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What is the purpose of a VPN? 

The global shift toward remote work was unprecedented for many of us. However, the shift to remote work was not a smooth transition but companies made various efforts to make it a flawless experience. A lot of technical tools just resurfaced to deploy work from home successfully. We always took those tools for granted among which the most commonly used tool was the VPN. 
In this blog, I will describe what a VPN is and what its purposes are. We have witnessed an upsurge in the VPN demand worldwide, just after when home-working set up has been applied to various countries. 
According to some reports, the demand in the USA has risen to 44% in the second half of March that was almost 22% higher than normal usage before the pandemic. Similarly, the usage of Australia and UK VPN online grew exponentially. 
The exceptional hikes in the demand encouraged me to describe its functions in detail. So, let’s start with what a VPN is all about. 

What is a VPN? 

A VPN is a virtual private network that can be used by consumers and corporate organizations. A virtual private network can be defined as software that is designed to protect a user’s online data and activities. 
It makes it impossible for hackers to intervene between a user’s connection and access location and other sensitive information. 
VPNs use strong encryption to hide a user’s online traffic and in this way, no one can monitor your online activities. It also hides your browsing history from the ISP and saves you from ISP throttling. 
What’s more? Besides protecting your online data from hackers and web sniffers, It’s also unblocked geo-restricted content. It enables you to unblock and access content from anywhere in the world. It means you can stream everything with a VPN, be it a movie, TV show, news, music, game, or anything. 

What is the purpose of a VPN? 

Like I mentioned earlier, This protects your online data. So, the basic purpose of that is to keep you safe, secure, and anonymous on the internet. Basically, It aims to create a private channel through which it can safely transmit your data online. 
Due to the private and encrypted channel created by a VPN, all your data remains safe. Instead of passing directly from the unsafe internet route, the data passes through the VPN channel with strong encryption.     
Moreover, It also hides your IP address and assigns you a new IP address. In this way, all your online history remains untraceable. 
Therefore, corporations around the world widely use VPN to encrypt their connections and stay secure from hacking attempts. 

How does a VPN function to unblock geo-restricted content? 

A VPN works with various servers which are present in various parts of the world. You can connect to any server location and the VPN will replace your IP address with your selected server location. 
In this way, you appear as you’re using the internet from your selected location. For example, if you’re living in the UK, and want to access US Netflix then you can connect to a USA Server. 
When your VPN gets connected to the USA server, you can easily watch USA Netflix in the UK. 

How does a VPN encrypt online activities?

It creates a secure, private, and encrypted tunnel. When you make a request to access any website, the VPN decrypts it at the end of the tunnel to send it to the webserver. 
When the webserver reads and sends a response to your request, then This reads it and again encrypts it and forwards it to you via the same secure tunnel then you can easily access your requested website.
This is how a VPN encrypts all your online activities. Since everything is happening under the encrypted, secure tunnel, therefore, no one can monitor what’s going on. 
The process of encryption is a bit long, but it’s quite secure and sometimes it affects your internet speed too. 


A virtual private network is the best tool to defend your cybersecurity. Its aim is to protect your privacy and keep you anonymous while using the internet. A VPN’s strong encryption secures your personal and corporate data from unauthorized access and hacking attempts. It also helps you access unlimited geo-restricted content from anywhere in the world. Be sure to connect to a VPN before continuing work from home or browsing the internet. 

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