Saturday, December 4, 2021


Yes, you heard it right, we are full of beans to talk about the most important thing in creating or renovating buildings, tiles. As fancy as their name, using tiles can make your place look like a wonderland. But do not mistake using them on your own, you can also get inspiration from Melbourne best designs and make your place look dreamy. Available in different colours, designs and materials, tiles have proven to be a life-changer in interior designing. Nowadays, every place you look at, Includes tiles. Whether it’s the roofs or the walls, bathrooms or kitchen, bedroom or living room and whatnot.

  • When it comes to the kitchen, tiles play a key role in not only beautification but also management. People use tiles for the flooring as well as the walls. These tiles are also used in lining the inside of the cupboards and kitchen drawers so that managing utensils is a piece of cake. People use a combination of bright colours in their kitchen and nothing except tiles has such an amazing versatility of colours .as a trend, many go with lush red tiles on the floor and white tiles on walls. These look as good as something can look and have a very catchy impact.
  • It’s a fact that no bathroom is completed without some fancy tile work. Not only made for the floor, but tiles are also direly needed on the walls. When choosing colours, try your utmost to choose some light shades of greens or blues, because they give an amazing watery feel. You need to make sure that you choose matching colours and not contrasting colours because monotony looks best in bathrooms. Keep in a safe corner of your mind that the tiles used for the floor are matt and not shiny because walking on shiny, wet tiles is no joke. The reason is obvious that using, matt tiles for the floors prevents you from slipping, tripping and falling. However, the same shiny tiles go best with the walls and prove to be nothing less than a charm.
  • What more will you need, if you have a living room with a black shiny floor with some light-coloured walls and minimalist furniture. Well, a wise man will want nothing else. Now, the thing is, how to achieve the desires. No worries, as each bit of it depends on the tiles. Getting some shiny black tiles will make your living room look like a dreamland. What you need to keep in mind is that everything that you place must be in contrast with the floor and when I say in contrast, I mean nothing else but red and white. Because they go the best with black.
  • How can we forget the soul of the house? In bedrooms, everything either small or big is to be taken in notice very precisely. If it’s for your kids then you can do nothing except allowing the kids to choose, However, if it’s for you then you need to choose some decent and calming colours with mere or no patterns.
  • After homes are done it’s time to reach out. Yes, offices. The task of setting up offices successfully requires nothing else but commonsense with a dash of devotion. In offices making things look decent and formal is just as important as hiring employees for work. You need to make sure that the tiles are of none another colour than white, cream or peach so everything looks uniform. You also need to make sure that everything remains in harmony and that the colour of the tiles doesn’t change from room to room as in homes. Now in contrast with this, the cabins of employees can be of bright colour but only if they are uniform and do not alter. Getting some tiles of a symmetrical pattern, for the walls will also be a wise choice. You will be shocked but it’s not wrong that the size and shape of tiles also affect the places like homes and cafes, small tiles work the best but when it comes to setting up the building for business purposes, large square tiles are the only choice.

In a nutshell, after reading the article, it will be as clear as crystal to you that tiles hold a lot in them and have the power to make or break the charm of a place.

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