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SEO vs SMO: Do you know the difference?

In today’s world, in which the companies and businesses are moving from physical spaces to digital spaces, knowing about digital marketing has become crucial. When you get into the field of digital marketing, terms like SEO, SMM, keywords and backlinks, will be very common, so it becomes crucial to get acquainted with it.

In this article you will get to know about the difference between search engine optimization and social media optimization. Both, SEO and SMO are equally important and plays a transforming role in the digital marketing. Want to know the difference? Then read below!

Search engine optimization

Search engine optimization is a technique that uses a variety of methods to make your website rank higher on the search engine result page or SERP. To achieve better ranking on the search engine, some methods have to be followed. You will get to know about these methods one-by-one.

Keyword Planning

Keyword planning is a process, in which, a specific keyword is chosen to be included on the website page. While choosing a keyword, you will have to ensure that it is unique, otherwise it will have to compete with other keywords to rank higher. Keyword planning helps you to get identified on the search engine easily.

Good quality content

Content is the king! When you write a well-researched content with proper positioning of the keywords, you will get ranked higher. Ensure that avoid irregular use of keywords, otherwise, it is an example of bad SEO. So, always keep in mind the SEO strategies, before you produce quality content. You can hire a content writing company if you can not write good quality content. content is everything in this field.

Meta title and description

Meta description gives a hint about your content, so it should be catchy and should give some information about your content. Each of the webpage should have a unique meta title. Meta title tells google about the page. Google gives a lot of importance to the meta description and meta title, so be careful about it.

Link Building

Link building is a part of SEO that aims to get links from other websites. Each link on your website from the various sources provides a reputation to your website. More the links, the better will be the SEO and greater the popularity of website. The main aim of link building is to improve the ranking of the website.

User-Friendly website

The SEO of your website also depends upon the traffic generated. Even after building links and providing content, you are not doing well, then it shows that there is an error in the development of website. If your website is not responsive and difficult to use, crowd will automatically become less. So, to maintain traffic on website, focus on making it user-friendly.

This was all about search engine optimization and as my point of view SEO really helpful for business. I know it will take times to get the result but you will get quality leads, for your business if you don’t know How to do SEO then you can hire Best SEO Company in Mumbai, we’ll move towards Social media optimization.

Social Media Optimization

It is a technique in digital marketing that focuses on making engaging social media platforms. It is a process in which some tools are used to attract traffic towards social media. Want to know how to optimize social media effectively? Then learn about the methods.

  • Creating content that is shareable

When you increase social links through social media optimization, it should involve content, that people would like to share with peers and on professional platforms. The best way to start building a great social media optimization is to open a blog. By opening a blog, you can increase your social network easily.

  • Easy sharing of content

In this method of social media optimization, the creator of the post will have to provide links. The links will have to be developed on different platforms. to generate links and make it accessible, you will have to add buttons. Once you add buttons, the content can encourage sharing, recommending and bookmarking.

  • Providing value to user

The best way to optimize the social media is to optimize its users and who are the users? The normal crowd. Use outbound links in a content, even if the social media doesn’t achieve the traffic on website. By using outbound links, you can gain a loyal follower base. When you produce a valuable content, the google algorithm ranks it higher on the SERP.

  • Reward Loyal Followers

when you have produced a rich content on the social media and people appreciate it, then make sure that you follow back with a ‘thank you’ note. By doing this you can build a strong network of followers. Also, it helps in gaining support for your work.

The common line between SEO and SMO

From above difference between search engine optimization and social media optimization, you will be able to know that both have different objectives and work in a different manner. But some of you might be thinking that does both SEO and SMO help each other? Let’s see

The one thing that remains common to both the things is the driving traffic to your website. Though both use different approach, however they work for bringing a lot of traffic on website.

Final Words

From the above information, it is very clear that to make your presence on the website stronger, you should be conversant with SMO and SEO!

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