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Premium Music App List

When we hear the word music, we think its life. It is a way to express our feelings; when you are sad, happy, emotional, or even feeling alone, music can give you the best company. And can change your mood. Some of the people things that without music, there is a lot of stuff which will mean nothing to us.

Top premium music apps:

Nowadays, finding your favorite song is pretty much easier. You can create your playlist in just a few minutes of searching very easy. You can learn music from different apps online. Many apps are available and locally you can learn from LVL Music Academy. Every year streaming service pops up or goes down, but some apps always stand up. It’s possible now to listen to your favorite music legally. This music app list is for those who are finding to store your favorite songs locally:


Deezer is said to be one of the best music apps. This app permits you to use its free version; you can use its flow features, discover new artists, and create your playlist to mix the different base of your taste.

Its premium version gives you extra features, like higher quality audio, offline listening, and android auto support, but it’s on your choice that if you want it or not.

Price:Free / $9.99-$14.99 per month.

Google play music/YouTube music:

The population of this app is increasing day by day. One of the best things about this app is you can upload your own 50,000 songs for your streaming. You can also combine your current collection with online service.

Its paid version is more awesome, but the free version isn’t that bad. Google play music has added one more feature of the podcast for both free and paid versions.

Price: Free / $9.99-$14.99 per month.


It is the most famous free app. It’s typically a radio app on which you can listen to various stations according to your taste. It also has a seasonal radio station on which shows like podcasts, comedy, and talk radio are here for your entertainment. There is also a support data streaming option like AM and FM on which you can listen to sports and news. It comes with some little stuff like chrome cast support, Android Wear Support, and Android Auto Support. The iHeartRadio app is designed with modern UI.

Price: Free / $9.99 per month.

Jango Radio:

We can also be called this music app as the wild card in free music apps. It contains a variety of music from different artists. There are no ads in this app service, one of the best things about this app. Most of the songs played in this service are independent artists who pay for plays.

Price: Free.


This app is said to be a unique free music app. Because of its feature that anyone can upload a song on SoundCloud, and anyone can listen to it. This app boasts 125 million tracks and various shows, podcasts, and other content for your enjoyment

Price: Free / $9.99 per month.


                                                                                                                      This app is just great for music streaming and popular because of its various features. You can create the playlist of your favorite songs and have a generous library so you can share it with your friends too. Its free version is not as good as its paid version. But the free version also has a lot of things. The station of Spotify is also available on Google play. This app’s light material includes chrome castsupport, but the table version is much better than the mobile one. You can download spotify premium mod apk for best music experience.

Price: Free / $9.99-$14.99 per month.


This app is more known for its talk Radio, podcast, and comedy shows. But there are a lot more ways to enjoy free music on this app. The count of stations this app is 100,000; it almost covers every genre you can think. AM and FM radio are also present, which is streamed over data. There isn’t a big reason to get its premium version, but this app offers audiobooks, live sports, broadcasting, and many other things for your entertainment in its paid version.

Price:Free / $9.99 per month.


The effect of music on our life is very impressive as it can change your whole mood. For example, if we are listening to a sad song, it will make us feel sad. While listening to any happy song can make us happy. Whether doing exercise or any sporty activity, we listen to any song with a fast beat, which excites us and makes us feel encouraged. Different music apps are there, so you enjoy music, create your playlist, and many more. Some of these apps are free, or some are paid. But every app has its unique features.

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