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Pro Tips To Prevent your iPhone Screen from Getting Scratched

One of the most frequently occurring obstacles that we see is a scratched or cracked iPhone screen. Although Apple claims that iPhone screens are scratch-resistant, they aren’t scratch-proof, which means, dirt and other bits can scratch the screen if the device isn’t protected in the correct manner.

In order to prevent this damage from happening, follow the underlying tips from iPhone repair Dubai services:

Make Sure To Use Screen Protectors

Perhaps one of the most evident approaches to protect your Apple Device from scratches is using a good quality screen protector. Some Apple lovers do not prefer to spend money on something that seems like a thick piece of plastic, however, the protection that the protectors provide can potentially save you from having to spend a good amount of money on having your Apple Device repaired by a professional. Good quality protectors can be found on any reputed online sites, and even though these might scratch at times, but, still they protect your device from scratching. Thus, always try to use a screen protector and save your device from all the potential scratches.

Try To Apply Liquid Armor

We at iPhone 8 repair Dubai are well-known for Apple support all over Dubai and surrounding areas. We always suggest an alternative to a screen protector named Liquid Armor. Well, screen protectors can be quite challenging to place on the screen exactly in the right manner. But, when it comes to Liquid Armor, it can be placed on any Apple Devices without any hassle since it is a chemical that can be applied directly to the device’s screen. And when the spray is applied, you need to wait at least 24 hours before rubbing the screen. After that period, the coating will be dry completely and ready to protect your iDevice screen from any sort of potential damage or scratch. When you use Liquid Armor on your device, you don’t need to opt for any Apple professional since it is quite simple as well as straightforward to clean your iDevice’s screen from any fingerprints and potential dust.

Know where you put it

Well, if you don’t use a screen protector or any kind of Liquid Armor on your iPhone, then there are still approaches for you to stop the need for an Apple professional. Some people throw their devices into a backpack or purse without seeing what else is in there. It is recommended you never put your device away, try to tuck it into a side pocket. Make sure that your iDevice will not come into touch with any kind of stuff that can scratch its surface. Especially the pens, keys, coins, and other relevant objects should always be separated from the place that contains your device.

Always Clean the Screen on a Daily Basis

Very small grains of sand, dirt or other related trash can easily rub against your Apple Device screen and cause major to minor scratches. Being an Apple professional, we always suggest cleaning your device’s screen on a daily basis. This helps you to prevent these scratches from occurring. Try to be sure to use a lint-free, soft cloth and clean it gently across the screen. Never use any sort of chemical solution until it is recommended by any Apple professional.

Well, if you are ever in need of professional Apple support, look no further! Trust us at iPhone repair Dubai to repair your cracked glass, audio jack, LCD, home button, battery, power button, water damage, and all the relevant damages that often occur with iDevices. iPhones repair Dubai also offers some warranty (terms and conditions applied) on all repairs, plus most fixes can be completed within an hour!

So, what are you waiting for? Simply come to us and get your iPhones repaired in a small time frame. You can always contact us through multiple modes of communication. You can give us a ring on our customer care helpline number or send us a mail at our official mail ID. On the other hand, you can also directly get in touch with us via our live chat support portal. We are available 24*7 to help you! For further queries regarding our services or anything related, feel free to ask us in the comment section below or browse our official website!

  • Don’t DIY:-

You may be a tech-savvy person, but that doesn’t mean you have the knowledge to fix your cracked iPhone right. Fixing a crippled screen is a daunting task and involves dealing with thousands of tiny components within your smart device.

This poses a greater chance of committing a mistake. Even the slightest tear in a tiny cable could render your device unfixable. Not to forget; you may require a litany of specialised and industry-approved tools and equipment to fix it properly.

  • Let Us Take A Look:-

Ever since our existence; each of our experts offering cracked iPhone screen repair have committed to offering quality services. ;to set an appointment and bring it into our workshop.

Our iPhone screen repair experts will inspect the device thoroughly and back themselves to repair or replace it professionally. Just so you know; all replacements and repairs are done using premium spare parts and screens procured from reputed third-party suppliers.

Each of these parts also come with a genuine 6-months service warranty. And the repairs are performed with certified experts well-versed in dealing with all iPhone devices costing you only $299. 

Lastly… Some Words of Wisdom

You will get your iPhone device fully repaired and functioning just as before. But since accidents don’t come announced; you need to learn from your mistakes and take extra protection.

For YOU; we even offer you a wide range of quality iPhone shockproof case covers to prevent any accidental falls. From Air-Cushion And Clear Bumper Shockproof Cases to Whatif Flip Wallet Leather Iphone Cases; you will get all kinds of variety at reasonable rates.

Have A Cracked iPhone Screen Scenario…? Don’t hesitate in booking our repairs!

Apple charges a fee in order to perform any kind of repair that has been occurred by the customer’s fault. Even if you have AppleCare they have a minimum deductible fee applies upon completing any repair. For more information about AppleCare service fees please visit

Service Providers iPhone Warranties

What about service providers such as Verizon, Sprint, T-mobile and AT&T? Most if not all of the companies mentioned offers protection plans that makes a cracked screen repair cheaper- with different deductible rates depending on the device- but often these repairs can take up to weeks since they have to ship your cell phone to their repair facility to examine, and make sure all information is correct. Meanwhile you left without a phone waiting for the new one to arrive.

If you currently using Verizon and have purchased insurance, you might be in luck. In certain areas they offer same day repairs completed by a local technician. You will be still liable of paying your deductible but at least you wont be left without a phone.

Answering the question “Will Verizon, Sprint, Tmobile, ATT or any other service provider replace my screen?”, yes they will if you have purchased insurance upon buying your cell phone. If you don’t have any insurance contact Apple or a local cell phone repair shop in order to get your screen replaced.

Otterbox and Lifeproof

What about Otterbox or Lifeproof? Will they replace my screen? Even though if you had an Otterbox or Lifeproof case when the damage occurred these companies are not liable for anything else but their product. Therefore, they will NOT replace or pay for any damages. However, if your case is damaged within a certain amount time you might be eligible for a new case depending on the product and warranty type. For more information about Otter Box warranty please visit

For more information about Life proof warranty policy please visit

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