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Precautions one must take while buying chemicals in litres

ust like everything else, even chemicals have a shelf life if stored in the right manner. When one buys chemicals in litres, he has to ensure that they are used within a specific time to get the maximum benefit. The biggest problem of buying liquid chemicals in large quantities is to ensure that they are stored and transported correctly. Even a chemical supplier in India has to keep various factors in mind to ensure that they store and transport them properly. Let us look at some of the essential factors and reasons it is not advisable to buy chemicals in litres. 

The type of storage

When chemicals are bought in litres, they need to be appropriately stored until there is a need. Storing chemicals is not easy. One needs to ensure that they choose the right storage container based on the chemical. Moreover, a lot of precautionary measures have to be considered to store it properly.  Some chemicals would have to be stored indoors, while some outside. A few things to remember would be

  • Do proper research on the type of chemical before buying
  • Make sure that all the necessary precautionary measures are in place

The storage conditions including temperature

Some chemicals have to be stored in high temperatures, some in the cold, and some at room temperature. The temperature in which the substances are stored plays a crucial role. Every chemical needs to be stored at a particular temperature. There is no room for error on this front; otherwise, it can lead to disastrous results.  A few important things to keep in mind are

  • Do not use the chemical storage refrigerator for anything else.
  • Mark each container with waterproof markers or tapes while labeling them.
  • If the chemicals are stored at room temperature, make sure they are stored in the right way.

For example, – Some chemicals should not come into contact with sunlight. In such cases, a dark room is advisable instead of dark tinted windows.

Risk of fire hazard or safety hazards

One of the biggest problems with buying litres of chemicals is the risks that come with it. There is a constant threat of fire and safety hazards while storing them. A person has to ensure that all the necessary precautionary measures are taken if there is a fire or any safety threat. A few things to remember would include

  • Make sure that there are proper arrangements and zones in places for fire personnel to come if there is a need.
  • Keep fire protective suits or blankets handy across different areas of the storage unit.
  • Make sure there are water sprinklers in place in case of a mishap.
  • Have an alternative storage option in case there is a need

Health concerns and safety issues

When dealing with chemicals, there are a lot of health and safety risks involved. Whenever anyone goes into the storage area, there is a constant health and safety threat to that person/personnel. It is essential to make sure that every person gets proper training. Everybody would need to follow the safety measures and guidelines to ensure there is no threat to their health.  A few things to keep in mind include

  • Check the protective suits regularly to make sure there are no holes or rips.
  • Replace the suits after a particular time to ensure better safety of the employees or handlers

Equipment and containers needed for storing

When chemicals are bought in litres, a person needs to make sure that they have sufficient equipment and storage containers. A chemical storage company would not have issues on this front. The real challenge comes when it is a small company or an individual dealing with chemicals. There are a few things to remember. They are

  • Check the containers/equipment regularly for any drips, leaks, spills, etc.
  • Have secondary containers and equipment as a back-up in case there is a problem with the primary ones
  • Make sure there is proper ventilation in the area where the containers/equipment are.

The layout and area of the storage facility

The layout and area of the storage facility are equally important. One has to ensure that they have sufficient space to move around and have all the equipment and containers. The area also needs to have clean up systems if there is a spill or contamination of the chemicals. Some other factors include 

  • Making sure that there are different levels of access based on job designation
  • While designing the area, it should be safe in every way
  • Keep in mind the handling and storage systems.

Transportation of chemicals

Transportation issues are another reason why one shouldn’t buy chemicals in litres. A lot of precautions have to be taken while transporting various chemicals. The employees and handlers must keep in mind all the safety regulations while transporting any chemical. They also need to

  • Check the transport vehicles regularly for any cracks
  • Clean the transport vehicle after every delivery

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