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Perks of Flying First Class on United Airlines

To experience the comfort and service of first class passengers, make United Airlines your flying partner. The carrier facilitates first class flyers with superb on-board amenities. Attendants at United Airlines ensure that the passengers traveling in the first class receive royal treatment. Moreover, they make sure that the first class passengers fly to their destination in style and luxury by getting their needs prioritized on the plane. 

Let’s find out how it’s worth making reservation on United Airlines first class:

Enjoy Premier Access Benefits from the Airport

When you choose to fly to your destination on United Airlines first class, the benefits of premium cabin travel starts from the airport. United ensures a smooth start to your journey by providing you premium travel services with premier access to the airport. It includes boarding on priority basis, premium access check-in counters and security lanes.

Pay No Service Charges for Baggage Check-In

First class flyers of United Airlines can enjoy the facility of carrying two checked baggage of standard size. Furthermore, when the passengers have premier access, they can get their baggage handled on priority basis. Apart from getting priority baggage handling, staff at United Airlines pay special heed to first class passengers and make sure that they are at the front of the baggage claim counter. 

Enjoy Comfortable Seating in a Premium Seat

United Airlines provides extra-spacious seats for first class travelers. Recliner seats are designed for the comfort and convenience of their premium passengers. They can have the liberty to work or relax during their journey. First class seats of United features a six-way adjustable headrest, padded articulating seat cushion. Two-tone leather seat makes seating more relaxing and comfortable. 

Maximum storage spaces are provided on each individual seat for the personal items of the passengers. The storage spaces include a laptop slot, an in-arm tablet, double seatback pockets and last but not least a personal water bottle. 

Moreover, the recliner seats of United Airlines first class also feature a tray table specifically designed with an adjustable mobile device holder. Almost all tablet models and over 200 mobile phones can fit on that holder. An AC power plug is also installed on the first class seats of United to charge the devices of the passengers on the flight. A center cocktail table can add glamour and help passengers have their food on that. 

Private Screening at United Airlines First Class

United Airlines provides ultimate entertainment to first class passengers through private screening. Personal device entertainment services are provided by United to its first class flyers depending upon its availability on the aircraft. Moreover, first class flyers of United Airlines can have complimentary access to a wide range of movies, TV shows, and popular series. You can also have access to your favorite music-video playlists and programs. 

Passengers flying in the first class of United Airlines can stay entertained throughout the flight with a television having more than 100 channels and an extensive selection of new movie releases. Enjoy audio entertainment on the plane when you make a reservation on United Airlines first class. Passengers can have access to complimentary headsets to listen to the song of their choice any time during the flight.

Stay Connected at United Airlines First Class

United Airlines ensures that their first class passengers stay connected throughout the journey. They can check email, can have access to social media sites and can surf the web on the plane. Strong and free Wi-Fi are offered to first class passengers by United Airlines on the plane.

Acquire More Miles at United Airlines First Class

United Airlines facilitate its passengers by giving them award points every time they fly with them. However, it depends on the airfare and the distance of the flight and of course the destination. The more distance your fly, the more points and award miles passengers can get. 

When traveling in United Airlines first class, passengers can get more points. When you book first class, you are one step ahead to obtain a free flight. Earned award points when your fly on first class of United Airlines are automatically added to your account after 48 hours of your travel.

Super-Dedicated Attendants and Exclusive Customer Service 

Staff at United Airlines makes sure that their first class passengers are taken special care. They always prioritize your needs and ensure that the requirements of their passengers are fulfilled at any cost. Kitchen-fresh meals with complimentary snacks and beverages will be provided to first class flyers of United Airlines reservations.

Excellent customer service of United Airlines makes your air journey seamless and hassle-free. They keep the passengers always updated about delays in long-haul flights. Moreover, they keep their first class passengers notified on a priority basis about cancellation of flight due to any major technical error or harsh weather conditions.

Go United Airlines first class and treat yourself in a royal way. Reach your destination on-time by getting excellent amenities on the flight with highly professional and dedicated attendants. 

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