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Popular Things You Can Sell to Earn Money

Find out what to sell to earn money according to the season and your sales strategy. Increase your sales from home! Today there are many products that we can sell to earn money, either by undertaking in the online or physical world. Selling online often requires you to hire a digital marketing agency or to work on your website.

When we think about starting a business on our own, the first question is probably: “What product can I sell?”

In this post, we will tell you which are the most profitable and the best way to boost this type of business. Do you want to start making money from home with projects that do not require a very large investment? Then keep reading until the end.

Homemade things to sell

One of the best things about entrepreneurship is being able to choose how and where to work. For those who need or want to spend more time at home, opting for products that do not require other spaces for their production is the best way.

Homemade sweets

Who can resist a good homemade sweet? Nobody (or almost nobody), and that is why it attracts many buyers. One of the advantages of this type of venture is that you can boost your business using social networks.

For example, Facebook has a Marketplace that works with geolocation, telling people what products are available in their area.

In addition, this business requires a minimum investment, so it is a project within the reach of many people. You can even run some market tests before fully offering your product.

Custom clothing

One of the most profitable products to sell is undoubtedly and always will be clothing. And the best part is that it is still a valuable business idea, because you don’t need to invest too much.

You can buy some clothes, personalize them with embroidery or prints, for example, and offer them at a higher value.

We recommend that you choose a specific niche, such as baby clothes, and then expand the business.

Scented candles

It is another product that you can easily sell online.

It is one of the best ideas to sell something if you want to start a business with a low investment.

Of course, you must master the technique of making scented candles very well to offer a quality product.


One of the most practical ways to work from home is selling arts and crafts, unique and authentic objects.

Depending on your product, you will need a larger space or more specific tools. Either way, you can start with the basics and invest as you generate sales.

Products to Sell and Earn Money

Now, if you are not necessarily thinking of working at home, the possibilities expand a bit.

Ecological products

There are many ecological products, made with recyclable or biodegradable materials, that are in high demand and have an excellent level of acceptance in the market.

The advantage of this business is that you can have several products that complement each other and attract more people, in addition to increasing your sales.

For example, personal accessories such as jewelry, bags or shoes, can be combined with decorative items.

Many environmentally friendly items composed of recyclable or biodegradable materials are in high demand and have a high level of market acceptance.
This business has the advantage of allowing you to have multiple goods that compliment each other and hence attract more customers while also growing your sales.
Personal accessories, such as jewellery, luggage, and shoes, can be mixed and matched with decorative things.


Some people buy cosmetics in bulk and then resell them at slightly higher prices.

With a good online sales strategy, you can turn it into a highly profitable business.

Beauty accessories

One of the niches in greatest demand in ecommerce is the sale of beauty accessories.

The ideal in this type of business is to promote the products through a website and in profiles on social networks.

You can invest a quantity of money in advertisements and locate your potential clients more easily.


If you wonder what to sell to make money, remember that clothing is one of the most commercially mobile products.

Currently, there are many clothing brands that promote specific concepts, and that allow you to target a certain audience. For example, the sale of sportswear.

This business can be managed in a similar way to the sale of cosmetics, investing in the purchase of wholesale products.

You can even develop this business under the modality of Dropshipping that allows you to sell your products without having them in a warehouse, since they are managed by suppliers.

Remember that apparel is one of the most commercially movable things if you’re wondering what to sell to make money.
There are numerous clothing brands out there now that promote unique concepts and allow you to target a specific clientele. Consider the sale of athletic clothing.
This business can be run in the same way as a cosmetics store is run, by investing in wholesale purchases.
You can also grow this business using the Dropshipping model, which allows you to sell your products without having to store them in a warehouse because suppliers manage them.

Sell Services to have extra income

The alternative of selling services over the Internet allows you to expand your business without so many geographical barriers and reach more diverse audiences, which is why it has become a very attractive option for many entrepreneurs.

Here are some of the ideas with the highest demand.

Freelancer services

The Freelancer services are independent services that will allow you to work doing a lot of activities, such as writing content for blogs third.

But you can also work on tasks that require less specific training, such as completing surveys, writing reviews, or helping with educational activities.

You can also offer services in areas where you can train quickly.

One example is becoming a virtual assistant. It is a possibility that allows you to earn money online and that has great scalability.

Make money selling photos

Having good photographs is important for any business or person who wants to work professionally.

If you like taking pictures and want to earn money doing it, you have many opportunities at your fingertips.

For example, sites like Shutterstock allow you to upload your content to sell it in a very practical way. In addition, it offers you a large number of recommendations so that you can multiply your sales.

This platform is not the only one available to promote these types of products, so you can find an alternative compatible with your expectations.

Sale of food and groceries

Food will never go out of style, which is why it represents a valuable business idea.

There are more complex formats, such as a catering service for parties, and other simpler ones, such as preparing lunches for those who do not have time to do it at home.

This is a job that will not take much time and does not involve a high investment.

Sale of online consultancies

If your idea is to earn extra money with your services, you can start selling advice. Accounting and marketing consultancies are some of the most demanded today.

There are many niches to promote them, and the best thing is that the investment is very little, considering that you can have a really large client portfolio. It is important that you lean on the technologies that allow you to position online services.

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