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Popular tourist destinations in Lima?

Lima is one of the renowned cities having lots of inexpensive tours. This city is also acknowledged as the City of Kings. You will love the city that owns many beautiful and mesmerizing spots that exhibit incredible history and rich culture. The city is also known for its world-class gastronomic tradition.

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The Plaza de Armas

Plaza de Armas is also known as the Plaza Mayor, tucked in the heart of Lima’s historic center. Come to this plaza with few remaining parts of the city and house the city’s colonial past. Explore this exciting plaza known for its cultural and historical significance and was awarded the UNESCO World Heritage status in 1988.

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The Colonial Sights

The colonial sight is an ideal place to have some photogenic view. Next, you will find the Palacio de Gobierno, located on the square’s northern side, is the official home to Peru’s President. The changing place of the palace guard at noon is worth watching, so carry a good quality camera along with you. To the southeast lies the Catedral de Lima, a final resting place of Pizarro built on the plot of Lima’s first church.

The San Francisco Monastery

San Francisco Monastery is one of the many fine religious buildings in Lima that offers a holy place providing an oasis of calm away from the hustle and bustle of the city. Explore the area having rooms displaying the beautifully preserved Baroque architecture, works of religious art, and gilded altars. Also, make sure you visit the monastery’s library offering enormous religious texts and a Harry Potter-like ambiance.

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Pre-Columbian X-Rated Ceramics

The museum is famous for exhibiting an exceptional range of family-friendly pottery, spanning cultures with abundant diversity. Pre-Columbian is the most visited place in this city, housing ceramics, and artworks such as Museo Larco. However, this museum is best known for its collection, the Erotic Gallery. Watch out for the cemetery architect flushed with the exhibition of ceramics portraying unabashedly X-rated scenes.

Ancient Peruvian History

If you visit Lima, then make sure you visit a place depleting the city’s ancient history. Peruvian history can be best explored in the oldest of all Peruvian museums: the Museo Nacional de Arqueologia, Antropología, e Historia del Perú. These three places exhibit the Peruvian culture that is quite popular and holds various artifacts. Explore this area and look out for the numerous artifacts, including the seven-foot-high carved monolith, the crossed hands temple from Kotosh, and the Raimondi Stele from Chavín de Huántar.

Modern and Historic Peruvian Art

Museo de art de Lima is one of the famous art galleries in Lima, located on the northern edge of the Parque de la Exposición. Visit this art museum that hosts objects covering 3,000 years of history. Also, this museum includes a superb assortment of religious paintings from the famous artist Cusqueña School. You will find Museo de arte Contemporáneo de Lima in the south in Barranco. The MAC Lima is a good and exciting place to watch out for modern and contemporary art. Spend your day in the evening events where famous worldwide artists gather together in Lima.

The Ancient Adobe-Brick Huaca Pucllana

The Huaca Pucllana was built by the Lima culture between 300 and 700 AD, constructed from loads of adobe bricks. Watch out for Peru’s historical sites, including the Huaca Pucllana, a giant pyramid located in Miraflores. You will find many of the locals and tourists pay their visit to this fantastic place to spend their holidays or to have delectable food in the tons of restaurants.

Sample the Finest Peruvian Dish

Peruvian cuisine is the most important, which is served straight from the sea ceviche. Next, hop into the cevicherias, which is the capital’s top, offering numerous types of cuisines, including a mix of fish, sweet potato marinated in lemon, red onions, chili peppers, and many others. Finally, you will love the delicious dishes served in practically any of the city’s restaurants. Hunt for Punto Azul is made from guaranteed good quality and is known for the freshness of its ingredients, delicate flavors, and reasonable price.

Visit Peru’s Trendiest Neighborhood

The center upscale district of Lima is the Miraflores which offers various things to do along with chock full of fancy bars, stylish restaurants, and popular discotecas. Finally, hop into the central point of the neighborhood in Lima, the Parque Kennedy allows an ideal destination for people or travelers. This famous area of the city also houses a massive crowd of convivial cats, which are cared for by the locals NGO and most abandoned.

Tandem Paragliding Flight

Paragliding is the most exciting thing to do in the city where many people have thrilling experiences. You would spot a paraglider whenever you visit this city, Lima. These are catching the thermals in the air.
Reach the Parque Raimondi, which is the central hotspot for paragliding. This famous center stretches along the Miraflores of El Malecón. You can find many skilled paragliding instructors that offer a 10-minute tandem glide.

The Bohemian Barranco

Bohemian Barranco is a place for poets, artists, and the city’s alternative crowd, which can be reached by heading towards the south along the coast from Miraflores. Barranco is a small district of the bohemian quarter. Visit this area for a daytime stroll, and relish your day inside the stylish cafes. Explore various shops, including handmade items, fair trade, food, and crafts from the local designers or artists from another country. We recommend visiting the Bridge of Sighs which is a quaint wooden bridge.

The City’s Historic Mansions

The city’s historic mansions are Lima’s grand colonial mansions which have fallen into a miserable state of disrepair. But with much effort, this place has been preserved with wide-ranging complete furnishings and personal belongings of their original owners. You will notice that this central mansion has been opened to the public by appointment only or through tour agencies.

Cityscape From Cerro San Cristóbal

Cerro San Cristóbal is one of Lima’s most noticeable landmarks where the hill rises to the northeast of downtown Lima. Capture numerous types of panoramic views of the city on reaching this thrilling spot in the city. You can hire a taxi or a tour bus to reach the point from the Plaza de Armas. Have a glimpse of an overview from the top beside the scenic sea views. Watch out for the serene views amidst the thick coastal fog.

Peru’s Ubiquitous Cocktail: The Pisco Sour

Peru’s Ubiquitous cocktail is the most refreshing aperitif, which is served before the ceviche plate. You will love the pisco sour that is a staple Limeño cocktail. This famous cocktail is under controversy for its origins in pisco.
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