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Rent a car with Fascinating features: A Drive towards Success

If you are visiting a fast-paced city like Dubai, you must rent a car that will assure you comfort. Because Car rental in Dubai is comparatively cheaper than public transport such as taxis. However, a supreme quality set of wheels can offer a huge amount of convenience to a have hassle-free journey.

While talking about a supreme quality car for your journey Nissan Sunny has so many great features. For car geeks, the latest technology features are available with a smooth hassle-free drive.  Buying your vehicle on a trip is almost unaffordable for tourists and travelers. That is why car hire in Dubai is quite trending among people to change their feelings about driving.

Luxuries of Renting Nissan Sunny in Dubai

The Nissan Sunny is equipped with luxury technology features. Some of the main features include apple car play, android auto, advance drive assist display, Bluetooth audio, and fuel economy. The technology features like intelligent mobility enable a more safe and secure paced driving experience.

Other than great comfort and ease you can acquire an exceptional experience with Nissan Sunny. The car offers the luxury of big technology with the cheapest car rental price for the car fanatic.

Enhance your drive with Apple CarPlay

The Apple CarPlay enhances your drive experience by providing much ease. By connecting any compatible iPhone, you can ask the help of Siri (voice control) for numerous tasks. For instance, playing favorite music, bringing on apple maps, messaging app while driving and so much.

Bluetooth audio & Android auto

If you do not have an iPhone, you can connect any smartphone via Bluetooth to stream music for you. Other than streaming music you can get the track information with your phone as well. Meanwhile, the android auto help in road navigation with the help of google map. To keep track of your schedule this feature allows multiple tasking.

Stay updated while Driving  

When you rent Nissan Sunny in Dubai you will get complete exposure of your ride. Like the advanced drive-assist display keeps you updated with the fuel economy history. Moreover, you get a colorful tachometer display for individual function information.

For checking the drive efficiency, you can keep a check on fuel economy. More so, you will also get safety alerts with the help of a blind spot feature in the car.

How technological features add an extra layer of Security?

The world is moving always at a faster pace in Dubai so does your ride. As the road towards success can be paved with extra security features of Nissan Sunny. The intelligent mobility feature of Nissan offers an extra set of hands while driving.

When you hire a car in Dubai the last you want to happen would be any sort of trouble for your vehicle. To help with trouble Nissan Intelligent Mobility plays a significant role.

  • Intelligent forward-collision warning

In a rental car, this feature is a lifesaver because it keeps checking on the distance between any upfront vehicle. In case of trouble by engaging the brakes, intelligent forward collision warning lowers the impact of the damage.

  • Intelligent emergency braking

The intelligent emergency braking system secures the car bumper. In case of a collision with any object, the car brakes are automatically engaged to save car mutilation.

Plenty of Space for Everything

Whether you are traveling alone or with a group of people a car must have spacious space for everything. When you get hire Nissan Sunny in Dubai during a vocation you will get plenty of space for everything.

Traveling on a road trip? Load as much as you like in your car. You will get a huge cargo space to fit in your language. Moreover, the car comes with a smart storage feature that ensures space for your phone, coffee cup, and much more.

Nissan’s Comprehensive Approach to Safety

In Dubai, there is always hustle and bustle on roads and everywhere. You can not exclude safety features in your car. However, the cheapest rental cars like Nissan Sunny have great safety features that look out to you. For instance, airbag system, seat belt, faster brakes backup with Electronic Brake Force distribution.

Likewise, to keep your car in control you get Vehicle Dynamic Control accompanied with Traction Control System (TCS) and Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS).


If you are planning to rent Nissan Sunny must check a variety of weekly car rental deals and monthly car rental deals. Our dealer can give you complete assistance regarding further information. Besides, you can get the best affordable price while renting a car via our company.

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