and having proficiency in such technologies as Ethereum and Hyperledger may help you earn a higher package. The more skilled you are, the more you can make in the Blockchain Field.
  • Certifications and Specialization: Holding a certificate is the most important of all the measures. This is an indication of your specialization in the tech field and skills related to a particular technology. The same applies to Blockchain as obtaining a certification in Blockchain learning will showcase your expertise and specialization in the Blockchain tech implementation that would help you negotiate for a higher package than those with the knowledge without certification.

Presently, Blockchain professionals are drawing and enjoying an excellent career. The technology has not only benefitted the businesses but also leveraged career options for IT aspirants. So, if you have also decided to make a career in information technology, the Blockchain is your way to go. It would help if you immediately started changing your experiences and knowledge base to be prepared for a lucrative career in the field of most futuristic technology. The points made above would help you upgrade your chances to become more successful and demanded Blockchain Developer.

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