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Repair Quickbooks Files Step By Step (Complete Guide)

Encountering errors while working with Quickbooks is super annoying as your work gets stuck in between which only wastes your time but also affects your business growth. You might be aware that Quickbooks company files must be properly sequenced to work efficiently.
When your file is under 200 MB, it becomes easy for the application to arrange the data in order to access it quickly in the future. When your files become larger than this, then, the software can’t keep data in order which leads to incorrect reports and other file issues.
A corrupt file is responsible for making Quickbooks slow and prone to various issues. Well, the great thing is that you can quickly repair data corruption without reducing the file size. This informative post contains proven methods to repair Quickbooks files along with the causes and symptoms to identify this issue.
Factors that Corrupt and Damage Quickbooks Files
There are numerous reasons that cause Quickbooks files to get damaged. It is important to identify those causes as it might help you to avoid them in the future. Let us check some causes:
● Working on QuickBooks for a long time without any break.
● The RAM can’t fix the issue automatically because of less memory.
● Virus attacks can delete the database.
● Problems related to cable, hard disk, and internet.
● Improper shutdown of your system such as turning off the main button directly. This is the major cause of data corruption.
Symptoms to Identify Damaged Quickbooks Files
When your files get corrupt and need repairing, you often confuse them with other errors. So, knowing symptoms is equally important to recognize this error and quickly fix it. The symptoms are:
● A fault occurs while auditing the balance sheet.
● The QBs application shutdown immediately.
● Missing transaction list.
● Unpaid bills are shown as paid.
● Transaction flashes a negative balance.
● Your software freezes repeatedly.
● Your QuickBooks company file is unable to open.
● The Windows runs sluggishly.
● Your computer hangs periodically.
● The system responds slowly to the commands by keyboard and keyboard.
Repair Quickbooks Files Step By Step (Proven Solutions)
You can easily repair Quickbooks files with the help of this informative post. We have mentioned the most successful solutions to help you get rid of this unwanted situation.
Solution 1: Download QuickBooks Tool Hub
Quickbooks Tool Hub is a miraculous tool that repairs numerous Quickbooks errors including Quickbooks file repair issues.
● First of all, exit QuickBooks.
● Download the current “QuickBooks Tool Hub” version.
● Now save the downloaded file to an accessible location.
● Open “QuickBooksToolHub.exe.”
● Now, you need to follow the commands coming on screen to install and then agree to the terms & conditions.
● After the install completes, tap twice on the newly created icon on the screen to access the tool hub.
Point to Remember: If you are unable to locate the icon, go to the windows search tab and type QuickBooks Tool Hub, choose the program from the result.
Step 2: Running “Quick Fix my File”
● Now, you have to choose Company File Issues from inside the Quickbooks tool hub.
● Then pick “Quick Fix my File.”
● After that, tap on “OK” when it gets finished and launch QuickBooks.
In case, you are still getting error code notifications or can’t access your company file, jump to
Step 3: Run QuickBooks File Doctor
You don’t have to download this tool from outside, as it is integrated inside Quickbooks Tool Hub.
● Open Quickbooks Tool Hub first and then tap on “Company File Issues.”
● Inside it, choose “Run QuickBooks File Doctor.” The file will consume one minute to open. If the File Doctor is not opening, look for QBs Desktop File Doc and then manually open it.
● Inside the QuickBooks File Doctor, choose the company file having errors. If you can’t locate your file, then go to “Browse and type your file name in the search box.
● From the search result, choose your file and tap on “Continue.”
● Fill in your QBs admin credentials and hit “Next.”
The scan will take time according to the size of your file. It can sometimes take up to 4-5 minutes. After you finish the scanning process, open your QuickBooks company file to verify if the error is resolved or not.
Solution 2: Repair QuickBooks Desktop Installation if done incorrectly
● Firstly, press “Ctrl +Alt + Del“
● Then, choose the “Task Manager” tab.
● Now, tap on“Process.”
● Right-tap on “QuickBooks processes“
● Then, tap on “End Process“.
● After this, you will receive a confirmation process where you have to choose “End all processes.”
● Attempt to restart QuickBooks again.
● In the end, tapping on “Repair QuickBooks“ to repair Quickbooks won’t open errors.
Solution 3: Running Quick Fix my Program
Launched by Intuit, the QuickBooks tool hub contains numerous tools to repair common QB issues.
● Firstly, visit Intuit’s site and download the QuickBooks Tool Hub.
● Then, save the file to an accessible location.
● Tap twice on “QuickBooksToolHub.exe”(Downloaded file)
● Follow the commands coming on the screen to install it and then “Agree to the terms and conditions.”
● After the installation, tap twice on the icon recently created on your desktop to access the tool hub.
● Inside the tool, choose the option of “Program Problems.”
● Now, select “Quick Fix my Program.”
● In the end, wait until the fixation is complete and open your company file to see if the error is still troubling you or not.
Solution 4: Fixing Data Corruption Manually
The Quickbooks file repairing can be done by fixing data corruption in the software. The steps involved are:
● First of all, create a separate backup of your company file before following the method of verifying or rebuilding to prevent permanent data loss.
● Now open the company files, after you login in as administrator
● The following step is to select “Single user mode.”
● Then, you need to tap on File >> Utilities >> >> Verify Data option.
This step will consume some time. But if the process is taking too long, then jump to the next immediate steps.
● Create a duplicate Data File.
● After that, you have to enable the hosting and open your file with the admin credentials later on.
● The following step is to tap on “File” and choose “Utilities” and then again tap on “Rebuild Data.”
● In the end, copy and open your file, then log in again as an administrator.
Solution 5: QuickBooks Component Repair Tool
Using QuickBooks component repair tool is used to repair numerous issues that stop the smooth functioning of QuickBooks.
The steps you have to perform to download and use the QuickBooks component tool are:
● Shut all ongoing programs.
● After that, start downloading Component Repair Tool Quickbooks.
● Now, visit Intuit’s original website and download the component repair tool.
● After you download it, tap on it and do the actions displayed on your windows screen to complete the procedure.
● In the end, reboot the computer and then run the tool.
These were the steps to download and install the Repair Tool. You can utilize it to repair numerous errors and work smoothly on the software.
Solution 6: Contact Quickbooks Support Team
Although the methods mentioned above are sufficient enough to perform Quickbooks file repair, however, if you face any difficulties while performing these steps, you can directly contact the customer support of Quickbooks for quick guidance. You can call them anytime and get detailed instructions about each step. The toll-free number can be easily accessed online. The team is available 24×7 to help you out with various queries. You can contact them via chat, phone number, email, and live.

To Wind Up
With this, we finally conclude our article here. We hope that you are well versed with the causes, symptoms, and fixation methods for the damaged company files. If you found this post helpful to you then do share your experience and tips in the comments section to help other users as well.

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