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Price Comparison & Reviews Of Best Air Fryer Brands In India

The modern solution to modern problems, air fryers have been a boon to fitness enthusiasts, and people with nasty eating habits.

Welcomed with long arms among the masses, best air fryers in India have outsold themselves beyond anyone’s imagination.

But for those of you who are still waiting to see if the trend catches up, or if the appliance is really worth it, we have come up with a fitting answer!

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Reviews Of Best Air Fryer Brands In India 2020

  • The best reviews of top air fryer models India
  • Air fryer price in India
  • Things You Can Make in the Your Fryer

1. Philips Viva Collection HD9220 – Air Fryer Reviews India

This model by the world renowned brand Philips is one of your best bets when out looking for a good air fryer.

The fryer comes in a compact silhouette and a shiny black exterior which makes it a good match for most of the kitchen aesthetics.

The capacity of 2.2 litres makes it ideal for a medium sized family.

One of its special features is its rapid air technology that helps you cook, fry, roast, or bake your food with little to no oil.

The drawer is also non-stick which makes it easy to clean after use.

The best air fryer price currently stands at 11k-12.5k.

2. Havells Prolife Digi 1230-Watt Air Fryer Reviews India

The brand Havells has a good reputation in the appliance market for its quality products and rapid services.

This model comes with a 4 liters capacity that makes it a good fit for a larger family.

The compact design and an internal cod storage makes it an ideal piece for a modern kitchen, while the advanced air filtration system helps in putting out the nasty odours. 

Stabilizing non-slip feet ensures smooth functions of the best air fryer in India and the digital panel helps in quick and easy operation of the device.

It also comes with an auto shut-off feature that prevents overcooking or burning of the food.

The current air fryer price in India stands at 14k.

 3. Stok 2.6-Litres 1350 Watts 

Stok is a well-known local Indian brand that provides reliable and affordable household appliances.

The air fryer reviews in India has been commendable among the masses as it is capable of all the tasks like baking, steaming, grilling, and roasting like a high-end fryer for a lower price.

It comes with various attachments like bowl, grill, tray, etc. that makes it easier to cook and clean.

The 2.6 litres capacity makes it a very good fit for small to medium families.

The button guard helps prevent the removal of pot and basket to reduce the possibility of accidents.

The best air fryer price stands at 3k-5k.

4. Inalsa 2.9 L Fry Light with 1400-Watt and Smart Rapid Air Technology

Another budget friendly contender of our list, Inalsa’s fry light can take care of all grilling, saute, and cooking tasks of poultry and veggies.

Its high quality food grade basket of 2.9 liters is durable and the capacity makes it a good buy for a small to medium family.

The fryer comes with features like auto shut-off and over-heat protection which makes it less vulnerable to accidents.

It also has a cooking pan that supports a capacity of 4.2 litres making it ideal for frying meat.

The air fryer price in India is 5k-7k. 

5.  Glen 3044 1350-Watt Stainless Steel 

Glen made a face value in the Indian market with its economical and functional chimneys. But now, it has launched one of the best air fryers in India as well.

The model has a 2.8 litres capacity which makes it sufficient for small to medium sized families.

The best part about this model by Glen is that it comes with a steam option as well.

The cool to touch handle makes it a safer option in homes with children, while the stainless steel coil built helps in rapid heating of the food.

The basket is easy to clean and dishwasher safe.

Current best air fryer price is 4.5k-7k.

Things You Can Make in Best Air Fryers in India

Although most of the foods are good to go with the air fryers, some of them can get really messy.

The expert recommended foods are – frozen food, veggies, poultry, cookies, etc.

What you want to avoid putting in it though would be gooey things like cheese, wet batter, and over-seasoned food as it can stick to the basket.


Air fryers are a must try for people who are willing to take a step ahead in their fitness journey.

The air fryer price in India may vary, but we have given you some of the best models that cover the most genuine price range for the device.

For more options of models, you can check out the top 10 review blogs at K2 Appliances – The Expert Appliance Review Site.

There we have a detailed expert analysis of each model listed along with their best features, pros/cons, and best air fryer price.

Our only aim is to help you invest in nothing but the best.

Happy shopping!


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