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Shoppable Instagram Shopify – The Best Sales Growth Tactic

If you are looking for solutions to boost your Shopify sales, you are on the right page. 

One of the leading eCommerce stores, Shopify, has emerged as the rising platform for many brands and has offered them ample opportunities to grow. 

To maximize the sales rate of the platform, brands have started leveraging various marketing tactics. One of the best sales growth tactics is Shoppable Instagram Shopify. 

What is Shoppable Instagram Shopify?

The setting up of Shoppable Instagram on your Shopify store is called Shoppable Instagram Shopify. This integration helps the brands to accelerate their sales both on Instagram as well as Shopify.

This marketing strategy allows you to add Shoppable tags to the Instagram feed on Shopify. With this, you can provide a smooth and streamlined shopping experience to your website visitors. 

By adding shoppability to the Shopify store, brands expand their marketing sphere and increase their selling potential at a better place.

Get Started With Shoppable Instagram On Shopify

Setting up Shoppable Instagram with Shopify does not need any technical skills. All you need is to fulfill the three basic prerequisites that include

  • A Facebook business page with a product catalog.
  • Instagram Business account based in these specific countries linked to the Facebook page.
  • A Shopify plan that lets you sell products.

To get started, follow the steps mentioned below.

Set up your Facebook shop to facilitate product tagging and shoppable posts. Once done, link Shopify with your Facebook shop. Choose Facebook from the “Sales Channel” option and choose the preferred Facebook page having a product catalog. All your products will be imported automatically.

The next step is to add the Instagram Channel to your Shopify store. Complete the setup by connecting the added Instagram account with Facebook. 

Lastly, go to the setting of your Instagram business account, and choose

Kudos, you have successfully integrated Shoppable feed to your Shopify store.

The challenges that come across are the limited options of customization and a complex system of product tagging. Also, it does not provide the option of auto-updates. 

To overcome these challenges, there is a smarter way of integrating shoppable Instagram with Shopify. It can be done using Shopify Instagram Shop App as they provide you with advanced features to help you in a quick and easy integration process.

Shopify Instagram Shop App

Shopify Instagram Shop apps such as Taggbox Commerce is an amazing app that can help you create Shoppable posts for your Shopify store in a creative way.

The customization features provided by the app makes your Shoppable feed look more exquisite and exciting. The powerful moderation feature helps you discard the content that does not go well with your brand’s image. 

By providing you with the option of auto-updates, this app helps you deliver the best shopping experience to your customers and build a trustworthy relationship with them by acquiring rights for repurposing their content. 

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Benefits Of Shoppable Instagram On Shopify

Customer Loyalty With UGC Display

Customers trust the content they find authentic. Branded content is no more capable of winning the trust of potential customers. And so, brands started leveraging UGC for their marketing purposes. 

UGC displays the reliability of the products and services of the brands and adds more value to them. When the customers see this UGC with the branded products, they get magnetized and builds more trust for the brand. This, therefore, increases customer loyalty towards the brand and adds to the credibility of the branded products.

Intensified Customer Engagement 

User-generated content and the attractive and compelling visuals used by the brands to tag products grab the attention of the majority of the customers.

When turned into visual commerce, these eye-catching visuals trigger the customers and influence their purchase decisions. It increases the engagement of customers with the brand and their interaction to make a purchase.

Streamlined Purchase Journey

By marking posts shoppable and adding shoppable tags to them, brands can provide a quicker and shorter purchase journey to their customers—this way, customers can shop directly from the page without even leaving the app.

It reduces the purchase barriers that come across the customer’s way while shopping and has made shopping easier than before. With just one click, it directs the customers to the payments page and minifies their purchase path.

Magnified Growth Rate

A comfortable and smooth shopping experience is all that a customer desires for. By making products shoppable with Shopify, brands can provide the customers with enhanced exposure to the products.

The user-generated content and all the visuals, provokes the customers and influences their decisions to purchase with the brand. Therefore, this helps the brand drive more conversions and accelerate the sales rate for the brand.


Display your products’ authenticity and provide your customers’ best experience by adding shoppable tags to the posts.

These shoppable posts are the key drivers of your success and help you increase your sales with just a click. One of the most effective ways to leverage these shoppable posts is by adding shoppable Instagram to your Shopify store. It will drive more customers towards your brand and give your brand exclusive exposure with quality sales.

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