Microsoft NTFS is also known as New Technology File System is one of the principal file systems of Windows. NTFS supports most of the functions which the default window program FAT was unable to support. It supports metadata and uses updated data structures to upgrade the output of the work, accuracy in results, free space utilization, and several important features.

We all are aware of the fact that Mac allows limited support towards the Windows NTFS file system. While there are some pros of third-party NTFS for Mac, there are some cons of using NTFS too. this article will let you through the pros and cons of third-party NTFS for Mac apps.

This blog lets you explore both pros and cons of the NTFS and some of the best options for choosing NTFS for your macOS.

Pros of Third-Party NTFS for Mac Apps:

  1. Usage of NTFS for Mac apps allows an easy switch between macOS and Windows concerning your data. You don’t need to hassle by changing the operating system to configure your data but NTFS allows you to access both types of data on a single operating system.
  2. By using NTFS, you can easily read and write and delete your NTFS files from your macOS.
  3. The files are safer, and they don’t get destroyed, delete, or corrupted on your macOS if you are using a reliable NTFS for Mac software
  4. This is a great option for users that switch between numerous systems and have one NTFS-formatted external hard drive for their data entailment.
  5. NTFS comes with a reasonable price range, it is fast with improved information security and provides a user-friendly layout to read, write and delete the NTFS files from your macOS.

Cons of Third-Party NTFS for Mac Apps:

  1. With un denying pros of using NTFS on your macOS there are some cons too of using New Technology File System for macOS.
  2. One of the major cons of NTFS for macOS is that majority of the NTFS software is not compatible with the Mac operating system. The read-only file feature offered by the majority of NTFS software makes it difficult for the user to write or delete an NTFS file.
  3. Using the brands which restrict you from writing and deleting can also disfunction and corrupt your data as it mostly allows limited usage.
  4. NTFS organized drives can be composed as they were with the assistance of a third-party program in Mac OS computers.
  5. Working with the non-compatible computer program would moreover result in the delay of time in processing and with file exchanges.

Some of The Best NTFS for macOS:

  1. iBoysoft NTFS for Mac:

iBoysoft NTFS for Mac is the foremost comprehensive NTFS app for Mac. This all-in-one application performs what it guarantees on their site: as straightforward as 3 steps to mount and compose to NTFS designed drives on Mac, consistent, fast, and secure.

With this NTFS driver, you’ll include, erase, alter, see, and type into records on NTFS drives on Macs counting Apple Silicon M1 Mac. One of the major pros of iBoysoft NTFS is that it processes fast providing stable read and write speed.


  1. Paragon NTFS for Mac:

Paragon NTFS for Mac is one of the New Technology File System vaults created by I Paragon. More than being an external hard drive, this program moreover permits you to compose into NTFS drive on macOS. It supports both external hard drive and network drive which is almost like two in one deal.

Other than the work that permits you to get to the NTFS drive on Mac, Paragon NTFS for Mac empowers you to oversee external hard drive and arrange to drive with ease, USB, SD card, memory card, etc. You’ll be able to oversee your Mac volumes quickly and naturally from the menu bar. With one press, you’ll be able to control and launch all volumes. It comes with a 7-day trial period allowing you some period to decide whether this NTFS is compatible for you or not.

Paragon NTFS for Mac

  1. Tuxera NTFS for Mac:

Tuxera NTFS for Mac is a convenient NTFS driver for Mac to provide examined and composing capabilities on NTFS drives. But the steadiness ought to be progressed and it occupies much memory as well after you exchange files, which might downturn your Mac. One of the pros of using Tuxera NTFS is that it cost a lower price and the output is just fine.