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10 Most Common SEO Mistakes to Avoid

SEO plays an important role when it comes to growing your brand. This is after the use of social media in driving traffic dropped, making way for Google to become the primary traffic referral source. Using SEO will enable you to improve your website’s rankings in Google Search Engine Result Pages (SERPS), ensuring it gets to the top rankings. It is advisable to do this since the first search results typically get more clicks than the other results. 

When using any seo service to help you do SEO for your website, there are many mistakes you need to avoid. Committing any of these SEO errors can easily make you destroy your reputation.

Here are some of the most common SEO mistakes one needs to avoid. 

Short and Generic Headings 

It is essential that every heading you use is specific and conveys a particular thought. The title needs to be more than just a few words and not too long. It should cover buzzwords that are relevant to that specific industry. The more you fine-tune your article heading, the more it will likely hit the longer tail keywords. 

Failing to Use Enough Headings 

Consider breaking up your content by using more headings. For instance, do not cover trial and liability procedures in the same chunk. When dealing with SEO, you will always want to gain all the possible searches; hence, you should come up with clear headlines to target different topics. When you correctly identify the item at hand, your potential client will have a better understanding of whatever you are reading about. 

• Failing to Use Lists 

Bulleted lists do increase readability and SEO. Instead of having a list of items in the same line, you can consider breaking them in numbered or bulleted lists. Although snippets that are featured have somehow become controversial in the SEO industry, the listings usually appear at the top of Google search results. 

• Failing to use Marketing Terminology 

You must always remember how to format meta description and SEO titles. You need to ensure that the keyword is still at the front part of the title. It is also advisable to use marketing or convincing language in the meta description and the title since this is how you will be persuading individuals to click on the link. Medical professionals and law firms do not have to use the name of your business name as the site name; instead, focus on what will entice your potential clients to click. 

• Consider hiding the keyword ball

It will be much better if you introduce the keyword phrase in content much earlier. It is always a great idea to have the keyword in the first paragraph of the content provided you can organically fit it in. Any slight adjustments can make the search engine bot provide you with a higher ranking. 

• Failing to Vary Phrasing of your keyword

Although it is of great importance to use your keyword phrase sufficiently per page, it is essential to include some variations within the text, if possible. For example, slip and fall are at times referred to as trip and fall. A car accident can also be a car crash or an auto accident. The slight variations will make it possible for you to get to the searchers using less frequent phrases. However, the short texts will never allow you to get to the extra phrases, but there should be a variation of phrase or two within every 1000 words. 

• Writing at a high level than the reading level 

The level of reading is essential for SEO content. According to Sunil Kumar owner of website Blogging Hub “Doctors love making use of medical terminology, and lawyers like legalese, going for an 8th grade level of reading is excellent targets to enable your content to strive. Advanced or wordy language should be replaced with a text of high readability. Although this sounds like editing and not SEO, having a dense book will usually have a high bounce rate meaning people will leave the site without calling your business”. 

Forgetting the content should be helpful to the reader

You need to come up with content that is informative and engaging. Readers should immediately catch the points and feel they are part of the material. Some writers forget that the content will be read by humans and instead end up writing to suit the machines. 

• Coming up with promotional content 

It is highly advisable that you come up with different forms of core content to help make most from your SEO efforts and marketing. Although most of the pages will be after promotion of services, it is also important to create content for link building. You need to consider having information on your site that other sites will always want to link to. There is never a SEO campaign that will reach its full potential unless you come up with a host of strong backlinks. 

• Using one content for different purposes

Although this tip is in most cases forgotten by most of the SEO amateurs, the main goal should always be to get individual pages for the website to rank high and not just the homepage. It is therefore of great importance to have the content created to focus on particular aspects of your business and not just a catch-all paged. For instance, for strong SEO potency, it is advisable to come up with a completely separate child support and child custody pages instead of having them all together in a single page. 

Come up with more helpful pages of contents that are devoted towards particular keywords and make use of internal links to enable you to navigate the topics instead of having comprehensive pages. It will help in bolstering the rankings together with pushing on to coming up with a more insightful and detailed content. 


Although the points might seem a lot to remember, SEO content usually deserves more attention and time. Any potential client should spend a few seconds or minutes on the website before making a decision on what services you offer. You need to do all you can to make it easier for them to make a decision. 

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