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Recover Amazon Seller Account

What is a blocked Amazon account?

So, let’s start with the definition of a blocked or suspended Amazon seller account. This is a sanction set by Amazon against a seller who failed to follow certain rules or who failed to submit verification information.

From that moment, it will be impossible to access their account or only the central seller interface.

Thus, there are 5 main categories of blocking.

The 5 reasons for a locked or suspended Amazon seller account

Indeed, I have noticed during my 10 years of experience in selling on Amazon that certain reasons come up regularly when an Amazon account is suspended.

Fraudulent use of review rules

First of all, feedback recovery is often the reason for seller account suspension. Indeed, Amazon has put in place strict rules regarding obtaining customer reviews and we must be very vigilant about this.

Non-respect of trademark rights

Another element, trademark rights not respected by selling, for example, counterfeits from China or even in commercialization without the agreement of existing brands.

However, if you follow my branding strategy, you are unlikely to encounter this type of problem.

Infringement on models or patents

Also, it is possible to meet this scenario even if it remains very rare. Indeed, you can have ordered a product in China which is subject to a patent in Europe or the United States and see the owner asking you to account. However, I have only seen this scenario twice in 10 years so nothing to be overly concerned about.

If in doubt, you can go to Google patent to verify the presence or not of a patent.

Delivery time too long

Also, the delivery time in the event of use of the central seller account sent by the seller may be a cause of account suspension. Indeed, Amazon likes to control shipping via the service shipped by Amazon and it is wise to use it.

Thus, dropshipping on Amazon is not viewed very favourably except if your supplier is in France and can deliver very quickly.

To conclude, it is better to sell a product on Amazon with the FBA service.

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Identity verification 

Last point that may cause concern,  the account locked for security reasons because of identity verification by Amazon.


it is absolutely necessary that the proof of identity is identical to the letter on these different elements:

Without this, it is possible to have your Amazon seller account blocked from creation.

How to create an Amazon seller account?

Tip from a member of my Amazon revolution program: You can contact INSEE to modify your Kbis / SIREN and send it with the necessary modifications to Amazon.

Amazon account blocked: Beware of fake emails! 

In recent months, we have noticed the presence of fake emails indicating that your account is closed. I invite you to be very careful with this type of email which aims to hack your account. To avoid this, I invite you to connect to your Amazon seller central to see if you have a red flag on the top left.  If this is not the case, the received mail is spam and I advise you to delete it directly from your mailbox.

Amazon Account Blocked: How To Unlock Amazon Account?

As you can see, there are several reasons for having their account suspended or blocked. 

Amazon account blocked: Should we delete my account? 

Also, if you have just had your account suspended upon creation, it is a good idea to correct the problem and attempt to remedy the situation.

However, in some cases, it is better to delete your Amazon seller account permanently to open a new one.

To do this, simply follow the following procedure: 

  1. Connect to the central seller
  2. Settings (top right)
  3. Close the account

What to do with pending orders during a locked account?

What happens in the event of a blocked count? Are pending orders cancelled?

It is best not to make the situation worse is to ship all of the pending orders. also, it is possible that Amazon will place all the orders in “cancelled”.

This is only valid when you ship the products yourself because if necessary Amazon will take care of it via the “shipped by Amazon” service.

Amazon account blocked: the solution

To conclude, what is the possible solution to unblock an Amazon seller account?

Before deleting or closing your Amazon account, I invite you to contact the proserviceappeal AMZ service in order to try to unblock your account.

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