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Possible Ways To Convert MBox To PST Manually

In this article, MBOX To PST Converter is one of the best techniques for users. It is easily Converts MBOX file to Outlook PST Format. It is a more reliable and efficient way to convert them.

Mbox is one of the most important and second most famous file formats after Microsoft Outlook. This Mbox supports at least 20 mail clients like Powermail, Seamonkey, Apple Mail, Thunderbird, and many more. Users prefer the use of Outlook because of its user-friendly nature and its accessibility is very easy. But, users think what will happen when your data is stored in Mbox file format? So, the user can convert MBOX to PST file format and get the benefits of attractive and beneficial features of Outlook. From Mbox to PST file conversion takes maximum effort time and lots of skills to migrate data without any kind of damage. If users are looking for this kind of conversion they must follow these procedures to resolve their problem and also help to convert Mbox to pst manually. This conversion is a very important conversion for your computer society.

Criteria to Convert Mbox To PST 

There are four various procedures to convert Mbox to PST. Which are given- below.

  1. Outlook PST file with all Data types with Compatibility Features

If we talk about compatibility, this file format restricts only the email messages of the user where the PST file format allows the user to use mails, contacts, tasks, calendar, etc.

         2. Due to Innovative File Format

For future use work, PST is the format with the mailbox which enhances the performance and as well as experience of the user where the Mbox is limited to email only.

     3. Exchange Account with Compatibility features

    Outlook is designed to support an exchange account as well as it also allows users to work in offline mode.

      4. With better security features

Outlook is full of advanced features that make it easy to manage the user account. It also offers the advanced feature of security to secure emails and attachments.

Advantages of MBox to PST Conversion

We deeply understand, there are many advantages and it is easy to convert MBOX to PST Manually. These advantages are as follows-

  1. This file format only allows storing emails while the PST file format allows users to store emails, journals, contacts, calendars, etc.
  2. PST file format is designed for the work in an organized manner with Outlook while the Mbox File format only saves the emails and attachments.
  3. For security data purposes, the PST file is more secure as compared to Mbox. PST file comes with Password Protection to increase the security features.
  4. Microsoft Outlook supports 96 languages that make emails worldwide. 
  5. Outlook works in the absence of internet connectivity but Mbox needs an internet connection to perform its work.

Factors Behind to Convert Mbox To PST

Due to the following reasons when users want to convert Mbox To PST free

  1. The first reason is Anti-Spam Function which helps the user to prevent unwanted emails from data when thunderbird fails to filter spam messages.
  2. Full Password Protection is the second reason which protects users to save their data, documents from hackers and spammers.
  3. The Inbuilt calendar feature is the third reason that helps users to make notes, maintain tasks, calendar events, etc.
  4. The fourth one is the supportive language function which supports the 96 languages for Microsoft Outlook.

Import Mbox To Outlook

The following steps help to Import Mbox To Outlook-

  1. Firstly, we login into the Gmail Account.
  2. Then, click on the gear icon, and under the Gmail page, the user will open the Gmail settings and choose the “Forwarding and IMAP/POP” option.
  3. Users make sure that their IMAP option is enabled.
  4. Now, we configure our IMAP account and select save changes.

Users want to apply these manual steps firstly install Thunderbird and Outlook on their computer system.

Thunderbird should install in your Computer System.

  1.  The User opens the dialog box for “Mail Account Setup” and hits continue.

2. Then,  enable the IMAP checkbox, and select “Manual Configuration Process”.

3. Perform the reset operation.

Export Mbox To PST

  • To export the messages to a PST file, follow Fil > Open & Export > Import/Export.
  • Export MBOX to PST File
  • In the Import/Export wizard, choose Export to a file and click Next.
  • Import/Export Emails from MBOX to PST
  • Select Outlook Data File (.pst). Click Next.
  • Select Outlook Data File
  • Go to the folder where EML files are saved and tap Next.
  • Go to the EML files folder and click Next
  • At last, Input a location for the new PST file, choose the desired choice and hit finish.

.Choose the desired location

Note: You can assign a password to the newly created PST format.

  • A new PST file is created at the desired location.
A new PST file is created at the desired location

Disadvantages of Manual Method

The manual method is a little bit complex to convert Mbox to PST Manually. This method takes maximum time to solve the user problem. This method is easy but it takes a method. 

Also, manual methods consume a hell of a lot of time for users.

Professional method

In this professional method MBOX Migrator, we will use third-party software to cut short the entire process into just a few steps to open the file in Outlook. This tool is full of attractive methods. In short, we will first convert the MBOX file into Outlook acceptable PST file format, and after that we will export the MBOX file to PST File.


In this blog, we have already discussed how to convert MBox to PST manually. along with its advantages and disadvantages. I have mentioned the solutions to the query. Further, we learned about the professional method to convert apple mail to PST files.

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