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Professional Ways to do Carpet Cleaning

how can you wash your carpet?

With snow – the old grandfather’s way is known to many from childhood. The product must be laid on a pristine snow blanket with the pile down and walk well on it or knock it out. Repeat the procedure several times, each time dragging the carpet onto the untouched snow, until there are no dusty marks left.

After that, the carpet must be turned upside down and the snow must be knocked out or swept away with a broom.
After cleaning with snow, the woven product must be tightly rolled up and taken home. It is important there that it dries well at its natural room temperature.

Foam – there is also such a very convenient tool. It perfectly absorbs dirt and protects against quick clogging of the carpet in the future. This method of cleaning provides for the uniform application of special ready-made foam to the product at a distance of 35-40 cm. Then you need to wait about 2 hours until it is completely absorbed and dry and vacuum the coating.
carpet steam cleaning

Soda is the easiest and safest way to clean your carpet. To do this, you must first do a dry cleaning of the product, and then dilute 0.5 cups of soda with 5 liters of water. Apply the compound evenly to the entire surface of the carpet. It is convenient to do this with a spray bottle. Wait 3-40 minutes. Then vacuum the carpet well. Soda perfectly restores the color of the pile and disinfects it.

A steam cleaner is a good and convenient way to clean your carpet. This technique copes well with different types of dirt; it is suitable for allergy sufferers and asthmatics. The chemically pretreated steam literally dissolves the grease and dust deposited on the carpet. However, the steam cleaner has one drawback – the high price. They cost about 5,000 rubles.

With a washing vacuum cleaner – many housewives resort to this cleaning method. It is comfortable and functional. However, a lot depends on the chosen vacuum cleaner. Really high quality models are decent. Wet cleaning with a vacuum cleaner must be carried out in several stages:

  • Thorough dry cleaning.
  • Application of a special solution provided for this model of vacuum cleaner.
  • Wet cleaning with a special nozzle. It is important to choose the right attachment depending on the length of the pile.
  • Drying a clean carpet. You cannot walk on a wet surface; you need to wait for it to dry completely.

Professional carpet cleaning

Several options are possible here:

  • Center specializing in chemical cleaning;
  • Car wash;
  • Cleaning company with a visit to the house.

A specialized center – his services are not cheap, but he really cleans the carpet and literally returns it to a new state. For this, anhydrous organic solvents are used. The carpet is completely soaked in this composition and cleaned with the help of special expensive closed-cycle machinery. At home, this effect cannot be achieved. The price corresponds to the level of the service.

Which is better – a self-cleaning carpet or a professional?

Pros of self-cleaning:

  • Economical;
  • You decide on your own when and how to wash the carpet;
  • There is no need to wait for specialists to complete the work;
  • You are in complete control of the process.


  • There is a great danger of ruining the carpet;
  • Lack of a professional arsenal for solving the problem;
  • Incomplete cleaning of the product – it is difficult to independently penetrate into the deepest layers of the carpet;
  • Waste of a lot of personal time.

Pros of professional cleaning:

  • A complex approach;
  • High competence;
  • High-quality carpet washing;
  • Different price options – it all depends on the type of services chosen;
  • Taking into account the individual characteristics of the carpet;
  • Saving time.


  • Extra spending;
  • Possibility of making mistakes when choosing a company.

As we can see, there are more benefits to professional cleaning. However, everyone has the right to choose for himself what is more important to him: saving money or high-quality work. Only you can make the final decision.

A cleaning company is one of the best options. Cleaning comes to your house. No need to think about how to deliver a heavy carpet to its destination. Professional Carpet Steam cleaning and modern technology will be used. So there will be no chance for germs and dirt. At the same time, all the pleasure costs less than a specialized dry cleaner. The only difficulty is choosing a good company. Many firms carry out conventional wet cleaning without regard to the characteristics of the carpet, thereby exposing the product to serious danger. Professionals act very carefully and use only high-quality cleaning products. They can be recognized by their extensive work experience and good reviews from real customers,

Removing different types of stains

You must remember that fresh stains are much easier to remove than old ones. The longer they will eat into the pile, the more you will have to make an effort to fight them. If you find a stain, remove it immediately.

  • A simple soap solution can easily handle coffee. If the stain is old, arm yourself with glycerin and soap.
  • Blood should be washed off with cold water. Leave a wet cloth on the stain for 15 minutes. Then rub a little, it will come off.
  • The dried paraffin is easier to clean off, and the remaining stains from it must be ironed with an iron through a sheet of paper.

  • The wine is washed off too. To do this, you need to use dishwashing detergent and vinegar in a 1: 1 ratio. Rub the stain alternately with a wet and dry cloth.
  • Iodine is best removed with potato starch. To do this, you can use both a fresh vegetable, cut in half, or a powder.

If the stain is not removed the first time, you need to carry out the procedure in several stages. Tea stains are well removed by a mixture of glycerin and ammonia in a ratio of 4: 1. Once you’ve dry cleaned up any coarse debris and dust and removed the stains, you’re ready to start your carpet cleaning Bradford.


Modern manufacturers offer a wide range of carpet detergents. It is easy to find the one you need among them. Even if you have a very delicate product, buying the right product will not be a problem. You can take a product from such brands as Cinderella, Vanish, Karcher, Amway or others. It is important that it is delicate and suitable for your type of carpet.

For wet cleaning of the product, you need to arm yourself with a soft sponge and a bucket of water. It is best to do this outdoors in sunny weather. We wet the carpet with detergent, clean and rinse, and so on several times until the water is clear. The rest of the water will help to remove the usual mop. After that, we hang the product and wait for it to dry completely.


It is also important to consider the type of carpet. In the bright sun, colors fade. If you are afraid of this, then you need to hang the product in a shaded place. It is important that the rug is completely dry before laying it in the room. Otherwise, mold will start in it, and the smell in the room will not be the most pleasant.

If the carpet was washed partially, then dry the damp areas well with a hairdryer.
The carpet, which is pleasant to walk on, is not only clean, but also completely dry.

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