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Significance Of Blockchain Technology In Transportation And Logistics

Being abreast with the latest crypto news, lets you know all the important back to back developments happening in cryptocurrency. Just like any random news from other respective fields like sports,entertainment, politics and other human interest related stuff cryptocurrency too has joined the brigade in becoming a topic of interest for many people in the business. Now, when there is mention of then it is great to acknowledge its growing importance for its use and acceptance in various industries. Moreover, one can observe the significance of blockchain technology in transportation and logistics. 

If you want to know the specific reason for what makes the blockchain technology so important for transportation and logistics, then there are various of its operational examples to prove it. Blockchain technology is beneficial for boosting tracking of shipping and freight cargo and enhancing its security, tracing fleet of suppliers and generating peer to peer bridge between suppliers, carriers, clients and manufacturers, allowing transport connectivity in independent economies to raise the productivity and lessening the price of transportation that are related to cargo and passenger.

Resolving Existing Issues In The Logistics Industry

Blockchain technology has also become a worth need for several startups in terms of benefitting in purchasing purposes, car rentals through keeping, and data sharing.Apart from it, blockchain technology is also being referred for resolving existing problems in the logistics industry. Besides this, many logistics face major problems in terms of poor infrastructure, shipping of food, and use of the old system method in cold chain products like vegetables, meat, and other products that need specified temperature.

More About Blockchain Technology Use

Around 18% of the Chinese GDP is spent by logistics in a big nation like China, which is much twice in comparison to a developed world. The use of blockchain technology in the form of smart contracts can help in activating invoice payments, in the automation of accounts for paying and receiving. It will curtail hours of manpower levied in restoring documents. Now, get to know more about the use of blockchain technology and cryptocurrency in transportation and logistics. 


Blockchain technology has been greatly preferred by IBM, to bring positive changes in supply chains in various means.The focused areas on which it is supposed to be applied include minimizing price, smooth-running of restocking tasks, tracing supplies, and brushing up productivity.

Blockchain In Transport Alliance

Formed by skilled executives of transportation, Blockchain in Transport Alliance (BiTA) is relying upon the utilization of blockchain technology to help in executing tasks in cost reduction and simultaneously enhancing the productivity of shipping.


Blockchain technology also finds its use in CarTaxi, an Ethereum-based blockchain platform. this platform facilitates in automated car service pulling with trucks and to benefit in the connectivity of trucks together, regarding their place, and mobile application use. Currently, it is much preferred in Russian cities.


Another Ethereum-based blockchain technology platform is Zeew. This platform helps internet shops to get link with nearby accessible couriers, for the instant package transportation to clients. With the use of cryptocurrency, it will be very easy for businesses to obtain premiums and executive discounts, and to make payments for services and ads. The company has its offices located in Latvia and Malta.

Ride My Car

As the name suggests, Ride My Car is a platform of ride-sharing.Its functioning is much akin to ride services and other transportation, that are pre-book.There is a RIDE cryptocurrency, through which users can make payment for rides after search. Besides this, unfill seats can be sold to commuters to let them explore a similar journey and to get the RIDE tokens. 


Another example of blockchain technology use is Cube. This blockchain-based security platform ensures the safety of independent mobile networks that are blockchain-friendly. It focuses on resolving security issues for the transportation market as per its increasing connectivity requirements through data and information.


The use of blockchain technology in sectors like transportation and logistics defines its importance along with cryptocurrency.This distributed ledger technology has been gaining much importance in resolving the existing issues faced by logistics and transportation companies. The need for in various sectors including the above two is a clear indication for the relevance of digital technology, cryptocurrency. By following the latest news on cryptocurrency, you will certainly come to know more about the use of blockchain technology and its growing importance in industries. Blockchain technology has become so important for many startup companies in buying purposes, car rentals through storing, and data sharing.

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