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Searching for Professional Rug Cleaners? Here is all you need to know

Rugs are the perfect decoration to change the whole look of your home or office. From wool to fur, fleece to cotton, and even animal skins, rugs come in various shapes, designs, and materials.

A beautiful rug can bring color to your ordinary room! However, it is also essential to maintain the health and appearance of your rugs as they are more prone to accidental stains.

Not only this, but sometimes if rugs are not properly dried, it could result in the growth of mold, which can be very harmful! DIY cleaning might seem easy and cheaper, but it is best to leave rug cleaning to the professionals as one mistake could ruin your beautiful rug!

Are you planning to get your rugs cleaned? Do you want to hire a professional rug cleaning service? Before you hire a professional rug cleaning service, here is a list of factors you need to consider and keep in mind to help you select the best one!:

1. License:

Ask the rug cleaning company whether they have a government-approved license or not! You can also check for it on the local government website. It is best to ensure that they are professionals, certified, and possess complete knowledge about the correct procedures and equipment to deal with rug cleaning!

2. Experience:

It is essential to check reviews of the rug cleaning company on their website if they have any and to ask for feedback from friends or neighbors or on social media to get an insight on whether they are professionals and good at rug cleaning or not!

3. Price:

The company charging the lowest does not necessarily have to be bad at their work, or the company setting the highest the best one! Many average rug cleaners charge way more than their competitors.

Make sure you compare the prices of different cleaning services! Most companies can quote their charges on the phone if you inform them of the accurate measurements and description of your rug! Consult with a few of the best companies and choose the one that has the best price and cleaning procedure!

It is also best to keep in mind that going after a company providing a significant discount will probably give you mediocre results, because big discounts mean they will pay their workers low wages, making them unmotivated and uninterested in the task! However, if the company ensures 100% customer satisfaction, then you can go for it!

4. The cleaning method:

This is one of the most crucial questions to ask a cleaning service before hiring them! Most companies will tell you they wash rugs by hand, but that is a very unspecified reply! Look for the company that hand-washes the rugs using the immersion procedure. The cleaning method will determine the drying times and the price you will pay for the services.

5. Company’s location:

Another essential thing to keep in mind when hiring a rug cleaning service is its location. It is better to hire a company in your locality! As not only will they charge higher if the distance is too long, but in case of an urgent cleaning task, a delay due to distance could end up in a bigger problem. Therefore, it is best to hire a cleaning service nearer to your residence!

6. Ask for a written guarantee:

It is essential to ask the company for a written confirmation that the rug cleaning service will redo the task if unsatisfactory!  It is equally important to show the cleaning service the rug and stains they have to get rid of, as some can be harder or impossible to work on!

To avoid future problems, it is best to explain all in the beginning and ask for a written contract guaranteeing 100% customer satisfaction, and a reattempt in case of an inadequate result!

7. Don’t pay till you are satisfied:

One more thing to keep in mind when hiring a rug cleaning service is to inform them that they will be receiving their payment after the whole job is done and you are completely satisfied with it!

In case of a problem or spots discovered later, make sure you inform the cleaning service as soon as you notice it, as the more you delay it, the more likely the cleaning service is prone to suspect it as a new stain!


To get the desired result, you will have to carry out the necessary research. With the help of our guide, you will easily be able to hire the best Toronto Cleaning Company that will provide you with the best results, get rid of the stubborn stains, hidden dirt, and grime stuck on the inside of your rug, and restore your rug to its original and beautiful form!

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