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PhoneTrans: Full-way Phone to Phone Transfer Tool that Helps You Upgrade to New iPhone Seamlessly

The mobile ecosystem is getting more and more inclusive by the day. For example, by default, you will find it difficult to transfer data from an Android device to an iPhone. Now imagine if you have bought the latest iPhone and want to save all the data from your old device (Android)! You will run into difficulties without the help of an application specifically designed for it. Therefore we will introduce you to an application that can help you upgrade your data on the new iPhone, PhoneTrans. Please note, PhoneTrans does not require the help of third-party applications such as WhatsApp and Messenger.

Why PhoneTransfer?

Good question! PhoneTrans is recommended because thanks to this application, you can transfer all forms of data from your old device to the new one; images, videos, audio, text files, and so on. No matter how much you transfer, bulk or just one file, PhoneTrans can help you. And with just one click! No loss of quality to transferred files, all the same as the original!

Main features offered:

Transfer phone to phone

Transfer data from Android to iPhone or vice versa? It’s easy thanks to PhoneTrans. Not just transferring, this software can also transfer anything that happens on your old device, for example, missed calls, messages that have been stored for a long time, and so on. Transfer old content and combine it with new content on your new iPhone.

PhoneTrans has the ability to combine data from two different mobile phones 

The software can adapt old applications stored on old phones with the new ecosystem. For example, you can transfer all WhatsApp conversations from your old phone to your new iPhone. Nothing left!

Transfer data from multiple devices to one device

Have enough data on several different devices and want to store them all on your new iPhone? You can do it in just a few clicks!

How to use PhoneTrans? 

Step 1: Download the software, open it, and launch it. 

Step 2: Connect both phones with your PC or laptop. If you see the icon and your phone name appear, it means your phone is recognized by the computer. 

Step 3: Click the Transfer button, then select the file you want to transfer. Again, you can select photos, contacts, videos, audios and more. You can select them individually or all at once. 

Step 4: Click the Transfer Now button to start the data transfer process. PhoneTrans provides an indicator that shows the progress of the data transfer. Never disconnect between devices during the data transfer process.

Some important info: 

– This software supports various types of data transfer 

– This software supports cross-platform 

– Easy to use, you don’t need to be a computer expert to operate this software 

– Does not delete old data

– This software supports application transfer 

– This software supports WhatsApp data transfer 

– Ability to duplicate data merge if the source phone is an iPhone


Thanks to PhoneTrans, transferring data from devices with different ecosystems is no longer a problem. This is an all-in-one data transfer tool that takes your headaches away.

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